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Fifteen Degrees Part 1

Content Summary: Camellia And Boston Ivy

The carpet was a wabi-sabi1[1] In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a worldview centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of appreciating beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” in nature. -Wikipedia minimalist style that had suddenly become popular that year. It felt a bit hard against the soles of the feet but did not hurt.

The lemon fragrance slowly volatilized after being heated by her body at over 30 degrees. It may also be that the scent of smoked pine cologne on his body was too long-lasting. When Shi Yun sat between him and the coffee table, her sense of smell suddenly dulled, as if that was the only scent she was able to smell.

The two used the same bottle of shower gel, but on them, it smelled like two different scents.

Wei Congying leaned back slightly. From his point of view, while looking over her straight shoulders, he could only see a small part of her profile. Her pierced ears were well-maintained, and she wasn’t wearing any jewelry at the moment. Only a small black piercing retainer was in her earlobe.2[2] A retainer holds a piercing open while hiding or disguising it. After seeing that she had sat down, he leaned forward again, with his chest pressed against her back.

He handed over the half-assembled model arm to Shi Yun, and held the blueprint in his hand. He propped up the blueprint for Shi Yun to read.


His short-sleeved arms bumped into her. The cool air from the air conditioner made his skin cool to the touch.

Shi Yun looked at the blueprint and polished all the parts on hand. Wei Congying sat behind her and watched her assemble them. She was surprisingly good at handwork, likely because of her steady hands that were trained in surgery simulations.

But it wasn’t long before this opinion was overturned; the leg part was installed upside down. The difference was minuscule but it did not match the original model. Wei Congying had already noticed it, but after watching her try to force the part to fit, he pointed out her mistake in a teacher-like way.

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At this moment, Shi Yun was free labor with zero compensation.


From the corner of her eyes, Shi Yun saw that he was holding his phone in one hand. The screen of the phone was on, and the interface showed that it was a takeout app, for express takeout from an adult products store.

She could clearly see what he had bought.

With her arm resting on the coffee table, a darkish red mark was left from the edge of it. When Shi Yun realized it, she could still slightly feel some pain.

She raised her arm, and before she had time to check it out, Wei Congying had already thrown his phone on the carpet.

The position with which she raised her arm did not make it convenient for her to pull it over to check the mark. Wei Congying was afraid that she would end up twisting and injuring her slender arms and legs, so he pressed his warm palm against the mark on Shi Yun’s arm and gently rubbed it.

Out of his peripheral, he glanced at the model on the coffee table. She’s very fast. Wei Congying was slightly surprised: “The body’s almost completely assembled?”

Shi Yun slowly freed her arm from his palm: “Almost.”

Wei Congying saw that she was going to keep going: “Are you continuing?”

It’s not that she couldn’t continue, but that it felt like the two of them should do something else.

She fiddled with the last few parts which had already been polished: “I’ll just finish these.”

After saying this, Shi Yun felt the person behind her lean back on her shoulders, neither stopping her from assembling nor helping her.

The sore feeling from her neck slowly increased. After she finished putting together all the parts on the board, she raised her head and straightened her back, then attached the limbs to the main body.


It was taking shape.

As if to show off, Shi Yun turned her head to share the news with him, but he hadn’t moved from his spot; his chin was still resting on her shoulder. So when she tilted her head, the tip of her nose touched the side of his face.

Shi Yun tilted her head back to avoid it. Her reaction was as if she had been shocked by electricity, but he still didn’t move.

His chin came off her shoulders, and he put his arms around her, not tightly hugging her, but not leaving much room for her to dodge. Wei Congying leaned closer, their breaths intertwining.

He approached very slowly, giving Shi Yun enough time to react. So when the tips of their noses met and Wei Congying found that Shi Yun wasn’t evading him anymore, he knew that kissing was at least within her permissible scope of intimacy today.

At first, it was just a light touch, as if still maintaining some distance. But the word innocence was not at all related to him. He kissed her lightly and then moved away. His eyes were also open, just looking at Shi Yun like that.

He saw Shi Yun was also looking at him, staring at him far longer than if she were simply looking at him. Though her eyes were focused, Wei Congying felt that she seemed to be in a daze, as if she was but wasn’t looking at him.

She kept looking at him until her love was like an effervescent tablet thrown into water, like the small bubbles which were produced. The effervescent tablet would fall and the small bubbles would rise.

Those small bubbles overflowed from Shi Yun’s eyes.

Wei Cong touched her shoulder through her pajamas and met Shi Yun’s eyes. He recalled how she had also stared at him like this the last time she was playing cards, and recalled her saying that she had liked him for a long time.

His palm prints were left on the cloth, and their skin temperature was transmitted to each other through the cloth. Wei Congying gently squeezed her shoulders, and said in a lighthearted tone, “You like me so much?”

Shi Yun didn’t answer this question. Looking at this person who was within reach, she recalled another person in her mind, and his tone was almost the same as his. A long time ago, on the balcony of a hotel, she and another person were wrapped up in a blanket while watching thousands of golden lights fall on a mountain ridge, and clouds and mist roll.


Memories bubbled up, Shi Yun looked at him. She ended up turning around, putting her arms around his neck, and leaning over to suck on his lips. Her warm tongue brushed against his cool lower lip, and she tasted the faint mintiness in his mouth.

Wei Congying almost ended up lying on the carpet from her sudden pounce, but with the strength of his waist, abdomen, and back, he was able to stabilize himself as he was falling backward. He supported himself with one hand on the ground and hugged her to him with the other.

The hand he had on the ground left the carpet, and he raised his arm to embrace her. Just when his hand touched the back of her neck, he felt her teeth lightly biting his lower lip; it didn’t hurt.

The kiss that seemed a little inexperienced may have been because it was her first time kissing him. The only thing she did was suck on his lips, she didn’t go any further than that.


[1] In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a worldview centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of appreciating beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” in nature. -Wikipedia

[2] A retainer holds a piercing open while hiding or disguising it.

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