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Eight Degrees

Content Summary: The Money, I'll Save It To Buy Socks

When Lin Fang opened the door and came out of the private room to answer the phone, he was just in time to see Wei Congying and Shi Yun coming out of the elevator.
Looking at the person next to Wei Congying, Lin Fang thought that Shi Yun didn’t seem like the granddaughter of the grandmother’s neighbor whom Wei Congying mentioned last time.

But he didn’t say much. He raised his hand to greet Wei Congying first, and then smiled politely at Shi Yun.
Wei Congying walked over and looked at Lin Fang who came out: “Are you running away?”

Lin Fang shook his phone with a bad expression: “No, I came out to call my dad. It’s not like you don’t know they’re a bunch of teasers. Damn it, whenever I talk to my dad on the phone, they’ll be next to me, calling out things a girl would say1The things a girl would say is probably referring to this:

Let’s say things that girls say. Together now: You don’t love me anymore. Stinky man. I’m thinking of you qaq. Look at this jb(I’m guessing, based on my baidu searches, that jb means, smooth avoidance of the issue.). How come you haven’t come to look for me yet? How many times did you think of me today? Who are you with? When will you be back? Jerk!

This group of theirs had played together since they were young. When there was danger or trouble, they were more reliable than anyone else, but there was no danger or trouble, they would be more capable of swindling you than anyone else.

Wei Congying wanted to ask Lin Fang if everyone had arrived, but before that, he first tilted his head, and introduced to Shi Yun who was walking at a diagonal a little behind him: “Lin Fang, the one who broke up and gifted the Fendi. I just delivered the news of their breakup for him.”


Lin Fang frowned, how could he introduce someone like that. But he said ‘Hello’ to Shi Yun cooperatively.
Shi Yun replied with, ‘Hello,’ and gave her name.

Wei Congying asked: “Is everyone here?”
Lin Fang was preparing to make his call, and was looking for his father’s number: “No, Jiang Xuyang said that there was a traffic jam, so he would arrive later.”
“Traffic?” Wei Congying smiled, “With the house he just bought that’s out of the way, there’s not even a ghost to be met on the road, much less traffic.”

Wei Congying didn’t believe it, but he didn’t bother calling to see if he was in a real or fake traffic jam. He passed by Lin Fang, who was on the phone, and walked towards the private room. The waiter at the door opened the door cooperatively.

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Lin Fang came back after calling; his eyes were on his phone while walking in: “Jiang Xuyang must be driving his grandma’s electric wheelchair, isn’t he? I just called him. Twenty minutes ago he said he was on the East Ring elevated road, and he’s still on the f**king East Ring elevated road “
Wei Congying responded with a smile: “Even if he’s driving an electric wheelchair, he should be here, and the green passage for the disabled shouldn’t be jammed.”


Xiang Shaoyuan saw Lin Fang had walked in, and smiled: “Did you finish calling your dad, good boy?”

The two words, ‘Good boy’ were disgusting enough.
Lin Fang pulled away the chair and sat down at the poker table: “Damn it, isn’t it because Fu Wang went behind bars again? My dad was warning me to keep a low profile. Even if you treat those associated with an offender as guilty, you don’t do it like this, do you? I don’t even play with Fu Wang.” Last time he went, I deleted his WeChat. Even my ex-girlfriend didn’t get this kind of treatment.”

The waiter came in with two cups of tea.
Shi Yun was confused by what they said, she didn’t know who the names of those people were in their words, and she didn’t know what happened to those people. Looking at the waiter in the private room who was acting deaf, it could be seen that his professionalism was quite high.
Wei Congying took the two cups, put them together on the small table beside the table, and asked casually, “Why was Fu Wang sent in this time?”

As they were on the topic of gossip, Lin Fang regained some of his spirit. “Isn’t their family’s old man on the verge of death? Most likely, the shareholders’ meeting is about to start. There’ll be all kinds outwitting each other; you dig up my dirt, I’ll screw you over. Fu Wang’s father’s biggest dirt was this son. And I heard it was his eldest son’s illegitimate son who lived outside that sent Fu Wang in.”
They gossiped and chatted, but couldn’t just do that. After Lin Fang finished speaking, he turned to look at Shi Yun: “Do you play cards?”

