Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 12

At noon, Yu Nian went to the cafeteria to get her food and happened to catch a glimpse of Liu Manman on the other line.

Yu Nian’s heart was still warmed by the sushi that the female lead had fed her. She smiled and reached out to say hello.

However, Liu Manman glanced her way then seamlessly went passed her, turned around, and continued chatting with her friend behind her.

Yu Nian could only resentfully put down her hand, thinking that Liu Manman shouldn’t have seen her.

When it was Yu Nian’s turn to have her food, Liu Manman had already got her noodles and stood aside, waiting for the girl next to her.


Li Xiang went to the office after class and didn’t come to the cafeteria with Yu Nian.

Yu Nian thought that this person had helped her out in the morning, so she planned to treat him to a meal.

Chi Yao: What, you’re treating for everything?

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Nkw Yydxyd zssjle pwarakple, “Lky Lkyd, obyv y nskdnkeldnl yb. Zsw yzps zshl vs lyv vbkp ayxld yb.”

With Liu Manman’s question, Yu Nian was more certain that Liu Manman didn’t see her just now so she didn’t greet her.


Yu Nian’s heart felt a bit more comfortable and said with a smile, “Yeah, are you with your friend?”

En, then, we’ll go first.”

Liu Manman was holding her noodles and planned to leave but who would’ve expected that as soon as she turned around, she happened to run into Li Xiang who came to look for Yu Nian.

Li Xiang took the initiative to nod at Liu Manman which can be considered as a greeting.

“Why is it not ready yet?” He asked.

The location of the noodle shop was easy to find. It was on the far right side of the entrance to the cafeteria. As soon as Li Xiang came in, he saw Yu Nian chatting with Liu Manman.

“What’s the hurry ah? The master is working on it, don’t worry.”

Liu Manman didn’t think that Chi Yao, who had never come to the cafeteria to eat, would appear together with Yu Nian today.

A hint of surprise flashed across her eyes. She suddenly changed her mind, turned, and said to Yu Nian very naturally, “Nian Nian, we’ll wait for you over there.”

Hearing the hubbub, Yu Nian followed Liu Manman’s gaze and looked. There were several empty seats. She felt that Liu Manman’s heart was really good once again and also wanted to help them occupy a seat.

Yu Nian was moved and said, “Okay, we’ll look for you guys later.”

Li Xiang didn’t pierce Liu Manman’s thoughts but just secretly sighed at the foodie in front of him, whose eyes were only fixed on the food.


What a fool, being used and still looking grateful. Li Xiang thought to himself.

However, Yu Nian didn’t think so.

Yu Nian wasn’t stupid. She transmigrated into a book and her brain was still there. The young lady’s thoughts were easy to guess.

She naturally knew what Liu Manman’s intention was to change her mind, but she was happy. She only thought that the female lead was bent around and going through so much trouble in order to get the male lead’s attention. It was exhausting enough to think so much.

Furthermore, as a mature assistant, even if Liu Manman didn’t say anything, Yu Nian had to stick up and create opportunities for the two of them to spend time together.

Liu Manman’s invitation made all her plans go smoother.

A lunch was eaten by three people each with their own thoughts.

Yu Nian stopped classes for a couple of weeks. The students on class duty have been taking turns several times. Today, it was Yu Nian’s turn to be on duty.

In the evening of individual study, Yu Nian stayed in the class to clean up.

Li Xiang didn’t leave and also stayed.

Yu Nian didn’t understand his action.

She initially thought that Li Xiang was kind enough to stay and help her, but this person never said anything to help from the start. He just quietly sat on his seat and studied. She cleaned back and forth in the classroom with a broom alone.


Li Xiang sat very upright with his back straight. It can be seen that he usually deliberately maintains good study habits. Unlike Yu Nian, she was always scolded by the old man for not sitting or standing.

Sure enough, excellent people are excellent everywhere. Yu Nian lamented.

When there was silence all around, Li Xiang stopped the pen in his hand and turned to look at Yu Nian, who was packing her school bag behind him.

“Finished sweeping?” He asked.

En, I’m sweating. I have to go home quickly.” It may be because of her fat body, Yu Nian always sweat after she transmigrated into the book. When she sweats, she seemed to have an unpleasant body odor, sticking to her skin, which she personally dislikes.

