Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 11

In the early morning of the next day, Li Xiang came to pick up Yu Nian to go to school together as usual.

After all, she was the person holding the main plot. According to the reality’s interpretation, she wasn’t cheating.

Yesterday, the relationship plot between the male and female lead improved a little. Although it wasn’t obvious, at any rate, the trajectories of the two people’s lives have intersected. It’s just that they weren’t very romantic.

As the head CP of “I’m Invisible To The Male Lead,” Yu Nian wasn’t discouraged at all.

Along the way, the red cherry-like little mouth’s fan chattered endlessly with a “Chi Yao” on the left and a “Chi Yao” on the right, doing her best to export Liu Manman’s goodness to Li Xiang.


Li Xiang adhered to the principle of ‘if the enemy moved me, I won’t move.’ He kept an indifferent face throughout the process and ignored Yu Nian, letting her talk to herself.

When Yu Nian and Li Xiang entered the classroom, the crowd only glanced at them and buried their heads to continue doing their own things. They didn’t feel that the God of Learning in their class had anything to do with the Gossip Insulator.

After the morning self-study, Liu Manman came to the door of Class Five to look for Yu Nian. This attracted the attention of many people in the class, and they guessed whether they were sending a love letter to someone.

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The people sitting in the front row watching the show didn’t hold back their laughter when they saw this.


“Shi Nian Nian, you don’t know you’re fat yourself and you’re still blocking the doorway.”

“Look, look, look, the God of Learning can’t bear it anymore.”

“Laughing to death. Shi Nian Nian only blocked the path of the God of Learning with herself.”


Everyone gloated. Yu Nian didn’t have the mind to care about them. When she saw Li Xiang going out, there was no movement. She was startled by the person standing behind her and said angrily, “Chi Yao, you’re gonna scare me to death!”

After saying that, her anger wasn’t relieved and she blankly hammered Li Xiang’s arm several times.

Li Xiang, who knew where Yu Nian’s small courage, couldn’t help but be amused. She let her hit twice, then converged into a smile, “If you hit again, we’ll have to talk about the medical expenses issues.”

When she heard this, Yu Nian immediately stopped. She obediently retreated and made way for Li Xiang.

Nonsense. The issue of compensation was a small matter, but injuring the son of her mother’s friend was a big matter which can easily destroy family harmony.

Liu Manman took the initiative to step back to the side, sidestepping to make way for Li Xiang, and opened her mouth as Li Xiang passed by. The sound of her voice was like a soft white cake in the south of the Yangtze River, continuous and soft.

“Chi Yao, thank you for taking me to the infirmary yesterday.”

The young girl had a delicate figure. She shyly lowered her head, her eyes full of admiration.


Li Xiang nodded, the corner of his lips slightly curved, “You’re welcome.”

Yu Nian stood aside and witnessed the whole process, not daring to utter a single breath for fear of disturbing the early morning encounter between the two.

However, in her heart, she was chanting: Wuwuwu! The two of them talked, my CP is saved!

After Li Xiang left, Yu Nian grinned and pulled Liu Mianmian to the side to whisper.

“Manman, do you like Chi Yao ah?” Yu Nian asked knowingly.

Sure enough, as soon as Liu Manman heard this, her face colored a layer of scarlet. She lowered her head and shyly said, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Yu Nian had a look of ‘I get it, I get it’ expression and nodded. “Don’t worry ba, I definitely won’t talk nonsense. By the way, are you looking for me for something?”

She saw Liu Manman give her a pink lunch box in her hand to Yu Nian. “Thank you for helping me yesterday. This is the sushi I made last night, I hope you like it.”

Yu Nian was surprised. She was actually being fed by the female lead!

Wuwuwu, Manman was really the same as she imagined, gentle and virtuous. She won’t dislike her because she was fat now.

Even after she transmigrated in the book, Yu Nian still had to say it again: The male lead was really blind!

It was difficult to find such a good female lead, okay? You’re still not taking the initiative.


“Manman, you’re too kind to people.” Yu Nian hurriedly took the lunch box and felt happy in her heart, thinking that she’d go to Li Xiang to show off later.

Hmph! If you don’t properly grasp it now, you’ll do a Wife Chasing Crematorium1Dog blood stories where the MC first gets abused, and when MC gave up, the ML realized he was wrong, regrets it, and would do anything to win MC again. in the future!

Liu Manman tucked the hair on her temples behind her ear as she heard the praises. She had long been accustomed to it, but because of her politeness, she still said modestly, “I’m glad you like it.”

Yu Nian nodded repeatedly, “I promise to finish it, hehehe”

“Eat what? Aunt told you to tone it down last night, did you forget?” They didn’t know when Li Xiang came back and bumped into this scene, and coldly interjected.

No one knew better than him as the author of Liu Manman’s personality. The vanity under her gentleness and generosity was personally set by him.

The novel has only been updated a few 10,000 words and some people had preconceived ideas and regarded her as the female lead of the book.

Of course, this was understandable. After all, everyone took it for granted that an ideal couple was the most compatible.

Yu Nian thought that Li Xiang was jealous. She held the lunch box tightly, turned her head, and glared at him, pretending to be fierce, “Don’t snitch!”

At this time, the corridor bell rang, and everyone around went back to their respective classroom. Yu Nian protected the lunch box and ignored Li Xiang.

In the first Chinese class, the class teacher Wang Huaming’s iconic leather shoes sounded in the corridor, approaching.

When entering the door, anyone with a discerning eye could feel the low pressure on Old Wang.


Old Wang was more than 30, tall and thin. He wore a red and white plaid shirt alternatively with a pair of black-rimmed glasses. He looked educated and usually spoke well.

Even if someone was late and was deducted class points, he wasn’t the same as other class teachers on other classes who does corporal punishments to students. However, it was rare to see a serious face like this and everyone hurriedly stopped their small movements.

Only the ‘pa’ sound was heard. A few test papers on the podium flew in a mess and faint dust rose in the air, causing someone in the front row unable to hold back a sneeze which resulted in laughter.

“What are you laughing at! Everyone be quiet.”

Wang Huaming sighed lightly as he held a few ink-stained test papers in his hand, and asked, “Who scribbled on Shi Nian Nian’s test papers? Stand up.”

The class went silent upon hearing this and they didn’t dare to come out from this atmosphere.

Shi Nian Nian was bullied in the toilet some time ago and was suspended from school. Almost the entire grade heard about it. Now that she had just come to class, her test papers were drawn messily. It was no wonder that Old Wang would be angry.

Yu Nian, who was at the back at the foot of the wall, was sneakily eating sushi. She was stunned when she heard it, her head was buried and her mouth bulged. She glanced at Li Xiang, only to realize that Li Xiang had gone to Old Wang to complain in between classes. She was faintly moved in her heart.

‘Alright, since you helped me, I’ll reluctantly share with you a part of the sushi in a while.’ Yu Nian secretly thought.

Li Xiang inadvertently turned his head behind and ran into a pair of round and perplexed eyes. Moreover, that person’s mouth was bulging. She was obviously eating food sneakily.

Li Xiang: …

Self-doubt rose in Li Xiang.

She was still thinking about eating at this time and became careless like this. It seemed that after he transmigrated into the book, Shi Nian Nian’s character setting completely collapsed.

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