After he finished speaking, the other two at the table looked at Shi Yun.
Shi Yun didn’t let them down, nodding amidst several expectant eyes. She got up from the seat next to Wei Congying, and moved to another empty seat.

The staff who dealt the cards wore white gloves, but the actions of shuffling and dealing the cards was not sloppy at all.
Lin Fang told Shi Yun not to be nervous: “If you win, it’s yours, if you lose, it’s on Wei Congying.”

They played the Pao De Kuai game, whoever finishes first wins, and there is no last place.
The winner would take three cards.

After sorting his cards, Wei Congying glanced at Shi Yun, who was next to him. From the look of it, she most likely sorted out the cards like a straight and put them in her hand, he smiled: “Are you keeping them spread out?”
Shi Yun closed the cards in her hand, and then reopened them: “There are too many cards.”

There was still some element of luck in this poker style of play, Shi Yun’s first hand was not bad.
Playing her cards one after the other, the cards in her hand quickly disappeared.
Wei Congying looked over; she’d actually won. He threw all the cards in his hand into the middle of the table, waiting for the staff in charge of shuffling and dealing the cards to take them away, and praised: “Amazing.”

Shi Yun then won the second hand, but after playing her cards, she found that the cards in her hand were gone, and when she thought she had won again, she realized that she still had a stack of straights on the table that hadn’t been played yet.
Later on, they played pairs, then singles. Shi Yun was reluctant to break the straight in her hands, and ended up losing.

Next, it was Wei Congying who took three. Shi Yun won and lost, but it was better than Lin Fang and Xiang Shaoyuan who never ‘opened the door’.

Shi Yun was still the last one to sort out her cards. Probably because he hadn’t won all this time, Xiang Shaoyuan looked at Shi Yun who was moving a bit slowly, and his attitude was a little poor: “Hurry up, you’re wasting time.”
Shi Yun still kept her straight facedown on the table. After hearing Xiang Shaoyuan’s words, she was a little embarrassed. She apologized, looked at the card that Wei Congying played, and followed with a pair: “Sorry.”
After playing her cards, she saw Xiang Shaoyuan lower his head and say something that was barely apologetic: “It’s okay, you can take your time.”
When she was feeling suspicious, she caught the ruthless glint in Wei Congying’s eyes.


Wei Congying lowered his eyes, changed his expression, and looked at Shi Yun who was looking at him. He raised his hand and tapped the face of the small stack of cards she was holding: “Don’t forget to play this small stack again. “

However, this deck of cards was too stinky, and Shi Yun’s cards were scattered. Halfway through, the door of the private room opened, and the four of them looked towards the door at the same time.

Lin Fang swore a little: “Jiang Xuyang, you f**king came to pay the bill, didn’t you?”
The person at the door stood still and made to leave: “Then I’ll leave?”

He was just saying that of course.
As Jiang Xuyang was speaking, he walked in and saw Shi Yun, whose turn was next after Wei Congying, and stared at her blatantly: “Who’s going to introduce us?”
This meant, who brought her.

Wei Congying responded: “Shi Yun.”
Jiang Xuyang: “Jiang Xuyang.”
After speaking, he walked behind Shi Yun, put his hands on the back of Shi Yun’s chair, looked back and forth at Shi Yun’s and Wei Congying’s cards.
He probably hadn’t heard the phrase ‘He who watches chess without talking is a true gentleman’, or maybe he wanted to end the game quickly: “Oh, sister, your cards are really smelly. Tsk —— A’Cong, play some cards for her, what does it matter if you win?”

“I haven’t won a single hand so far, why don’t you sympathize with me?” Lin Fang was unwilling to concede, although everyone at the card table could see that there were a few hands where Wei Congying really was taking it easy on her.

Jiang Xuyang: “It’s what you deserve, urging me incessantly. You called me five times on the way. If you don’t lose, who will lose?”
In the end, Wei Congying won the hand. Shi Yun gave up the seat to Jiang Xuyang. When she got up, she saw their drink cups that Wei Congying had placed on the small table next to him. Likely because of the intermission, Wei Congying didn’t look, and just took a cup.
What he took was the Rain and Dew Atop a Stone that Shi Yun hadn’t yet taken a sip of.

