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Twenty-Nine Degrees Part 1

Content Summary: Do You Not Like Making Merry With Me?

She sent him a text message about heading home before, but she didn’t receive a reply. He probably checked his phone now after finishing his business.


Shi Yun closed the photo album on her lap: “Hello.”

Wei Congying was at the auto shop. He took his phone, walked to the sofa, and lay down: “Did you get home?”

Shi Yun: “I’ve already finished eating.”


Wei Congying then raised his wrist and looked at the time on his watch. It was already past six o’clock and he hadn’t ordered takeout yet. He turned on the speakerphone of his phone and was talking to Shi Yun while looking through the takeout app.

Many shops were no longer open. After all, they had been busy all year just to be able to enjoy the New Year.

The location of the auto shop was also average. There weren’t any particularly delicious restaurants nearby. Of the few places there were, many had closed by this time. He was now picking from among the remaining places

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Elk Usdtukdt oyp nsdnladle: “Ebu eked’v usw lyv xwnb?”

Fbk Zwd zkle: “R fwpv… eked’v qllz zkjl lyvkdt.”

The person on the other end of the phone didn’t doubt her words. Shi Yun heard rustling. The shop was empty. His footsteps echoed in the auto shop, allowing Shi Yun on the other end of the phone to hear them clearly.


Amidst the reverberation of footsteps, he spoke: “Where do you live?”

Shi Yun asked: “What’s wrong?”

Wei Congying: “I’ll take you to dinner.”

Wei Congying couldn’t even remember the last time he went through an old street. The old town was no longer as popular as it used to be. There is basically no hope of demolition in this place where land is so expensive. The old houses could only be renovated over and over again. In the past few years, I heard that private housing was no longer allowed to be rebuilt.

But relying only on the No. 3 and No. 7 middle schools in the five elementary schools in the capital, a large number of parents still came here to buy or rent houses every year.

Wei Congying was waiting for Shi Yun under a no-parking road sign.

After a while, he saw a figure running out of the dark alley.

Shi Yun panted and quickly got into the car.

The car was well-heated, so she took off her hat and loosened her scarf: “What do you want to eat?”

“This is your territory.” Wei Congying started the car, “You decide.”

If Shi Yun were to really think about it, Shi Yun actually couldn’t think of anything. She started eating at the nearby eatery in kindergarten, and continued to eat there through elementary, middle, and high school. She had gotten tired of eating it, but since she had barely been home for the past three years, she didn’t know much about the nearby eateries.


When eating in the old town, don’t think about choosing a restaurant. You must first find a parking space. But luckily the Chinese New Year was coming soon, and the large number of migrant workers had returned to their hometowns, so parking spaces were not as scarce as before.

They found a hotpot restaurant.

The heavy door curtain took Shi Yun some time and effort to open. Wei Congying was walking behind and gave her a hand.

The door curtain kept in the heat, and there were several tables of individual customers in the store.

The ordering was left to Shi Yun because she was pickier than Wei Cong.

Barley tea was free to drink. Wei Congying went to the tea rack and brought a pot and a glass of ice. The two of them shared the glass of ice.

Shi Yun took off her cotton-padded jacket and put it aside, waiting for the hotpot broth to be served.

“Why are you still at the car factory today?” Shi Yun took off a hairband from her wrist and put her hair up in a bun.

After putting it up, she picked up her phone and checked it with the reflection in the unlit screen. It looked pretty good. She pulled out a piece of hair from either side of her temples.

“I was busy.” Wei Congying poured a cup of hot barley tea into her tea cup with ice. “All the employees have left during the Chinese New Year, so the boss himself comes to work overtime.”

Shi Yun picked up the teacup. There was only a small piece of ice left floating in the warm tea.

Only a fool would believe what he said. Shi Yun rolled her eyes: “I’ll pretend to believe that.”


Shi Yun had beautiful eyes. The hand holding the teacup covered the lower half of her face, so all the focus was on her eyes.

The little movement of rolling her eyes, the tilt of her head, and the bun on her head made her look like a little girl.

Wei Congying continued to tease her: “When Cheng Ge worked overtime in the past, Fang Qian would bring her lunch box to visit him. She’d take a taxi to the auto shop in the middle of the night, rain or shine.”

“Oh.” Shi Yun said loudly. She was not stupid. She knew what Wei Congying meant, but she pretended to not understand. “We don’t need to sympathize with Fang Qian.”

After saying that, Shi Yun heard laughter coming from the other side.

The hot pot restaurant had already put out New Year decorations. The waiter brought the dishes first. Shi Yun noticed the Chinese red elements on their clothes. When I looked up, I found that Chinese knots and the Chinese character “Fortune” had been decorated everywhere in the lobby.

“For New Year’s today, …” Shi Yun originally wanted to ask whether he was planning to go home to celebrate the New Year, but she felt that the word ‘home’ was not good, so she changed her words at the last minute, “how do you plan to spend it?”

“I’m going to take a trip in-country.” Wei Congying moved all the meat dishes brought by the waiter to a position convenient to Shi Yun.

Shi Yun was the first to think: “Traveling?”

Wei Congying was silent for a few seconds: “Pretty much.”

The waiter happened to come over with the hotpot soup base: “Please pay attention, be careful, the hotpot soup base is coming.”

The two of them were busy dipping the meat into the soup base, and were silent in the meantime.


This silence continued until Shi Yun choked on the chili skin in the spicy pot and let out several coughs. Wei Congying handed her a water cup. The cup was not big, to begin with, and there was only half a cup of water left in it. After Shi Yun drank it all, her throat still felt uncomfortable, but the water he had just poured was too hot.

Wei Congying handed her his cup.

Shi Yun didn’t mind and drank it all in one breath.

She got better after coughing twice more.

He refilled the glass with water, called to the passing waiter, and added a plate of fruit.

“What about you?” Wei Congying responded to the previous topic, “How are you going to spend the New Year?”

“I’ll try not to quarrel with my dad.” Shi Yun shrugged, “If we quarrel on the first day, I will pack my things and go back to school on the first day.”

When Wei Congying heard what she said, he felt that she and her father had such a familiar relationship. Wasn’t it that he and Wei Mingcheng were in the same boat?

It turns out that their family was not the only family to have a troubled parent-child relationship. Suddenly, he felt more sympathetic to Shi Yun: “A kindred spirit, but my father treats me better. He gave me a big gift before the New Year.”

An illegitimate daughter.

He suddenly had a younger sister.

As he said that, Shi Yun laughed at him: “I can’t compare with that.”

The fruit plate was served when they were almost finished. On it were fruits commonly seen in winter.

The apples were not peeled, and even the oranges were not peeled.

Wei Congying stopped using his chopsticks earlier than Shi Yun. He wiped each finger carefully with a sterilized towelette before peeling the oranges on the fruit plate: “If you and your father quarrel, and the dormitory is too deserted, why don’t you come and join me? “

“Aren’t you going on a trip?” Shi Yun put the last piece of meat into the pot, silently counted past ten in her mind, and then picked it up.

“I’ll take you with me.” Wei Congying peeled the oranges and put them in a clean dish, then placed the dish in front of her, “How much could it cost to take someone to travel?”

˚ ⋆ ♡ ͎. 。˚ °

Translator Corner:

Oh, I don’t know. How much could it cost to take someone to travel?

Why don’t you take me along with you too? XD

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