It’s Colder Today

Twenty-Nine Degrees Part 3

The taxi-hailing interface still showed that it was searching for a ride.

Shi Yun heard someone calling her from behind, neither her grandpa or grandma.

He Sui wore a black cotton-padded jacket and jogged to catch up with her. He took out the car keys from his pocket and said, “Where do you want to go? I’ll give you a ride.”

The cold wind in winter was biting, and as soon as she opened her mouth, she felt the wind slice through her throat like a blade, and every word she spoke was excruciatingly painful.

Shi Yun: “No need.”


Seeing her stubbornness, He Sui simply grabbed her suitcase and walked towards where he parked his car: “Why are you being stubborn with me?”

He Sui put her suitcase in the trunk, opened the car door and looked at the person standing not far away who refused to come over: “Get in the car, who else can be your driver beside me during the Chinese New Year?”

The car was a little slow to warm up in winter. He Sui put on his seat belt and looked through the front windshield when Shi Yun was approaching.

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Just as the mechanical female voice disappeared, Shi Yun heard the driver calling her name.


“Shi Yun.”

He Sui looked ahead: “If a person carries too much of the past, they will not move forward. They wouldn’t want you to live like this.”

The car turned into the dormitory area, surrounded by only street lights. The leaves turned black in the night and swayed in the wind.

He Sui sent her downstairs to the dormitory, got out of the car and took her suitcase out of the trunk.

She didn’t say goodbye, she carried her suitcase and walked to the door of the dormitory building.

Shi Yun stood on the dark campus, He Sui had already left.

She has no clue where the dormitory aunty was today. The surroundings were quiet, and even the snow falling down was silent. Winter is really terrible, as the world is quiet.

Taking out the access card from her pocket, Shi Yun suddenly thought of Wei Congying at the hot pot restaurant yesterday.

He even joked at that time, ‘If you and uncle quarrel, and the dormitory is too deserted, why don’t you come and join me?’.

His words rang in her head. After Shi Yun hesitated for a moment, she put the access card she had just taken out of her pocket back into her pocket. She took out her mobile phone from the other jacket pocket with her frozen hands.

She looked for Wei Congying’s phone number.


Wei Congying, Lin Fang, and the others went out to play cards.

When he received the call, he had just picked up his Jin Junmei and was sitting in the heated room wearing a thin sweatshirt with his sleeves pushed up to his elbows.

The phone placed nearby vibrated first, before the phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, he forgot for a moment that there were three losers in the private room with him: “Hello.”

As soon as he said “Hello”, he heard Lin Fang signal to the others. The three of them had a perfect understanding.

Their affected female voices came out at the same time.

It was such a boring thing to do, but every time they saw it, it was so fun.

Wei Congying took his cell phone away from his ear and scolded them: “Get out of here.”

As he spoke, he stood up and walked outside the private room.

When he came out of the private room, he realized that it was snowing outside. The street lights along the street were all lit. He was standing on the balcony of the eighth floor. A small light was attached to the balcony. He could see snowflakes falling before his eyes. It was dark downstairs, and the snowflakes were like goose feathers falling into an abyss.

The person on the other end of the phone asked him, “Where are you?”

It was just three words, but Wei Congying could tell that she was not in a good mood.

He put his hand on the snow-covered armrest, pinched the snow at his fingertips, forming it into small balls before throwing them downstairs: “What’s wrong?”


“Where are you?”

The person on the other end did not answer, but repeated the previous question.

”I’m playing cards with Lin Fang and the others at Haiyue.” Wei Congying answered truthfully. The tone of Shi Yun’s voice didn’t seem quite right, “Where are you?”

Shi Yun: “The downstairs of the dormitory.”

From Haiyue to the downstairs of Shi Yun’s dormitory, Wei Congying cut the half-hour drive down to twenty minutes. This was thanks to the lack of people out on the streets at this time of day.

When the car lights came from around the corner, Shi Yun was sitting on her suitcase, foolishly enduring the night wind. Snow had fallen on her, and it had accumulated quite a bit.

The branches of a tree next to her finally couldn’t bear the weight of the snowflakes, and the snow fell from the leaves. She was like a snowman, motionless.

Wei Congying got out of the car and walked over, and only then did she slowly get up from the suitcase.

Every joint in her body seemed to be frozen, and her movements were very slow.

Street lamps hidden amongst the camphor trees illuminated their surroundings.

