It’s Colder Today

Twelve Degrees Part 2

She picked a random topic and broke the slightly awkward quiet atmosphere: “What was your high school like? Was it the same as in American dramas and TV shows? Were there parties every few days? Did the school flower’s social media posts really attract the attention of the whole school?”

The subject pulled Wei Congying’s attention away.

“It’s not that exaggerated.” Wei Congying followed her words and said, “But it is true that the main starting captains and cheerleaders of the school’s various sports teams are a bit popular. What about in China?” Shi Yun thought for a while: “If you’re talking about popular people, it’d probably be the winners of the various competitions and the top ten students in the bulletin board grade.”

Wei Congying thought of how she was about to enter her second year of graduate school at her age, and concluded that she most likely had good grades, so much that she was able to skip a grade and asked, “For example, you?”

Shi Yun was not self-effacing : “I am quite popular.”


Wei Congying responded: “So popular, what kind of boyfriend did you find at that time?”

Shi Yun: “Curious?”

He acted like a magnanimous gentleman, but his words were ambiguous: “If he’s better than me, I will work harder.”

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A small bottle.


When it first entered the mouth, she was not used to it, but in the end, there was not a drop of wine left.

Before the meal was finished, Wei Congying left. Shi Yun got up to pay the bill in a daze, but at the front desk, she saw Wei Congying who had just paid the bill. He had crumpled up the receipt and was about to throw it away. When he was just about to throw it into the trash can next to the front desk, he saw Shi Yun walking over.

A waiter was carrying a huge sashimi platter, carefully avoiding her while passing by: “Careful.”

Shi Yun stood beside him without moving, watching the waiter walk away with the tray carefully. When she turned her head and looked at the front desk where the cashier and checkout were located, Wei Congying had already come up beside her.

Wei Congying saw her cheeks were slightly flushed, and her gaze was also blurred by the alcohol.

Before he could speak, the hand hanging by his side was pulled by the wrist.

Wei Congying saw her pull up his hands. She looked down at his palms, found nothing in them, raised her head suddenly with a slightly angry expression, and glared at him: “Where is the receipt?”

“I lost it.” Wei Congying had thrown it in the trash can by the front desk. He then asked her, “Are you done eating?”

Wei Congying led her back. Upon returning to the private room, for the first time, he witnessed someone angry because of having saved money. She told him that they had agreed on the phone that she was going to treat him to the meal, and asked him to give the receipt to her.

He even turned the pockets of his trousers inside out: “Look, it’s really lost.”

“Wei Congying.”

“Hm?” Wei Congying heard her call and looked at her with a serious expression.


For a moment, it seemed that the person in front of him lost her inebriated state.

Shi Yun: “Do you put this much work into chasing girls?”

Wei Congying asked back: “Aren’t you happy?”

Shi Yun didn’t answer.

Was she moved?

Shi Yun didn’t have much of these kinds of emotions. Perhaps the biggest difference between her and those ‘Scheherazades’ was that she simply liked Wei Congying’s face that was similar to a particular someone.

The love that should have been moving had now turned into guilt.

They left the restaurant.

The hot summer maintained the heat wave from during the day until night. It was now July of summer vacation, and there were many students in the shopping mall. The night breeze was completely blocked by the towering buildings in front of the mall, and the air conditioners in the shopping mall were separated by plastic strip curtain doors.

After drinking, the sweltering summer evening made Shi Yun even more uncomfortable.

The newly built musical fountain in the fountain plaza in front of the shopping mall could attract many people to take pictures and check in. Wei Congying saw that her expression was not very good, and looked around and found a milk tea shop: “I’ll buy you a cup of watermelon juice.”

Wei Congying walked through the crowd. His figure disappeared from Shi Yun’s sight. She was standing in a place that didn’t have a good view of the fountain show. The background music of the fountain show was ‘Beethoven’s 5 Secrets’.


Every time they listened to the melody, it made people feel that when closing their eyes, they could envision the brilliance of life and the vitality of spring.

Shi Yun stood there for a while, then walked towards the direction Wei Congying left.

In line at the entrance of the milk tea shop, Shi Yun recognized him at a glance. He had a tall figure, and even ordinary short-sleeved overalls were eye-catching on him.

He didn’t seem to like standing very close to other people. When someone got a little closer, he would move a little bit away.

Shi Yun didn’t approach him. His background was a very brightly lit milk tea shop. When facing the light and focusing her eyes on him, the background blurred.

His figure overlapped with the one in her memory, and when he turned around, his facial features were also very similar.

The liquor in her body was intertwined with her sorrow and joy, and she merely looked at Wei Congying.

He bought a cup of freshly squeezed watermelon juice, and as usual, he crumpled up the receipt and threw it away.

Wei Congying walked over with the drink in his hand. He saw Shi Yun’s gaze, and caught the surging emotion in her eyes.

That emotion was infinitely close to love.

There was a lot of ice in the freshly squeezed watermelon juice, and before handing her the cup, Wei Congying purposely put it against her cheek: “Is it cold?”

Shi Yun raised her hands to take the watermelon juice, and put the straw in: “Childish.”


The two of them walked slowly towards the parking place. The musical fountain behind them restarted, the background music sounding along with it. It was again, ‘Beethoven’s 5 Secrets’.

Wei Congying heard the sound of the fountain show and looked back. When he turned his head, he almost bumped into a passerby. He turned sideways and avoided the person, but his arm bumped into Shi Yun who was on the other side of him.

She thought something was the matter and looked up at him.

Wei Congying said everything was all right, but when he saw Shi Yun’s gaze again, he saw her slightly drunken appearance, and thought of the first time he saw her. At that time, she also had that kind of gaze that could be defined as “sentimental” while looking at him.

In fact, he was a little curious about Shi Yun’s liking for him.

As the car slowly approached, Wei Congying thought of the topic that was interrupted in the Japanese restaurant: “You haven’t said it, what kind of person was your ex-boyfriend?”

The freshly squeezed juice had some pulp left in it, Shi Yun looked at him and sidestepped the question: “Wei Congying.”

Wei Congying: “What’s the matter?”

Shi Yun: “They say that if a man and a woman have eaten together several times and still aren’t together, it means that they are out of luck.”

After listening, Wei Congying thought about the number of times they had eaten together. He didn’t speak immediately, and thought for a while about whether now was the best time to pierce this layer of window paper.

While he was pondering, he saw the love in Shi Yun’s eyes.

It was unwavering and undisguised. Wei Congying was slightly taken aback.

A few seconds later, he smiled: “Then, let’s try?”

The author has something to say:

See, I told you they’d be together soon.

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