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Twenty-Eight Degrees Part 3

Shi Yun and He Sui’s family lived in an alley, and they still had a long way to walk. The electric poles were in a mess above the old alley, so the electrician had to work hard.

Someone’s family was cooking braised pork in their courtyard. The smoke rose from the courtyard and was blown away by a gust of wind just as it was about to touch the wires that divided the sky.

Very vulnerable.

“It has never been better since then. To him now, I am not his daughter, but one of the murderers who killed his wife.”

He Sui was silent because he knew the cause and effect of the matter. Shi Yun was as old as him, and she had been that child ever since she was young. There was no family in the alley who didn’t envy Shi Yun’s mother. Shi Yun also strove for success. She had never let her parents worry about her studies since she was a child. She even skipped a grade and always received a full-ride scholarships to study.


She was different from other children. There was no time when she was disobedient, and there was no rebellious period where she talked back to her parents, causing them headaches.

During her more than 20 years of glory, she fell into trouble once, and that time led to the unexpected death of her mother.

He Sui knew better what caused Shi Yun’s unforeseen fall.

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The couplets posted on the door were written by her grandparents as they had been in the years before years.

Cured meat was hung in the yard, and the pork bought was her favorite pork belly.

When Shi Yun dragged her suitcase in, her grandfather happened to come out of the house with a broom. When he saw Shi Yun at the door, he was shocked. His wrinkled face changed from shock to surprise very quickly: “Nan Nan is back?”

Shi Yun smiled at his grandfather: “Grandpa.”

Grandpa put down the broom and walked towards Shi Yun, jwhile calling to grandma who was cooking inside: “Nan Nan is back.”

Grandma thought she was hallucinating, but when she looked out of the kitchen, she saw her granddaughter, who had not been back for a long time.

The house is still much the same as when Shi Yun had last come back, and the cloth covering the water dispenser had not changed.

Grandpa looked at the rice in the rice cooker. Shi Yun did not notify them before coming back, and so they only cooked the rice for the two of them. Since the death of his daughter-in-law, his granddaughter has not come back often, and his son has also moved out.

Putting the lid back on the pot, grandpa looked for a clean bowl in the cupboard: “The rice may not be enough. I’ll go next door to get a bowl.”

Having been neighbors for decades, it was no longer strange to ask for a bowl of rice.

Grandma took Shi Yun’s quilt out. There was no sun outside, but the quilt had been kept in the cupboard so it smelled of mothballs. Despite the lack of sun, hanging it under the corridor and airing it out in the night breeze would reduce the smell.


“Why didn’t you tell me in advance when you came back today? The sun was so good the past two days, I could have prepared a blanket for you.”

Shi Yun watched her grandma holding the quilt and stepped forward to help.

Grandma is a person who loves cleanliness, so she wiped the clothesline first. She was already old, and her hands were not as strong as Shi Yun’s  when it came to the job of airing out quits, which could easily throw the quilt over..

Shi Yun took out both quilts to air out, and in the meanwhile, her grandfather also came back with a bowl of rice from He Sui’s.

Not only was there rice, but a dish of food was also brought over.

The dish was braised chicken feet.

Shi Yun knew that He Sui’s family had a unique secret recipe, which made any ingredient braised in it very delicious. It was very delicious whether or not eaten with rice. She had also heard that Chinese medicine was added to it. Only their family knew the specific recipe.

Therefore, every time his family passed by the braised vegetable restaurant at the entrance of the alley, they would do so secretly. After all, the owner of the braised vegetable restaurant would always stop their family members to ask for recipe whenever he saw them.

The three of them had dinner together and talked about how many days Shi Yun could stay at home during the Chinese New Year.

It’s hard to say how many days she could stay.

It all depended on how much she and her dad can tolerate each other.

This was true, but saying it would hurt the hearts of the two elderly people. Shi Yun chewed on the chicken feet and replied, “I’m not sure yet. Our teacher might notify us to go back to school at any time.”


“Why are you so busy studying as a graduate student?” Grandpa served Shi Yun with food, “I see He Sui is the opposite, he’s quite relaxed.”

Shi Yun knew her grandfather had forgotten: “Grandpa, he and I are the same age, but he is two terms younger than me.”

Grandpa patted his head: “I always get confused. I always think that the two He brothers across from me are the same age. Yes, yes, yes, He Sui is the same age as you, and He Yun is three years older than you two.”

At this point, grandma coughed: “Why are these scrambled eggs so salty? Did you add salt to them when they were taken out of the pan?”

Grandpa defended himself: “I didn’t.”

Shi Yun started eating the chicken feet that she had found particularly delicious since childhood. After many years, she suddenly felt that the taste was different from what she remembered.

She didn’t take two bites of the food before she said she couldn’t eat any more.

She put the bowls and chopsticks on the table and stood up: “I’ll go bring the quilt in.”

Watching her granddaughter walk to the corridor outside, grandma held the top of her chopsticks, making as if to hit someone with them. She wanted to get angry but was afraid of being heard by Shi Yun outside, so she lowered her voice and said, “What are you doing, mentioning the neighbors?”

“I forgot.” Elders could never bear to see children eat too little. Grandpa felt distressed when he saw that Shi Yun had barely touched her rice bowl.

Firstly, he felt sorry for his granddaughter who didn’t eat enough.

Secondly, he felt sorry for the food being wasted.


“You forget everything, but you don’t forget the crickets that you play with every morning, and you don’t forget to go play chess with Lao Sun in the afternoon.” When grandma put away her chopsticks and wanted to say more, Shi Yun had already entered the house and gone upstairs with the two quilts in her arms. .

Shi Yun’s bedroom was still the same.

It had been the same since childhood, except for some worn-out furniture that had been replaced.

You could also find evidence of her growth on every piece of furniture, including her favorite things from each time period. But many of them were knockoffs that seemed childish when looking back.

Celebrity postcards and cartoon stickers were bought from the stationery store in front of the school for the price of five or ten yuan.

On the bookshelf were the required reading books for each grade from childhood to adulthood as well as a few photo albums. Her bookshelf was far less impressive than the bookshelf in Wei Congying’s apartment.

Shi Yun put the quilt on the bed and made the bed.

She reached for the photo album on the bookshelf. From her birth to high school, her mother did not miss any stage of her growth and took photos of “dark history” for Shi Yun.

On the first day of school every year and at the end of every semester, she took a photo in front of her home.

Taking photos together with her were He Sui and He Yun, who lived across from her. Later, the group photo that included He Yun stopped after he went to college.

In many dark histories of Shi Yun, He Sui was always the one who arrived late but arrived.

Looking at those familiar yet foreign faces, Shi Yun’s smile grew smaller and smaller the longer she looked at the photo of herself taken when she was a month old.

The last photo in the album was a boastful photo of Shi Yun holding a college admission notice, and there was no more after that.

Tears fell on the photo, and Shi Yun realized that she was crying.

The vibrating phone in her pocket interrupted her melancholy. It was Wei Congying who called her.

The author has something to say:

It’s coming soon, they’re going to break up, it’s only a few days away! ! !

Believe me! !

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Translator Corner:

Looks like the history is coming out. And the ex’s identity!

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