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Thirteen Degrees

Content Summary: Dating

Wei Congying was not a person who respected feelings.

Looking at his parents when he was young, he felt that there was too little love, but when he grew up, he felt that love came too fast.

Wei Congying’s first relationship took place when he was studying in the United States.

It wasn’t much different from the exaggerated American dramas.

He was the second batter on the baseball team, and the girl was on the cheerleading team.


This relationship lasted for over two months before they finally broke up.

Later, when he returned to China to continue his studies, there were still many people who confessed to him – because of his appearance, family background, etc. Despite them clearly knowing that he was ruthless, they were still willing to be a ‘Scheherazade’.

Sometimes their acting skills were not up to par, but sometimes they were too immersed in the act, and ended up losing themselves in it.

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Wei Congying scoffed at this.


He looked down on his father, and he also looked down on his mother’s silent humiliation in the first half of her life. This thing, called feelings, was played out too disgustingly by his parents.

It wasn’t anything to look forward to.

But he contradictorily did not reject falling in love. The reason was also simple; he liked to see the “Scheherazades” intoxicated in this role. He didn’t like to be bothered by girls when they broke up, but he also liked the look of them being reluctant to let go.

To put it bluntly, a lack of love.

His mother loved his father in the first half of her life, and loved him in the second half of her life.

And now his father would rather spoil his non-blood related first love’s child than offer any verbal expressions of concern to him.

He never felt like he was the product of the love between a husband and wife.

He hadn’t ever been resolutely chosen, otherwise why didn’t his mother fight for his custody?

He was dating Shi Yun now.

It was very fast.

But Wei Congying was already used to this kind of falling in love.


He was always quick to get into a relationship and then quick to back out.

After they started dating, Shi Yun transferred money to him. Looking at the zeros, Wei Congying responded with a smile: “The first time I’ve had a girl give me money while in a relationship.”

Shi Yun knew that the repair parts of his car had to be imported, so she guessed the repair cost would be very expensive. The money may not be enough to cover it all, but it was enough for all the follow-up compensation and treatment expenses of the delivery guy who was hospitalized.

It was even enough to cover the cost of his next insurance hike.

After being together, they were the same as before. He was not a person who would report the details of his entire day with his girlfriend, and Shi Yun did not have enough free time to tell him how many pages she read today.

For Wei Congying, the weekend was actually no different from usual. Grandpa asked to have a meal with him.

Wei Congying agreed.

It happened that grandma was going to have some clothes made in a silk shop that day, and one of the family’s drivers took grandma there. But after Wei Congying asked for the address, he let the driver leave first, and played the role of a good grandson.

When Wei Congying arrived at the store, grandma was busy getting her clothes made. Biluochun1[1] A famous green tea originally grown in the Dongting mountain region near Lake Tai in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. It is renowned for its delicate appearance, fruity taste, floral aroma, showy white hairs and early cropping. Its name literally means “green snail spring,” it is named so because it is a green tea that is rolled into a tight spiral, resembling snail meat, and is cropped in early spring. had been brewed and left in the private room.

Pear incense was lit.

He pushed the door open and went in. The waiter at the door was puzzled upon seeing a male of Wei Congying’s age appearing in the store. He slowly came out from behind the counter: “Excuse me, are you looking to purchase something?”

After Wei Congying gave the reason for his coming, the waiter led him to the private room on the second floor.


Grandma was wearing light gray casual attire. The acessories on her neck, ears, and wrists were an emerald jewelry set.

Three shop assistants surrounded her, and a woman who seemed to be the oldest, took measurements.

Wei Congying walked in. He didn’t like the pear incense inside. He walked around them toward where the coffee table and sofa were: “Grandma.”

Seeing that it was her grandson, Mei Ruolan smiled, and a few more wrinkles appeared on her face: “Why did you come here? “

Wei Congying sat down on the wooden sofa and placed his hands on the carved armrests: “Didn’t the two of you call me over to eat today?”

Mei Ruolan stood there motionlessly, cooperating with the shop assistant: “Then why are you here? Your grandfather is still waiting for you at home.”

Wei Congying leaned forward and poured himself a cup of Biluochun: “Aren’t I here to show filial respect to you first? I told Uncle Wang to go back first. I will drive you back home after you’re done. “

As a grandmother, she was overjoyed to hear these kinds of words from her grandson.

The shop assistant asked knowingly while flattering: “So, this is your grandson. The lad sure is tall and dashing.”

These words made Mei Ruolan feel prouder than if the shop assistant praised her.

The Mei Ruolan that had been possessed by Grandma Wong2[2] This is referencing a folk legend about Wang Po, a man who sold honeydew melons. Though he was a man, people nicknamed him Grandma Wong because he talked garrulously like a grandma. He had a difficult time selling his melons in the market because the melons he sold were unfamiliar and strange looking, no one came to buy them. In order to sell his fruit, he decided to boast and praise it himself while inviting passersby to come and try it for themselves. This worked and he sold his fruit through his self-marketing. The story has more to it but this should be enough for you to get the point. 😉was not modest: “This appearance and size is impressive, isn’t it?”

Wei Congying pretended not to hear. He took a sip of the Biluochun, but felt the taste wasn’t anything special. Stretching out his legs, he took out his phone from his pants pocket and unlocked it. When he went out in the morning, Shi Yun informed him that she was going to the library today.


