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Fifteen Degrees Part 7

When he was almost in his junior year, he heard they broke up. Fu Jing was not very familiar with Shi Yun or the people around her, so he didn’t know much of the details. All he knew was that she had been depressed for a very long time.

Fu Jing looked at the person in front of him. She was wearing a slim white knit dress. The skirt was not very long, ending more than ten centimeters above the knee.

Her knees were slightly pink. Most girls’ legs were not very straight, and she wasn’t an outlier to this, though the silhouette of her thighs and calves were very good-looking.

Fu Jing’s sizing eyes were caught by Shi Yun. She frowned in displeasure, then turned her back to him, and continued to look down the stairs in boredom.

The instructor was 20 minutes later than what had been agreed upon. And Shi Yun didn’t pay too much attention to their words of apology.


The instructor distributed a large stack of examination papers to the two of them. Fu Jing put his school bag on the sofa, and asked the instructor a little foolishly: “Do I need to pass the students’ exams?”

The instructor turned on the air conditioner in the office, and took the kettle to the water dispenser to fill it with water and then boil it to make tea: “Will you be able to remove the patient from the Book of Life and Death1[1] The Book of Life and Death is a notebook recording the life and death of every person, in superstition. when the time comes? Be strict with them, a fail is a fail, and they can retake the exam. The career they will have in the future is not child’s play.”

There was only one desk in the office. Shi Yun and Fu Jing could only sit on the sofa to grade the examination papers, but the distance and height between the coffee table and the sofa were extremely unsuitable for the task at hand.

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Shi Yun didn’t lie to him: “I’m just looking for a poem, I don’t particularly like reading.”


Instead, he volunteered to help: “What poem? Maybe I can help you find it?”

Shi Yun stared to the front. This was also a question that had plagued her for a long time. What kind of poem was written in that letter?

She didn’t know either.

And no one knew, except for the person who wrote that letter, no one would know.

Shi Yun rejected his offer: “No need, I’m just casually searching for it.”

When eating at noon, Shi Yun purposely waited in line behind him and took her time ordering food, and did not sit with him for lunch.

Summer was not a season for inducing a good appetite. Cold salads were more popular than ever. When she was chewing on the school’s not-so-tasty braised pork like it was wax, Wei Congying sent her a message.

He asked her for her location and then asked what she wanted to eat at night. He would make an appointment now.

Shi Yun threw the task of deciding what to eat back at Wei Congying; she really couldn’t decide on anything at the moment.

Especially when she wasn’t hungry.

If Wei Congying were asked to decide, he would ask Lin Fang where he took his girlfriends to eat.

Lin Fang was unreliable, as he told him: “My love strategy manual was copied from yours, and you’re asking me?”


But Lin Fang reacted quickly and asked him if he was with Shi Yun.

Wei Congying did not deny it. The members of the group chat were quite the mean lot and began to bet on how long this relationship could last.

Wei Congying turned on Do Not Disturb for the group chat and began to search for newly opened nearby stores online.

Shi Yun finished at 4:30. She sent a message to Wei Congying while finishing up the last few exam papers. She didn’t give an exact time. But at the last minute, the academic advisor sprung the task of uploading the scores into the computer.

Although it wouldn’t take long, Shi Yun had already informed Wei Congying that he could come over.

While reporting the scores to Fu Jing, she took out her phone and told Wei Congying she would be half an hour late via text.

After Fu Jing finished entering the numbers, he checked them again. He finished checking but Shi Yun didn’t continue reporting the next score. He saw that Shi Yun was sending a message to someone, and her expression was a little anxious.

She thought she was being very quick, but it still took half an hour to complete.

The academic advisor said a few polite words, but Shi Yun wasn’t listening. She looked at the watch on her wrist. Even if Wei Congying saw her text informing him she’d be out half an hour later than previously agreed upon, by now, she would still be late.

But then she thought better of it as she was his girlfriend, so he had to wait on her for a while then he should wait.

After listening to the advisor’s earnest and well-meaning words, Shi Yun and Fu Jing came out of the office together. Just as Fu Jing closed the door, Shi Yun had already gotten far ahead of him. However, it was fairly easy for him to catch up with her: “Do you have any thoughts on the topic the teacher was discussing?”


Shi Yun shook her head: “No.”

She wasn’t listening carefully just at the time, just like a laborer who got off work at 5 o’clock and was packing up their belongings at 4:58. After fifty-eight minutes, their eyes could only see the countdown to getting off work. Moreover, the advisor also said that there would be more people who would come later on, and they would talk about it more in detail then. She wasn’t ready to think about it so early on.

Fu Jing plucked up his courage: “Then are you free tomorrow? Shall we discuss it in advance at the library?”

They had come out of the building, the summer heat hit them facefirst. Shi Yun subconsciously raised her hand to cover her forehead, it was almost five o’clock, but the sun was still hanging in the sky dedicatedly, and Fu Jing’s words seemed like wind blowing past her ears, she didn’t think much of them.

Shi Yun stood at the entrance of the building, looking towards the front, and saw Wei Congying.

He was once again dressed in all black.

The white sleeve on his left arm and the thick silver chain around his neck were the finishing touches. Wearing sunglasses, he sat in the driver’s seat, body turned, and waved to Shi Yun who was not too far away. He then opened the door and got out of the car.

Wei Congying walked up to her in a few steps, took the water cup from Shi Yun’s hand, and held her hand before asking, “Is this your classmate?”

Shi Yun’s body leaned toward Wei Congying: “Well, but I’m not very familiar with him. We graded an assignment together today…”

Wei Congying looked at the boy through the sunglasses and felt there wasn’t much threat. And after hearing what Shi Yun said, he didn’t feel the need to greet him.

Fu Jing stood on the spot and watched the two walk away holding hands, one asking and one answering.

That guy was very handsome, Fu Jing looked at the car not far from them and guessed that he also came from a good background. He took Shi Yun’s hand and regarded him as air. The lower half of the guy’s face that wasn’t blocked by the sunglasses was smiling, and he asked Shi Yun, “Guess what I’m taking you to eat tonight?”


Shi Yun asked, “Hmm…Italian?”

Wei Cong replied, “You guessed right.”


[1] The Book of Life and Death is a notebook recording the life and death of every person, in superstition.

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