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Twelve Degrees Part 1

Content Summary: Then, Let's Try?

It was not as if she couldn’t afford to lose. Shi Yun shook her head.

Lin Fang was also dumbfounded: “No, you have to be fair and square.”

Wei Congying nodded after hearing this, and inserted the card into the pile of cards in his hand.

Then he threw two straights1[1] Straights are any five consecutive cards of different suits, a four of a kind 2[2] Also known as quads, it’s a hand that contains four cards of one rank and one card of another rank. Hands are sets of five playing cards., and followed with a single three card that seemed to be full of taunting.

Wei Congying won: “You’re the one who said things have to be done fair and square. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to complete the straight that came after.”


Xiang Shaoyuan looked at an unplayed card, and he reasoned for a long time: “Damn.”

Lin Fang also cursed, but quickly found comfort from Xiang Shaoyuan: “Fortunately, I’m better off than you. At least I’ve won two hands.”

Unlike Xiang Shaoyuan, who was still a red lantern.

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Lin Fang glanced at him: “You guys haven’t made any progress yet? “


Xiang Shaoyuan was a little afraid of being laughed at by them, but he also wanted some advice: “The two of us can discuss for over an hour about what to eat, and then end up missing the meal time.”

Lin Fang advised: “In fact, women have an answer regarding their preferences in their heart. Let her choose and ask her directly.”

Xiang Shaoyuan: “She’s indecisive.”

Lin Fang made another suggestion: “Then you make the decision.”

Xiang Shaoyuan: “I did, and then I was bad-mouthed by her friend last time, saying something about not being considerate of her feelings.”

Lin Fang gave up: “Asking directly doesn’t work and deciding for her doesn’t work. Ask A’Cong.”

After saying this, Shi Yun happened to come out of the restroom in the private room. He looked at Shi Yun, then took the cigarette from his mouth, pointed the end at the ashtray, and flicked his index finger: “You can ask them, but don’t ask her what she wants to eat.”

Xiang Shaoyuan waited for the second half of his sentence, but Wei Congying was not as nice as Lin Fang. He left him hanging and watched Shi Yun slowly make her way over. He leaned on the back of the chair, feet on the horizontal bar between the legs of the coffee table next to him.

Seeing Shi Yun sitting down, Wei Congying put his full attention on Shi Yun, “Guess what I’ll take you to eat later in the evening?”

Shi Yun was taken aback, looked at the cards that had been put away, and realized It was because they stopped playing. She picked up the Jin Junmei on the coffee table, which was a little bitter after going cold, and took a sip: “Japanese?”

Wei Congying stood up, breaking the smoke ring that he had breathed out just before, and put out the half-smoked cigarette in the ashtray: “You guessed it, let’s go. “

Hearing him declaring their departure, Shi Yun asked him in a low voice: “You’re not playing anymore?”


Wei Congying nudged the chair away with his leg, but did not walk straight out. Instead, he went to help Shi Yun get her bag which she had left on the sofa.

He walked beside her, and reached out first to push open the door of the private room: “I’m not playing anymore.”

Shi Yun let out an “Oh,” and turned to the side to walk out of the private room.

They stepped on the soft red carpet. When they walked out of the private room, the elevator opposite of them opened at the same time. Jiang Xuyang bumped into them, looked at Wei Congying who was going out, and then looked in the direction of the private room: “It’s over?”

Wei Congying ignored him, and took Shi Yun down the elevator that just came up.

In the elevator, the only sound left was of the elevator running, and Wei Congying watched as she stood in the corner like before. She was wearing a white shirt dress today. Her hair was tied into a low ponytail with a silk scarf, some pearl earrings on, and a thin silver chain necklace around her neck. Her overall outfit was very simple.

Wei Congying leaned in the corner on the other side, looking at her exposed calves, pink elbows, and her fine cheeks that were illuminated with a golden glow by the elevator lights.

Shi Yun was looking at the decreasing number of the descending elevator, when suddenly someone came over to her and asked in a low voice, “Your socks don’t have mandarin ducks on them today, do they?”

When Jiang Xuyang walked into the private room, he bumped into Xiang Shaoyuan, and he said something that had him scratching his head: “I’m going to try it.”

Seeing that he had disappeared, Jiang Xuyang asked Lin Fang, the only one left in the private room, “What is he trying?”

Lin Fang told him the whole story. Jiang Xuyang turned back on the spot after hearing this: “Then I’m going to have dinner with others.”


Lin Fang saw that they had all left one by one. He let out a laugh, and his last two puffs on his cigarette were a little rushed. After putting it out, he was about to leave, but the staff was already waiting for him at the door.

With a standard professional smile, holding the bill in his hand: “Mr. Lin, please settle the bill here.”

So in the end, he has no one to eat with, didn’t win at cards, and he still has to foot the bill?

It was the very same Japanese restaurant that they didn’t succeed in eating at last time. The decorating style of the store was very Japanese, no different from the Japanese restaurants that could be seen all around.

The waiter’s kneeling service was somewhat unacceptable, but their attitude was very good.

After ordering some of the recommendations, the waiter left with the menu. The store was very similar to the old Japanese buildings seen in TV dramas. Tatami mats and wooden sliding doors formed small private rooms.

After sitting cross-legged for a while, Shi Yun felt her legs were sore, so she sat on her side and straightened her legs.

It was a while until the food was served.

She drank too much Jin Junmei while playing cards, so she didn’t drink the barley tea that was brewed.

Wei Congying’s phone was placed on the table, and there was the sound of the push notifications from time to time, but he merely looked at the notifications and didn’t play with his phone.

Looking at Shi Yun on the opposite side, he could see she had relaxed her lower half to relieve the soreness from sitting cross-legged, and he followed the line of her legs until he saw a pair of white socks on her feet.


The girl looked very clean; on top of that, the white socks were not yellowed and stiffened.

Shi Yun noticed his gaze, and suddenly felt that her feet were an intimate body part. She sat back upright at the dining table and hid her legs and feet under the table. Then she picked up the barley tea that had been neglected beside her, took a sip, and put it back down again.

The sliding doors did not do a good job in soundproofing the rooms, clearly transmitting the sounds from the room next door.

Before having sat upright for long, Wei Congying saw her expression turned unpleasant. Her legs were prone to soreness when she bent them, and it was uncomfortable for her to sit cross-legged or kneeling. He patted the area beside his cushion: “Stretch them.”

Under his gaze, Shi Yuj felt a little uncomfortable, but she bent her legs at a comfortable angle all the same, and stretched them forward.

In the next second, something covered her feet, and she saw that it was a soft and thin cushion.

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Translator Note:

According to jamsheed, they seem to be playing the card game, “Fight the Landlord”.

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