The second after it entered his mouth, he frowned, looked at the cup and the liquid in the cup: “It’s alcohol.”

In the end, Wei Congying’s Jin Jun Mei was drunk by Shi Yun. He had intended to order another cup, but Xiang Shaoyuan didn’t allow it. He said it was to not waste, but what he thought was that if Wei Congying was intoxicated, they would be able to win against him.

Shi Yun didn’t taste a single sip of Rain and Dew Atop a Stone, and didn’t know how high the alcohol content was, but after he drank it, his skin began to slightly redden.
Xiang Shaoyuan even asked the waiter to refill Wei Congying’s Rain and Dew Atop a Stone, which had bottomed out. The more wine you drink, the thirstier you would be. Shi Yun saw that the waiter who came to refill their tea left a kettle in the private room. Shi Yun sat next to him, watching him sort his cards, and asked him in a low voice, “Do you want some water? I’ll pour it for you.”

Wei Congying shook his head and said it was fine.
Shi Yun sat next to him and watched him play cards. He was a person who was willing to break the cards, which was different from Shi Yun who held a hand of straights and was reluctant to break them, leaving her with rotten hands.
Sometimes he could still win by breaking a bad hand.

Looking at him from the side, his outer appearance held up to the beauty of his profile. Shi Yun sat beside and looked at him, her eyes and attention slowly shifted from the game to his face.


Shi Yun looked at his profile for a long time. Her thoughts drifted away. Suddenly, the person in sight turned his face slightly. He met Shi Yun’s focused gaze. He didn’t say anything, and just raised the corner of his mouth.
Alcohol cast a veil over his eyes, and when he looked at you, you’d always feel that his gaze was blunt.

Perhaps it was because of drinking, he didn’t win much afterwards.
During the intermission, those who wanted to smoke, smoked, and those who wanted to go to the toilet, went to the toilet.
Lin Fang first went to the door of the toilet in the private room, pressed the switch twice, but found that the light would not turn on, and went to the toilet at the end of the corridor helplessly. Shi Yun drank two cups of water, and when she was about to open the door and go out, she noticed Wei Congying stood behind her at some point.

His gaze and response time gave Shi Yun a feeling akin to a network delay. When asked where she was going, she said she was going to the bathroom.

The toilets in the clubhouse were clean, probably because there weren’t many who used them.
The fragrance was a common jasmine fragrance, but not low quality.
The handwashing area of ​​the toilet was located inside the men’s and women’s toilets, not the public area outside. Shi Yun squeezed out the hand soap, and could faintly smell cigarettes from her body.
It was a professional habit for her to wash her forearm when washing her hands, and she took several paper towels to wipe off the water droplets on her forearm and hands. She heard voices outside. The closed toilet door was not as soundproof as she had imagined.

From their voices, it sounded like Jiang Xuyang and Wei Congying.
It was Jiang Xuyang who spoke first: “Girlfriend?”
He replied: “Not yet.”
Jiang Xuyang: “Then you and that one who was over 1.6 meters tall and always wore high heels, what was her name? Huang…Huang what?”
Wei Congying responded with a name, but Shi Yun wasn’t able to hear clearly.
Jiang Xuyang asked: “I saw her when I first arrived, she was on the first floor. Did you break up with her?”

At this point, Lin Fang’s voice appeared: “Anyone can hear you even while taking a leak.”
Jiang Xuyang joked: “It’s a paid program.”
Lin Fang threw back: “Even if you paid me three hundred, I still wouldn’t want to watch.”
Jiang Xuyang was probably walking into the toilet, and his voice became a little quieter: “I want fifty, and will leave the rest to you3Don’t fret, this will be explained in the next chapter. See you there!.”

There were two people left standing outside, chatting, but Lin Fang didn’t understand the meaning of Jiang Xuyang’s words, and asked Wei Congying who was standing at the door, whether he won or lost today.

Wei Congying had won a lot before, and he didn’t lose money even if he lost later. After calculating, there was still two hundred left.
Lin Fang: “Tonight, it’ll be on you.”
Wei Congying refused: “No.”

He said he wanted to save the money, which confused Lin Fang. There was a smile in Wei Congying’s voice: “The money, I’ll keep it to buy socks.”

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