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Fifteen Degrees Part 3

Originally it was Wei Congying who was teasing her, but he didn’t expect her expression wouldn’t change, and she would reply calmly with, “I can.”

That “I can” left Wei Congying speechless. He was taken aback for a moment, and after a few seconds of silence, he lowered his eyes: “I broke it off clean, I broke up with her before we got together and haven’t contacted her again.”

After he finished speaking, Shi Yun’s expression still didn’t change much.

The temperature of the air conditioner in the bedroom was not very high, so she raised the quilt to cover her legs: “Why did you break up?”



Wei Congying thought of the scene he saw that day, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He didn’t think he had misunderstood Huang Rui: “She’s either lesbian or bi, I saw her taking a shower with a girl the day we broke up.”

That was it?

That just sounded like an excuse for a scumbag to break up.

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Shi Yun tilted her head and freed her hair from his hands. Barefoot, she walked to the window in a few steps.


Although the sound of the rain was quieter now, when the curtains were opened, rain could still be seen falling outside. The raindrops clung to the window glass, blurring the scenery outside the window, and the neon lights of the tall buildings in the distance were also blurry. Shi Yun closed the curtains back up again: “Isn’t it bad to bother the delivery guy in this weather?”

“There should be something to eat in the refrigerator. Go and have a look?” Wei Congying left the slippers beside the bed for her and walked out barefoot.

Wei Congying went to the bathroom first and took a shower. When he came out of the bathroom with a towel on his head, Shi Yun wasn’t standing awkwardly in front of the refrigerator, but in front of his bookshelf.

“What’s the matter?” Wei Congying walked over and stood behind her.

When he was taking a bath, she was probably checking out what books were there. They were not adult magazines, but were famous books from all over the world.

Ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign.

Shi Yun originally thought it was just for decoration, but she picked a few books at random, and all of them had annotations.

Shi Yun was a little astonished: “There’s a lot of books.”

Wei Congying had guessed why she was surprised. He passed by Shi Yun and walked towards the kitchen: “I was in the Chinese department of my university.”

She was unspeakably surprised.

Sure enough, it reaffirmed the saying that people should not be judged by their appearance.

Wei Congying opened the refrigerator. Apart from beer, there was only some frozen food left in the refrigerator.


But there were still a few eggs.

He took the ingredients out of the refrigerator. He was not very good at cooking, but after studying abroad for three years, he still knew how to cook instant noodles and fry eggs.

When he was preparing the pot, Wei Congying came out of the kitchen. He looked at Shi Yun who was still standing in front of the bookshelf in disbelief. He was not angry, and smiled: “It doesn’t look like it?”

Shi Yun nodded ignorantly, and walked over: “It doesn’t look like it.”

The discussion about whether Wei Congying was a culturati2[2] Culturati refers to people intensely interested in cultural affairs but can also refer to intelletuals in general. did not continue. He pointed out to her, the dumplings and wontons he took out from the refrigerator: “Which one do you want to eat? Or a little of both?”

“Then let’s have a little of both.” Shi Yun had never been able to decide between these two things.

In one pot, he was waiting for the water to boil. He bent down and took a clean pot out of the dishwasher, poured some oil into it, and felt the temperature of the pan with his palm hovering above. He held the spatula in one hand and held an egg in another hand. He knocked it lightly on the kitchen island cart and cracked the egg with one hand.

The sound of sizzling came from the pan. He adjusted the size of the fire and watched the egg whites bubbling in the pan of hot oil: “Do you like your egg yolks soft?”

Shi Yun: “I like mine fried a little longer.”

Wei Congying carefully flipped the eggs with a spatula. After hearing her request, he fried them a little longer.

The water in the pot had come to a boil. After he took the fried eggs out of the pan, he put the small plate beside him. He picked up the frozen dumplings and wontons that were by the kitchen island cart and put in fifteen of each.

Shi Yun was sitting at the dining table outside, looking at the figure in the kitchen. He was not flustered, it seemed that he sometimes had these rare times of cooking himself convenience food.


Ten minutes later, he made two trips to bring the food out. He brought out two bowls of dumplings and wontons and on the second trip, he held the plate of fried eggs and a bottle of vinegar in his hand.

Before he sat down, Shi Yun asked as if ordering dishes: “Is there any soy sauce?”

Wei Congying turned around and went to the kitchen to find her an unopened bottle of soy sauce from the cabinet.

Shi Yun opened the soy sauce bottle and poured the soy sauce and vinegar on the fried eggs.

Wei Congying watch her bite down with a big bite, and he didn’t mind it. He didn’t like frozen dumplings and wontons very much, and always felt that the filling inside was not as delicious as those made at home. But it may be that he had really exhausted his energy, as his fifteen dumplings and wontons disappeared very quickly.

When he looked back up, it was after he’d taken a sip of the soup. There were still a few dumplings left in Shi Yun’s bowl, and the whole yolk of the fried egg was in the bowl beside that had soy sauce and vinegar poured in it with the whites gone.

Wei Cong: “You don’t eat egg yolks?”

Shi Yun heard him and looked at the small bowl next to her, then nodded.

Wei Congying asked again: “What about boiled eggs?”

Shi Yun shook his head: “I don’t eat egg yolk in that either.”

Wei Cong responded, “What about salted duck eggs?”

Shi Yun nodded this time: “I’ll eat this.”


Wei Congying was probably interested: “What about if it’s mixed in? For example, steamed egg with whitebait, or scrambled eggs.”

Shi Yun swallowed the san xian dumpling3[3] Literally, it means three filling dumplings, the three fillings can differ depending on your own preference when making them. in his mouth: “I eat those.”

He continued to ask: “Do you have any other fun tastes?”

Shi Yun thought for a while: “If it’s a plate of braised chicken wings or a plate of braised chicken legs made at home, I’ll eat it, but if it’s a whole chicken cut into pieces and then braised in soy sauce, I won’t eat it.”

Wei Congying was so amused he broke into a smile: “Then what if it’s fried chicken nuggets?”

Shi Yun: “I’ll eat this too.”


[1] The word mud refers to the dead skin that comes off like eraser bits when scrubbing.

[2] Culturati refers to people intensely interested in cultural affairs but can also refer to intelletuals in general.

[3] Literally, it means three filling dumplings, the three fillings can differ depending on your own preference when making them.

Translator Corner:

I found a funny comment someone wrote after reading this chapter and it’s so accurate. They said, “You give a brief answer, I give a brief answer.” Lol isn’t that what’s happening? They’re making small talk but none of it’s actually genuine. It’s like, you play pretend with me and I play pretend with you. ((*´艸`*)).

There was another commenter who guessed that they’d break up by chapter 17. What do you think?

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