It’s Colder Today

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 今日降温
Release Schedule: Sat
Author: 清途R
Total Chapters: 80
Genres: Modern Romance


The word defeat did not exist for Wei Congying in his relationships.
But the biggest joke was after the prodigal son returned and realized he was someone else’s stand-in.

Three years after breaking up, while sitting in a fast food place in the Isle of Mann, he saw her and discovered an something even more laughable…
He was still in love with this heartless person.

Wei Congying X Shi Yun
The bad and true prodigal son X Fake prey who pretends to be deep in love
Racing driver X Flight physician

Male stand-in/HE/Parting and reuniting multiple times

1. Neither are virgins, HE
2. The female lead has a white moonlight! The male lead is a stand-in.
3. The first time the male and female leads broke up, each dated another person afterwards.

Content tags: fated urban romance, deep sadistic love, a separated couple that reunites

Brief Introduction: Amorous species and multiple entanglements

Intention: Stay safe and cherish life











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