Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 7

Yu Nian tightly followed behind Chi Yao the whole time. It was mainly because her figure really affected her walking speed.

Chi Yao seemed to notice and deliberately walked a little slower. When Yu Nian caught up, he said hating iron for not becoming steel, “Are you stupid?”


Although you’re the male lead, I know you’re handsome, good-looking, and even with a high IQ, don’t bring such a personal attack, okay?

Yu Nian wasn’t one who suffer losses. Just as she opened her mouth to retort, she heard the male lead beside her say with some anger in his words, “If they scolded you, you scold back. If they hit you, you hit back. If you can’t beat them, run and look for help. This point isn’t even impossible. What do you think about just standing there and getting beaten?”


Eh? Isn’t the male lead quite cold? How come he talked so much?

Yu Nian relied on her EQ and couldn’t hear the meaning in Chi Yao’s words. She bumped Chi Yao with her chubby arm and said with a mischievous smile, “Are you concerned about me, ah?”


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“Then can you see Liu Manman?” Yu Nian asked curiously.


The person walking forward suddenly paused when he heard such a question, his eyes shook and quickly regained calmness. He stood still and turned his head to ask, “Why are you asking this?”

Yu Nian didn’t want to show being too deliberate. After a turn of her mind, she quickly explained, “I… I just think that very few people can’t see such a gentle person like Liu Manman, particularly boys.”

Unexpectedly, Chi Yao snorted and ignored Yu Nian.

What are you snorting for ah? Are you the only one who can snort?

Yu Nian snorted in her heart and complained silently.

When Yu Nian dragged this really heavy body to follow Chi Yao into the 1st year – Class 5, she suddenly realized that she was really back in high school again.

The bright and spacious classroom with three or four groups of friends evoked Yu Nian’s memories as if it was still yesterday when she graduated.

When she saw Chi Yao sit down without turning his head back, Yu Nian followed closely and stood next to his seat for a long time, unmoving.

Chi Yao put down his bag and took out his math book. When he found Yu Nian still standing at the side, he reminded her out loud, “What are you standing here for? Go back to your seat, quickly.”

Yu Nian’s lips curled. She pondered, I want to know, do I still have to stand with a blind male lead like you? I transmigrated like this for long. If it hadn’t been for the female lead’s sake, I would’ve beaten you up with a sack early on.

Blame her for only focusing on the emotional line of the male and female leads. She really doesn’t remember where this one called “Shi Nian Nian” was seated.

Yu Nian was worried about not knowing where her seat was. As a result, she heard someone call her name while flying her homework.


That’s right, it was flying not sent out. The kind of posture flung in the air.

Yu Nian shouted wittily, “Put it on my table.”

Then, she saw that her homework book seemed to have performed an extremely difficult acrobatics in the air which ultimately landed in the last row by the window, with unparalleled precision.

Yu Nian understood it in her heart. She snorted at Chi Yao and returned to her seat happily.

The first period was math class. Yu Nian was absent-minded throughout the class.

She carefully sorted out what she had experienced from the morning to the present and tried to recall the 《I’m Invisible To The Male Lead》 storyline with great effort. Only then did she finally remember who “Shi Nian Nian” really was and which part it was now.

In the 《I’m Invisible To The Male Lead》, there was indeed a person called Shi Nian Nian. She was a fat woman weighing more than 150. She was average in her studies. She was arranged in the last row because of her figure. If not, she was afraid that she blocked others’ sight.

Shi Nian Nian’s presence in the book was quite low, there were almost no scenes. Yu Nian thought for a long time before she pulled out one or two scenes from a chapter.

If Yu Nian remembered correctly, it should be when Shi Nian Nian just entered high school not long ago. Because she was fat, she was crowded and ridiculed by some girls of the same class. After the evening individual study, some girls blocked her in the toilet and ruthlessly hit her and humiliated her.

Shi Nian Nian was a kind-hearted and timid person. She didn’t dare to refute, so she had to stand and be beaten. She thought that her skin was thick anyway, a few hits wouldn’t hurt.

