It’s Colder Today

Fourteen Degrees Part 1

Content Summary: Come here

Wei Congying went to the balcony. Looking down from the balcony was his grandma’s small garden, a large piece of land not planted with onions, ginger and garlic, but full of flowers and ornamental greenery.

Putting his hands on the railing of the balcony, he guessed that Shi Yun heard his grandma’s words. Even so, he was not nervous: “What are you doing?”

Her answering tone on the other end of the phone didn’t sound very good: “I’m going to the cafeteria for dinner.”

Wei Cong responded: “I’ll be here for a while and then I’m going to go home. What time do you finish in the afternoon?”

Shi Yun: “Evening.”


It sounded like an answer given out of anger.

On her way to the cafeteria, the sun was very bright, and despite Shi Yun having a parasol, it did little to keep out the heat.

There was no wind today, the leaves of the camphor tree were still, and the dragonflies were flying close to the ground.

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There were not many people in school during the summer vacation, and the library was also empty. After hearing the thunder outside, most of the few present in the study area started to pack their bags.


Shi Yun looked at her notebook, which had run out of power. Feeling too lazy to recharge it, she got up and packed up her backpack.

The lights had just turned on.

The street lights in the school had just turned on, and under the glow of the lights, small puddles could be seen clearly on the road. The wet road could barely reflect light. While looking up at the night sky where lightning flashed from time to time, Shi Yun quickened her steps back to the dormitory.

Thunderstorm clouds from other cities floated over the capital, and the energy accumulated in the clouds surged. When Shi Yun had just arrived at the dormitory, the thunder outside sounded even louder. She didn’t dare to turn on the air conditioner and opened the balcony door to move everything on the balcony inside.

She then turned on a light and took a hasty shower.

But the result was the sky didn’t follow as she wished. Shi Yun had just come out of the bathroom after taking her shower, and the dormitory suddenly went dark.

She put down the washbasin in her hand, wiped her hands with a bath towel, and pressed the light switch carefully, but the light still didn’t turn on.

Shi Yun sighed, she knew where the electrical panel in the dormitory was. She turned on the flashlight of her phone, and used a broom to open the door. She tiptoed and checked, and found that there was no trip.

There was no other way, Shi Yun had no choice but to find an auntie.

The aunt who had no mobile phone to play on and no TV series to watch because of the thunder was dancing the square dance.

As soon as Shi Yun explained the situation, the auntie knew that the fuse had blown.

The best thing to do was to call an electrician to repair it tomorrow morning, which meant that Shi Yun had no light and no air conditioner tonight.


Thunder and lightning flashed across the night sky. Afterwards, they rode the wind to the next city on the clouds they had come on.

Shi Yun opened the balcony door. Though the thunder and lightning had ended, the heavy rain hadn’t stopped. Bean-sized raindrops hit the balcony, and the small water droplets that splashed inside, wetting the tiles along the balcony of the dormitory.

She moved her roommate’s chairs a little further in, but the direction the wind was coming from couldn’t blow into the dormitory, so Shi Yun could only open the doors of the balcony and dormitory. She put down the mosquito net, but still let one slip through.

Without a light, she couldn’t see where the mosquitoes were. People all over the world have suffered from mosquitoes for a long time, but she only had electric mosquito repellent liquid.

Because she didn’t like mats, Shi Yun slept on sheets all year round.

Sheets were not attractive at the moment.

When Wei Congying’s consolation call came, Shi Yun’s palms were sore and red because of slapping mosquitoes.

She had never clapped her hands as hard as she did today while listening to the lectures of a teacher she admired and appreciated.

The screen of the mobile phone that was left on the bed lit up, and Shi Yun glanced at the name; he probably waited until the thunder and lightning passed to make this call. Thinking so, he was quite qualified as a boyfriend.

“Hello.” Wei Congying called to ask where she was, “Are you still in the library? Or have you gone back to the dormitory.”

“That’s right.” His words had reminded her, she suddenly recalled that the closing time of the library was ten o’clock. It was only eight o’clock, so perhaps she could still go to the library to sit under the air conditioner for an hour.

Her nonanswer of ‘that’s right’ puzzled Wei Congying: “What’s right?”


Shi Yun informed him of the blackout in the dormitory but just after lifting the mosquito net, Shi Yun realized that it was still raining heavily outside. It’d be difficult to walk back to the library.

Shi Yun put down the mosquito net again in frustration, but it seemed that she had let in another mosquito just now.

Suddenly, she felt a pain in her thigh. She took the phone away from her ear, and pointed the fluorescent screen of the phone at her thigh, Shi Yun saw a mosquito sucking her blood.

She raised her hand and slapped it down, but it only left a handprint.

The mosquito probably learned its skill from the fly. Its body was agile.

Wei Congying heard the sound of her slapping her thigh, and was suspicious for a moment: “What are you doing?”

Shi Yun rubbed her leg and replied, “Slapping mosquitoes.”

Not everyone could relate to another’s joys and sorrows. Wei Congying was still joking with her on the other end of the phone: “In any case, it’s still a life.”

Shi Yun rolled her eyes, and when she was feeling speechless, she heard footsteps coming from the other end of the phone. There seemed to be the sound of keys, followed by the sound of sneakers hitting the ground.

In the noisy rain outside the dormitory, his voice became clear: “In the dormitory? Then wait a bit, I’ll pick you up.”

He drove here in the pouring rain, and the windshield wipers worked particularly hard.


Shi Yun brought two sets of clothes, one of pajamas and the other for wearing out. At least when she came back from his house tomorrow, she could get on and off his car wearing a set of clothes that wasn’t floral pajamas.

In this rain, you’d get wet while getting on and off a car even with an umbrella.

But he didn’t care that Shi Yun’s umbrella got the inside of the car wet. Seeing her become drenched within just a few seconds, Wei Congying directed all the air conditioning vents at himself, and waited for her to sit down before starting the car.

The wipers flicked wildly, but the windshield was only clear for a second before turning blurry again.

The short sleeves that were wet from the rain stuck to Shi Yun’s skin, Wei Congying pointed to the storage compartment of the co-pilot seat: “There should be tissues inside.”

Shi Yun groped a bit before figuring out how to open it.

There were some sundries in the storage compartment.

There was a contract from buying the car, and the tissue box with the car logo given by the 4S shop.1[1] 4S is short for sales, service, spare parts and surveys. A 4S dealership is an automobile dealership authorized by an automobile manufacturer to engage in the four businesses relating to sales, spare parts, service and survey. He kept his house keys in the car, probably in case he got locked out.

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