Li Xiang got up, “Let’s go.”

As soon as the words fell, Yu Nian saw this person put his hands in his pockets and raised his feet to walk out the door.

“You don’t carry a school bag anymore?” Yu Nian was surprised.

Li Xiang “oh”-ed and casually said, “I finished writing, it’s useless to carry it back.”

It was indeed useless. As a university student in the Department of Mathematics, Li Xiang’s high school mathematics was a piece of cake for him, but he still has to make up for the homework that should be made up.

That’s why Li Xiang, who had never been punished for copying, realized that copying homework was so tiring.

En, it’s also kinda hard for mediocre students.


Listen to the art language of xueba1It means top student, so Versailles Literature.2It’s a rather beautified name for humble brags or understatements.

If it hadn’t been for Yu Nian to know that the male lead in the book was a xueba, she would definitely provoke at this time: Do you have the ability to compare at the end of the term?

After thinking about it, she’d rather not.

It wasn’t that she didn’t think it was a good idea to compare. It was just that she was a college student who compares her grades with a high school student; wasn’t that a bit bullying?

“Hey, Chi Yao, wait for me.” Yu Nian called and quickly followed.

The two of them went out of the school gate side by side, bantering all the way. They happened to be bumped into Liu Manman who had just come out of the school building.

Near the end of the term, many students would spontaneously stay in the classroom to extend their study time after the evening self-study.

Liu Manman was no exception.

Liu Manman’s family circumstances were ordinary. The reason why she was famous in the year was because of her outstanding appearance, and the second was that her academic performance in the year has always been among the top.

Everyone has the desire to love beauty. If they have both, then no matter where they are, they will be a dazzling light.

Obviously, in order to always become the light in the eyes of everyone, Liu Manman also worked very hard in private. She didn’t only maintain a balanced figure, but she also maintained stable grades.

Once a person has received attention, they will no longer want to fall into the mediocre crowd.

Liu Manman was one of them.

She likes Chi Yao because, among the many dazzling lights, there was no doubt that Chi Yao was the brightest one.

But now that such a dazzling light was walking together with such an ordinary and mediocre person, her heart couldn’t help but be unbalanced.

“Huh, isn’t that Shi Nian Nian? Why is she walking with Chi Yao ah? Are they that close?”

“It must be Shi Nian Nian currying favor to Chi Yao. Otherwise, someone like Chi Yao can go with her? She doesn’t even know how much she weighs.”

“I’ve heard from their classmates that they’ve seen the two of them going to and from school together several times. I don’t know if it was true or not.”

“I have a strange guess, the two of them won’t…”

“Impossible!” The words were firmly denied by Liu Manman before they were finished.

The few girls around naturally knew that Liu Manman always had a tendency to admire Chi Yao from the next class, and they instantly shut up.

After Liu Manman finished speaking, she realized she had overreacted a little. She concealed the imbalance in her heart and returned to her gentle appearance. She explained with a smile, “Nian Nian told me that both their parents knew each other. Some time ago, because she stopped coming to school, her family asked Chi Yao to help look after her. That’s all.”

This was personally explained by Yu Nian. For fear that she would get too close to the male lead and the female lead would be jealous and then disheartened, then the CP she knocked on will be BE.3Bad Ending.

“Real or not? She won’t lie to you, will she?” Someone didn’t believe it.

“That’s right. Manman, you’re just kind-hearted. When the time comes that the two of them really have something, it’ll be too late for you to even regret it.”

“Exactly ah. Manman, you believe people too easily. Remember to be careful when you associate with her.”

“Yes ah, if there wasn’t something wrong with Shi Nian Nian, how could the people in her class exclude her?”

“Fat and ugly. I really can’t figure out why Chi Yao would go with this kind of person.”

Everyone said bad things about Shi Nian Nian while Liu Manman quietly listened without refuting, until finally, she said softly, “It shouldn’t be.”

Liu Manman said on her lips that it wouldn’t, but she didn’t have much confidence in her heart.

Everyone thought that she had a kind heart and was willing to make friends with Shi Nia Nian. Only she know that she was one with a purpose.

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