Wei Congying looked at her and suddenly felt she was like a lost child.

There were tears in her eyes. If he hadn’t come, she might have cried alone in the snow. Even more pitiful than the little match girl, unbearably pitiful.


There was snow on her hair and clothes. Wei Congying raised his hand to brush it off gently. She left the suitcase and lowered her head to burrow into his arms.

At that moment, Wei Congying suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that it was good that he was here.

The chill of the winter night enveloped her, and Wei Congying raised his arms to hug her, feeling that her body was very cold. His chin was pressed against her forehead, the arms wrapped around her tightened, and his voice was very gentle: “What’s wrong?”

The person in his arms was silent for several seconds before speaking: “I had a fight with my dad.”

An answer within his expectations.

Wei Congying had a cup of hot tea in the car. He somehow managed to bring out a teacup and teapot with the Haiyue Club logo printed on them.

Wei Congying turned up the heating in the car and directed all the air outlets toward her.

When asking why she quarreled with her father, he had his own guess: “Is it because he found a stepmother for you?”

Shi Yun held the cup of hot water and shook her head: “My dad loved my mom too much, so after my mom died in a car accident on the way home from picking me up, he couldn’t accept it and felt that I was indirectly responsible for her death.”

This answer was completely beyond Wei Congying’s expectations. He had not believed in love since he was a child, and the relationship between men and women in many pieces of literature was described as messy.

He originally thought that the bad relationship between Shi Yun and her father was due to a cliché story about an evil stepmother, but he didn’t expect that there really existed love-struck men in reality.

That’s right, how could there not?

His father was also love-struck. While remembering the first love he lost, he also carried regrets for his mother. In the end, he was also able to find time in his busy schedule to play with women who wanted to climb up the social ladder through sexual relationships.

Both scumbag and besotted.

Shi Yun saw his surprise and gave off an expression of not caring: “He would go to the cemetery to visit my mother during holidays, my birthday, my mother’s birthday, and his own birthday. After my mother passed away, my dad almost followed her.”

Her dad really loved her mom.

So Shi Yun still remembered how devastated her father was that day when he saw her mother trapped in a car and burned to a charred corpse by the flames ignited by the car.

Shi Yun has been outstanding since she was a child. She had never been scolded or beaten.

The first slap she received in her life was the slap her father gave her that day. Shi Xu collapsed because he had advised Shi Yun early in the morning not to be immersed in emotional sadness, but Shi Yun didn’t listen. Instead, she took to imitating others by using alcohol to numb herself, which worried her mother and led to her driving out to find her in the middle of the night.

She was also very guilty and broke down in pain, but her remaining close relative regarded her as an enemy.

Wei Congying drove the car out of the school. Little red lanterns were hung on the trees along the street, and the lanterns were fluttering in the wind and snow. They seemed to carry their own defensive shield, which prevented the Spring Festival atmosphere from affecting them.

Shi Yun suddenly remembered that before he came, he was playing cards with Haiyue and Lin Fang, and asked: “Don’t they need to have New Year’s Eve dinner with their families?”

“It’s not like the old days when you could only have a good meal during the Chinese New Year. Nowadays, even if you cook up a lavish meal, the guests’ appetites are average in contrast. After just a few bites, everyone quickly leaves.” Wei Congying continued, “This is how it was for us in the previous years. “

“Is there anyone who is more miserable than us during the Chinese New Year?” Shi Yun looked at the streetd outside the car window. The snow was piled up and the tops were dyed brown, making it look dirty.

Wei Congying held the steering wheel and drove slowly: “Us miserable people won’tt be miserable if we stick together.”

“Does two negatives result in a positive?” Shi Yun felt that this was not two negatives resulting in a positive. When she saw him nodding in agreement, she sighed, “It’s even more miserable to make merry in the midst of suffering.”

They were approaching Wei Congying’s community. Despite it being a holiday meant for family reunions, there were still security guards on duty at the gate of the community. They were eating the New Year’s Eve dinner delivered by their families. It could be guessed that the Spring Festival Gala would be enjoyed with alcohol.

He said nonchalantly: “Aren’t you happy to make merry with me?”

The author has something to say:

Hahahahaha many people asked me if the original plot in the introduction was gone after I changed the summary. In fact, Wei Congying didn’t learn about it on his friend’s wedding day.

But after the wedding, the plot picks up.

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