Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 8

Yu Nian loved dog blood and had always extremely loved this kind of face-slapping behavior. She didn’t expect that one day, she would be able to experience it herself.

There was only one word to this overall feeling.


Children in puberty still can’t quite hide their emotions. Amazement and surprise showed on their faces one after another.

When Yu Nian came down from the podium and saw those astonished eyes, she was secretly happy in her heart.


What’s wrong with being fat? Can being fat affect my actions? Can it also affect my IQ?

In the next class, Yu Nian didn’t dare to be too brazenly absent-minded. She could only hold a pen in her hand and write and draw on the white paper every few minutes but in reality, her brain had been slipping.

When the bell rang after class ended, Yu Nian looked down.

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Not long after, she saw the crowd around Chi Yao dispersed. She got up and went out.


She also got up and followed openly.

If Yu Nian remembered correctly, according to the plot development in the book, Chi Yao would go to a milk tea shop, buy a cup of his favorite vanilla boba, and meet the female lead, Liu Manman, at the corner of the school building.

Yu Nian didn’t have any emotions on her face, but she was very excited inside.

If asked, can she not get excited when she’d soon be close to the male and female lead CP?

Yu Nian thought, if Chi Yao dared to let Liu Manman compensate for the cup of milk tea later, then she…

Then it seemed that she won’t be able to do anything about Chi Yao.

Alas, to rush up and scold Chi Yao wasn’t in line with her current coward and timid character ah.

What to do if the character design collapsed?

Yu Nian thought from every angle. There was nothing more important than personally matchmaking the male and female lead. Character design and whatnot, ah, were not important at all.

Xiao Xiangli wasn’t here, what was there to be afraid of?

If it collapsed, it collapsed.

With this in mind, Yu Nian’s heart felt more at ease and secretly followed Chi Yao.


Li Xiang noticed the chubby little tail behind him the moment he went out, but he didn’t say a word and pretended not to know.

The Shi Nian Nian in the book knew Chi Yao. Before today, Shi Nian Nian would deliberately avoid Chi Yao because of her low self-esteem. Even when they met and ran into each other, she would just keep her head lowered and quickly pass by.

Li Xiang wanted to see how much the character’s temperament in the book would change after he arrived.

Yu Nian wasn’t aware in the slightest that she was like a prey caught in a hunter’s trap. She was even secretly delighted that Chi Yao was really slow.

When Yu Nian saw Chi Yao walk into the milk tea shop, she had a look of understanding and pondered that her thoughts were exactly as she imagined.

She waited a few minutes and Chi Yao came out with milk tea. Yu Nian glanced with her sharp eyes, puzzled.

Why does this blind male lead have an extra cup of milk tea in his hand?

Although Yu Nian was confused, she didn’t think too much about it. There was milk tea on the plot anyway. There was no need to be so meticulous about such details.

When Chi Yao was far, she quietly followed up again.

“The sunlight poured on the corner which cast a clear shadow. Chi Yao’s slender fingertips curled as he held a cup of vanilla boba, walking indifferently.

“At this moment, a tall girl suddenly appeared from the corner. She accidentally slipped on the soles of her feet and threw herself on him…

“Chi Yao nimbly stepped back, Liu Manman threw herself into the air and fell to the ground…”



That’s not right ah!

Yu Nian recalled the plot of the book in her head which was automatically interpreted into a scene from the text. But why was there something wrong here?

In the book, it was clear that Liu Manman pounced on Chi Yao, and the milk tea was knocked over. Then, Chi Yao coldly asked Liu Manman to compensate for it. How did Chi Yao dodge it?

It was simply more excessive than compensating for the milk tea!

“No, what did you dodge for ah!”

Not far away, Yu Nian couldn’t watch it anymore.

Liu Manman was sitting on the ground at this time. The corner of her eyes was red and glistening teardrops flashed faintly. It was simply pitiful to see.

Yu Nian originally had a good impression of Liu Manman, but Chi Yao’s avoidance suddenly hurt her inner desire to protect.

She hurriedly stepped forward to help Liu Manman up and put away her usual offhand nature. She deliberately lowered her tone a bit, “Are you okay? Did you fall somewhere else?”

Liu Manman smiled with difficulty and shook her head lightly. She somewhat apologized with her soft and exquisite voice that made Yu Nian’s heart soft.

“It’s okay, I accidentally fell. I’m sorry I scared you guys.”


Listen! Listen!

How understanding. Her knees were all red from the fall but she still endured the pain and defended the male lead. She was simply invincible, the number one female lead in the world ba.

Yu Nian cast a sidelong glance at Chi Yao on the side and secretly spat a few more times.

Don’t know if it was Li Xiang’s illusion but he felt that Shi Nian Nian glanced at him with contempt as if she was extremely dissatisfied with his ungentlemanly approach.

Li Xiang didn’t say a word and watched with great interest as Shi Nian Nian greeted Liu Manman with concern.

Li Xiang was certain that for some unknown reason, the Shi Nian Nian in front of him and the character he had set had completely gone to two extremes.

The character in the book should be timid and had low self-esteem. Then when he looked at the person in front who dared to talk to him following a prescribed pattern expression, the glare, and the bad habit of carelessly curling their lips, are actually a bit similar to that person.

Of course, Li Xiang merely thought about it. He felt that such a thing as transmigrating in a book was unbelievable. Naturally, he didn’t dare to think that the person in his heart would also appear here.

“Hello! Chi Yao! Did you hear what I said ah?”

Yu Nian saw that Liu Manman’s knee had a broken skin, so there was a need to go to the infirmary to apply medicine.

For Yu Nian, who had read a lot of dog blood novels, this was a good opportunity to further their feelings ah!

Thus, she tilted her head and called out to Chi Yao, but this person who she didn’t know what he was thinking about, actually got lost in thought.

Yu Nian slapped Chi Yao’s arm and said angrily, “What are you thinking about? Take the girl to the infirmary quickly ah.”

Li Xiang didn’t refuse and handed Yu Nian the milk tea in his hand, “Hold them.”

Then he generously stretched out his arm to lend Liu Manman a hand.

When Liu Manman saw this, there was joy in her eyes. She reached out her hand on Li Xiang’s arm and said timidly, “Thank you.”

Yu Nian held two cups of milk tea and looked at the backs of the two gradually moving away elatedly, revealing an aunt’s smile.1Indulgent smile.

Heavens ah, what a beautiful scene.

I guarantee that Stinky Xiangli can’t write that.

Wuwuwu, the relationship line between the male and female lead seems to have taken a step forward.

Yu Nian was in the middle of being pleased when she suddenly heard a displeased call.

Li Xiang: “What are you doing in a daze? Still not keeping up?

Yu Nian: “???”

No, why do you guys need me to be a light bulb2An unwanted third person in a couple’s world. to enhance your feelings?

The male lead has a broad mind and is indeed full of bubbles!

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