However, Shi Nian Nian wasn’t a professional actress and never lied. After her mother Ling Ya discovered something was wrong, she took an indirect approach. Within a few minutes, she learned from her daughter Shi Nian Nian that she was bullied at school.

Ling Ya’s eyes reddened in anger and called her homeroom teacher. The woman who had always been gentle spoke so unceremoniously for the first time. “Our Nian Nian was beaten. Was the school responsible?”


Later, in order to keep things from getting too big, both parents reconciled. The school informed and criticized those girls who bullied Shi Nia Nian.

But Shi Nian Nian herself was timid. Because of the shadow left by this incident, she hid at home for several days, unwilling to return to school.

Shi Nian Nian’s parents had to ask their friend’s child, Chi Yao, to help send her back to school.

But Shi Nian Nian in the novel refused to see Chi Yao because of her low self-esteem and didn’t follow him to school.

Now that Yu Nian transmigrated in the book, the storyline was disrupted all at once.

Yu Nian was looking out the window and thinking, when she heard her math teacher, Gong Xiaoyan, called her name from the podium, “Shi Nian Nian, you have the heart to look at the scenery. Then I think you can do it, come up and do this problem.”

Just as Gong Xiaoyan’s words fell, Yu Nian heard the roar of laughter around her.

She raised her head and the classmates around her looked at her with the look of watching a show. Chi Yao also turned to look at her and Yu Nian immediately met Chi Yao’s eyes.

Chi Yao’s expression couldn’t be said to be watching a play. His fair and cold face frowned lightly and his eyes were too calm with a hint of softness.

Yu Nian naturally didn’t dare imagine that the male lead was worried about her. After all, she was still somewhat self-aware of her current identity. She thought that if it weren’t for her parents asking him for help, it was estimated that she might not even be allowed to go with him.

“If you don’t study well, don’t get absent-minded, particularly girls. After high school, many people can’t keep up with science, and their grades plummet…”

Gong Xiaoyan was still preaching while Yu Nian had already got up and walked to the podium.


Yu Nian successfully inherited Yu Ruiping’s rational thinking and Zhao Yuyan’s literary learning. She majored in Economics and minored in History in college. Her liberal arts and sciences had always been balanced. Dealing with this kind of first-year function was a piece of cake. With just a simple glance, she quickly wrote it down on the blackboard with clear reasoning and proper handwriting.

The faces of the students who intended to watch a show gradually changed from boisterous ridicule to whisperings. Finally, when Yu Nian finished writing the last character, they all closed their mouths and looked at the equation written by Yu Nian with confusion and suspicion.

Gong Xiaoyan was choked by this sudden change. He couldn’t say anything for a while, only to dryly let out a sentence, “Not bad, not stupid.”

Yu Nian sweet-talked and said with a smile, “That’s because Teacher Gong taught me well.”

These words greatly satisfied Gong Xiaoyan’s vanity as a teacher and actually praised Yu Nian well.

When Yu Nian finished, she calmly walked off the podium. Even if she appeared to have short legs because of her weight, she had to show her strength.

Yu Nian, who thought she was imposing, didn’t know that from the moment she wrote the answer, someone had already become suspicious of her actions.

Chi Yao, to be precise, should be Li Xiang. He was still conceiving the storyline of this novel last night, only to wake up that he transmigrated in the book he wrote and became the male lead.

Not long after Li Xiang woke up, Shi Nian Nian’s mother, Ling Ya, called him and asked him to take Shi Nian Nian to school. As the novel’s author, no one would be more familiar with the character “Shi Nian Nian” than him. The original storyline should be that Shi Nian Nian refused to meet him and chose to stay at home and suspend schooling.

And when he went there, Shi Nian Nian not only didn’t have the timidity and restraint that he thought, but she also seemed to have changed as a person. She was cheerful and lively along the way, particularly cheerful.

In Li Xiang’s setting, Shi Nian Nian’s learning was only average. If she was absent-minded just now, it was definitely impossible to put out this type of problem.

The reality was that not only did Shi Nian Nian wrote out the correct answer in front of the class, but she did so with incomparable ease.

‘Was it possible that the characters in the book have changed their personalities because of his arrival?’ Li Xiang guessed inwardly.

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