At the time, Wei Congying replied to her with the news that he was going to eat at his grandparents’ house today.

There was no reply to this message. By now, she was probably in the library.

After only amusing himself with his phone for a short while, Wei Congying put the phone back in his pocket.

Grandma saw that he seemed bored. Thinking about how she still needed to pick fabrics afterwards, she suggested: “There are some other stores nearby. How about, you go and roam around?”

Wei Congying hadn’t planned to go at first, this store was located on the old street, and it was full of handicraft stores that tricked non-local tourists who came to the capital into spending money. But then he remembered that there was a pastry shop nearby and got up.

He infomed Mei Ruolan: “Grandma, I’m going to do some shopping.”

The cobblestone road of the old street was uneven, and people who dragged their feet were prone to tripping. Wei Congying found the store based on his memory. Very few of the people queuing up in front of the store were from the capital.

Wei Congying looked at the promotional posters pasted outside, and bought a few seasonal items: “And pack another set of what I just picked.”

The process of ordering and paying for the items was very quick. It took a little longer to pack it up, but the experienced actions of the person in charge of packing was very fast. In the end, they had the desserts packed like in the period costume films.

Both sets were placed in the car. When he returned to the store, grandma was already choosing fabrics, and she had Wei Congying be the aesthetics consultant. But when he chose, grandma didn’t listen to him.

After paying the deposit, the old lady was satisfied, and so was the store owner.

It took some time to drive back from the old street to the old house.

Summer vacation was the peak tourist season, and the city’s floating population could be measured in the millions.

Group after group of people flocked to visit buildings made of cement and stone. But those were considered the lucky travelers, and the unlucky travelers only saw strangers huddled with them.

Wei Congying took a slightly longer but less congested road.

Mei Ruolan saw the desserts he bought; there were two sets. Thinking back some time ago, she heard from a neighbor that her granddaughter was in a relationship with her grandson. Mei Ruolan wanted to ask, but when she saw Wei Congying driving, she shut her mouth again for fear of disturbing her grandson.

When they arrived home, it was almost time for dinner. As soon as Wei Congying unbuckled his seat belt, he saw grandma getting out of the car while carrying both sets of desserts.

He originally wanted to bring one of them to Shi Yun, but grandma had taken it. After considering, he decided to not say anything.

The grandfather was waiting at home, and when his wife entered the house, he blamed her for insisting on having clothes made the day when their grandson came back for dinner.

Mei Ruolan handed one of the bags of desserts in her hand to a servant at home, telling them to deliver it to the neighbor.

Wei Congying didn’t say anything about it, and after calling out, “Grandpa,” he sat down at the dining table with grandma.

The prepared dishes were brought out one by one, and when the neighbor was mentioned, Mei Ruolan recalled what she wanted to ask while on the way back, but didn’t: “Are you dating the granddaughter of the nextdoor neighbor?” 

Wei Congying did not deny it, and answered honestly: “We broke up.”

It was only recently that Mei Ruolan heard they were together, so why was it that they’d broken up in the blink of an eye: “Why did you suddenly break up?”

“After we started dating, I didn’t feel we fit. So, we broke up.” Wei Congying began to pick up food with his chopsticks.

Mei Ruolan couldn’t understand the rapid getting-togethers and break-ups of young people nowadays, but the first thing that came to mind was: Why didn’t you say it earlier, the desserts have already been delivered to them.

But their family was not one who was short of such things.

Their grandson was not young. It had been some time since he graduated, but there was no development to be seen in him in either work or family.

He was still the same as before, commenting on each dish. His tastes had not changed.

He still liked the same dishes, he liked before and the ones he was tired of or disliked were also the same.

After lunch, Wei Congying was giving off obvious signs of not wanting to stay longer. Grandma was still talking to him about finding a partner, and she also wanted to know why he wasn’t suitable with the granddaughter of the next-door neighbor.

Wei Congying thought of the scene he ran into on the day of his grandfather’s birthday. He didn’t tell the truth, and he didn’t want to inconvenience anyone.

Just when he didn’t know how to satisfy his grandma’s curiosity, Shi Yun called, and it was as if a lifeline had appeared.

Mei Ruolan was still talking about the granddaughter of the neighbor next door.

But Wei Congying’s hand had already pressed the answer button. Looking at the running numbers for the total elapsed call time, he interrupted his grandma: “I’m going to take this call.”

Shi Yun didn’t call him for anything important. Today, she heard that Wei Congying was going to his grandma’s house for dinner.

Shi Yun had been playing with them for the past few days, and planned to stay in the library to focus on writing her thesis all day.

Just now, she had finished her morning arrangements and was leaving to have a meal.

She didn’t look at her phone when she was writing the thesis, and it had been a long time since Wei Congying had sent her a message, so she called him.

But as soon as the phone was connected, she heard his grandma’s voice, and what his grandma said.

There was the sound of the door opening and closing from the other end of the phone.

It was Wei Congying walking to the balcony.

After the sound of opening and closing the door stopped, Shi Yun waited for him to speak.


Shi Yun walked towards the cafeteria, holding her phone: “Why do I feel that this isn’t the right time for me to be calling?”

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The author has something to say:

So why did Wei Congying convince himself they were in love? It’s because, in his opinion, Shi Yun is no different from the girls in the past.

He was used to being popular, so he thought it would be the same this time.

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