Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 10

By the time Yu Nian and Li Xiang left, there were only a few people left on the school building floor. Even if someone saw the two of them coming out of the classroom door one after the other, they wouldn’t think much about it.

If it was changed to the female lead, it was possible that the next day’s rumors about Chi Yao’s relationship would have filled the entire grade.

However, if you look at it, ‘Oh, it’s Shi Nian Nian, then it’s fine.’

In the book, in addition to the nickname “Fatty Girl”, Shi Nian Nian also had a nickname given by her mother author– Gossip Insulator.

Yu Nian was aware of this, so she wasn’t worried at all that she and Chi Yao needed to keep their distance.


Anyway, she won’t be the one to suffer.

Li Xiang was entrusted with the responsibility of sending Yu Nian to the door of her home. As he was about to raise his foot to leave, the Yu Family’s living room door opened.

Ling Ya wore an apron and held a spatula in her hand, and greeted the two, “Nian Nian and Yao Yao are back la. Come in quickly ah. Yao Yao, your mom is working overtime tonight and explained that you’ll have dinner here, come in quickly.”

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Li Xiang didn’t resist and sighed lightly. He only felt that Shi Nian Nian’s character now was too lively, collapsing a little too much.


“No,” He said.

Yu Nian was usually at home and was used to acting spoiled with Yu Ruiping. Particularly the appearance of the parents in front of her coincides with the appearance of her parents in reality, so she let go and acted spoiled, not at all pretentious.

Yu Nian saw Li Xiang say like this and pouted her little mouth, and said with indignation, “Dad, why don’t you believe in your daughter? Your daughter loves studying so much, how can she be distracted?”

Anyway, there’s the male lead in her hold, Yu Nian wasn’t afraid at all.

Who knew that her father wouldn’t eat this same old stuff? He gave Yu Nian a cold stare, “I say, Shi Nian Nian, no one’s grades are better than Yao Yao, but you’re narcissism is quite good.”

This was in reality. The old man had already said this no less than a dozen times and Yu Nian was used to hearing it.

When she saw the same thing over and over again, Yu Nian got up and threw a big chicken leg into her Dad’s bowl, and said shamelessly, “I inherited it, what’s wrong?”

Shi Zhengqing was in a good mood and even planned to continue preaching to his daughter but was interrupted by Ling Ya, “Alright, don’t talk about Nian Nian during meal time.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Nian stuck her tongue out at Shi Zhengqing and was very proud of herself.

It was really great to have a mother siding with her in her dreams.

When she quarreled with the old man before, they had a cold war after the fight and no one took the initiative to reconcile at all. Only the kind-hearted Yu Nian, who showed understanding of the old man’s stupid mouth, was willing to give him a step.1A way out of an awkward situation.

Yu Nian thought, if her mother was still there, it would definitely be the same scene.


After being lectured by his own wife, Shi Zhengqing wasn’t embarrassed but continued to greet Li Xiang, “Yao Yao, I let you see a joke. Eat more, your aunt’s craftmanship is really good.”

Before Li Xiang had time to thank him, Yu Nian didn’t hold back and answered, “What are you showing off ah? It’s not your craft.”

Shi Zhengqing was choked speechless by his own daughter, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Good ah, Shi Nian Nian. I won’t do your math next time. Hold the paper and cry by yourself. Don’t come to your Dad.”

Right, even the excuses for threats were exactly the same.

“If I won’t look for you, then I won’t.” Yu Nian muttered in a low voice.

Of course, it was impossible. If not, was there still a need to find Dad? Nowadays, there was no need for Dad, wasn’t there a fool?

En, Li Xiang might be the “fool” Yu Nian was talking about.

Whether it was Chi Yao in the book or Li Xiang in reality, his character and family background weren’t too different. It can be said that Li Xiang set up Chi Yao as a character as himself when he first set him.

Li Xiang’s father worked for the Education Bureau in City B. He was a silent and extremely traditional father. His concerns for his son will only be silently reflected in his actions, and would never express himself too much with words.

Every time the father and son were together, they talk about his studies for a couple of sentences and followed by an awkward silence. Only when his mother was there can she save the desperate crisis and regulate the atmosphere.

However, as an obstetrician and gynecologist, her mother was too busy. She often has several operations until the early hours of the morning to the point that the father and son spent most of the time together at home.


Since he was little, Li Xiang had been more sensible and independent. If he had his own problems, he will try every means to solve them and never let his parents worry about it.

Only when it couldn’t be solved would Li Xiang bite the bullet and ask his mother for help. He rarely asked his father, so he was often teased by his mother that the two weren’t like father and son, but more like enemies.

Chi Yao in the book also had this temperament, aloof and independent which was simply a portrayal of Li Xiang in reality. The only difference was that Li Xiang had some selfishness when he set it up. The character of his father in this book was no longer reserved and silent, he was more optimistic and candid, just like…

Just like this father in front of him, he can joke with his own child naturally.

When Li Xiang saw the scene of Yu Nian and Shi Zhengqing bantering, the envy in his heart increased.

The spacious and clean dining room was shrouded with orange light with a few people sitting together to eat and chat occasionally. The scene looked really warm.

After the meal, for the sake of the male lead who helped her lie, Yu Nian took the initiative to send Li Xiang home even though the two families weren’t separated by a few paths.

Before leaving, Ling Ya wrapped a box of fruits for Yu Nian to give to Li Xiang.

When she saw that Li Xiang was unwilling to receive it because of shyness, Ling Ya was very happy when her daughter did it and insisted on giving it.

After all, before today, she knew best what her daughter’s temperament was. She was suddenly willing to open herself up and took the initiative to communicate with others. It was something Ling Ya had always wanted.

“Chi Yao, thank you for hiding it for me just now.” Yu Nian sincerely said.

In fact, she had a wish since she was little. It was to be a well-behaved and sensible girl in front of Zhao Yuyan so that Zhao Yuyan would survive the torment of her illness because she couldn’t bear to leave her.


However, the heavens weren’t as good as what people wanted. It had always been Yu Nian’s regret that she couldn’t accompany her mother a little longer.

Yu Nian wanted to fill up her real-life regrets in this world.

It doesn’t matter whether it was a dream or not.

When Ling Ya held her hand, touched her forehead with a smile, and conversed gently, Yu Nian had already made up her mind to be nicer to Ling Ya and be more sensible.

After all, this was something she couldn’t ask for in reality.

Li Xiang cast a sidelong glance at Yu Nian. Seeing this person’s fawning face, he indifferently replied, “No need, I’ll tell the truth next time.”

Yu Nian hurriedly said, “There will be no next time!” After saying this, she smiled brightly at Li Xiang.

Yu Nian was a bit ignorant of her current situation. In reality, her smile could provoke a person’s heart to itch.

But now, Yu Nian, who was 167cm tall and weighs nearly 170 jin2102kg. has become a simple, silly smile in Li Xiang’s eyes.

Yu Nian didn’t know all of these and handed the fruit to Li Xiang.

“Chi Yao, see you tomorrow la.”

After speaking, she ran home in small quick steps.

In the end, it was a character written by him and Li Xiang didn’t bully too much.

When he looked at this person’s chubby body, she looked exactly like a little penguin that couldn’t walk well and swayed left and right on her way home. His eyes couldn’t help but soften a bit.

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