Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 9

Despite Yu Nian’s indignation and dissatisfaction, she followed.

Who said this idea was by her!

However, adhering to the principle that the male and female lead are good, she was good. It was very good to go together and maybe even revel in the sight of her favorite couple being affectionate!

Li Xiang didn’t know what Yu Nian thought. It was already his limit to send Liu Manman to the infirmary. If it weren’t for the fact that this person was a character written by himself, out of his fatherly love for the character, it was impossible to ignore aside from reality.

Li Xiang stood still and stretched out his hand toward Yu Nian, who was standing aside.


Yu Nian didn’t understand so, “What are you up to?”

Li Xiang: “Milk tea.”

Yu Nian’s lips twitched and returned the milk tea in her hand to Li Xiang.

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“That’s good, that’s good.” Yu Nian was obviously more worried about the injury than Liu Manman herself.


As they went out from the infirmary, Yu Nian carefully helped Liu Manman walk in front while Li Xiang followed behind.

Yu Nian originally had the selfish intention of letting Li Xiang come to help her but he held the milk tea in his hand and waved it towards her. He completely hinted to her: Look, no hands.

Yu Nian had no choice but to give up.

Liu Manman’s class was next door to Yu Nian’s. Yu Nian first sent Liu Manman to the classroom door and left contentedly when she saw her sitting safely in the classroom.

When she returned, a cup of vanilla boba was placed on her desk. Yu Nian was stunned and turned her head towards Li Xiang but he didn’t take it seriously and didn’t look at her at all.

Adhering to the principle of “If it’s in my place then it’s mine,” Yu Nian drank it carefreely.

“Mmm, so sweet!” Yu Nian happily sipped on it.

The taste of milk tea was too real!

It was so real that Yu Nian no longer had the slightest doubt about the authenticity of this world and that she was definitely not dreaming.

How could the flavor of milk tea be so clear in a dream?

At this time, it wasn’t known who saw her and they scoffed at her, “I say Shi Nian Nian, you’re already so fat but you still drink milk tea!”

As the words fell, the surrounding circle all laughed.


Yu Nian raised her head in the direction of the one who spoke and came with a smile, “It’s none of your business?”

Yu Nian was rebellious to the bones and subconsciously retorted. After that, she saw the strange eyes of the group of people and realized her current identity.

Oh, forgot the character again.

That’s just right, it doesn’t fit her nature anyway.

From today onwards, I, Yu Nian, now Shi Nian Nian, will be a prickly pear1Cactus that everyone hates. Whoever bullies me will be pricked!


Yu Nian didn’t know that as soon as she said this, there was a small class group chat in the First Year, Class Five that started a heated discussion.

—Oh my god, oh my god. Did I mishear? Fat girl actually dared to refute someone?

—Could it be because of a backer? It was said that those who bullied her recently have been given demerits.

—Definitely ah. Don’t want people to scold you drinking milk tea when you’re that fat?

—Not a ghost. Every physical test is dragging the class behind and she still have the nerve.

—Why does it look like fat girl feels particularly abnormal today ah? It’s fine if you can do the problems while being distracted in class but you still have the guts to scold people.


Everyone was discussing when a message suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Chi Yao: Milk tea, I bought it.

Everyone: …

Li Xiang didn’t want to participate in the discussion but the more these people talked, the more they went overboard. These details weren’t obviously described too much in the book. After transmigrating, the plot was so real that it reminded him of some unpleasant memories.

Li Xiang turned his head and glanced back. He found that the person wasn’t in the slightest bit affected by the ridicule just now. Her legs were crossed as she happily held the milk tea while she drank and studied.

Li Xiang laughed silently and thought that it was unnecessary to worry.

Yu Nian was big-hearted and naturally didn’t take that little episode seriously. After all, she was now sixteen years in age but had twenty-one-year-old wisdom. When she looked at the people in the class group chat clamored and laughed at her, it was like looking at a group of younger brothers.

After the self-study in the evening, the classroom was in an uproar and people noisily left in groups of three or four.

Yu Nian buried her head in her table. She fished out the test papers she had left behind from skipping classes these days one by one; they were almost stacked into hills.

The test papers weren’t blank. While she was away, they had been scribbled on by someone and their handwriting fluttered with unsightly words written on them.

“Damn Fat Girl!”


“Fat Girl!”

“Ugly Girl!”

When she saw these words fall on her for the first time in her life, Yu Nian felt a somewhat indescribable peculiarity in her heart.

Before today, she was still the beautiful girl who was held high with both hands and was called “Little Princess.” Today, her life turned upside down. Such a dramatic scene happened. She seemed to have sympathy with the character “Shi Nian Nian” in the book.

Wuwuwu, didn’t expect that besides the female lead, this nth female was also so pitiful. Stinky Xiangli wasn’t a person!

Just as Yu Nian cursed Xiao Xiangli N times in her heart that she wasn’t a person, a pair of straight and slender legs appeared in front of her.

Yu Nian looked up. The male lead Chi Yao walked over at some point.

“Still not leaving? Waiting for the Chinese New Year?” Li Xiang said in an unkind tone.

He naturally saw those words and his eyes couldn’t help but sink as he spoke with feigned indifference in an attempt to distract Yu Nian.

“You…” Yu Nian originally wanted to say ‘leave, it’s none of your business’ but then thought that her parents entrusted someone to take care of her. If she lost face, wasn’t it the same as her losing her parents’ face?

Forget it, forget it. The person also had good intentions.

Thus, Yu Nian swallowed the words she wanted to say and changed her words, “You’re right, go home, go home. There must be something delicious waiting for me.”

The little foodie quickly packed her bag and tidied up in two to three spring rolls.2It’s like how you usually pack your things in a hurry where you roll your things XD

“Wait!” Li Xiang called out behind her.

Yu Nian turned around confused, “What? Didn’t you say we were leaving?”

“Take the handwriting before you leave.” After Li Xiang said so, he took the initiative to help Yu Nian clean up, took the test papers, and put them in his own bag.

Yu Nian didn’t understand and said, “What are you gonna do with my papers?”

Then, Yu Nian saw the unfeeling, unreasonable, blind, and straight male lead in the book coldly throw the word “complain,” turned around, and left.

Yu Nian understood in an instant and was actually somewhat moved in her heart. Could she be regarded as triggering the character’s “knife mouth, tofu heart”3Someone who had a sharp tongue but a soft heart. hidden persona?

Yu Nian followed with a grin and boldly patted Li Xiang’s shoulder.

“Thanks, xiong di.”4I decided to go with the pinyin here. This means younger brother.

Li Xiang, who had a protective mindset due to the characters in the book: “…”

I take you as my own daughter, you take me as a xiong di?

For a moment, he didn’t know who had messed up his family hierarchy.

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