Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 26

Facts have proved that Yu Nian’s intuition was very accurate. After this person was at home for a few days on vacation, she was called to the study by Shi Zhengqing who solemnly introduced her to a summer camp.

Yu Nian was very resistant, trying to convince Shi Zhengqing to dispel this horrible idea.

After all, she has just begun to enjoy the beautiful summer life.

“Dad, look, I did pretty well in the final exam this time, so there’s no need to enroll in this kind of tutoring.” Yu Nian was skillful in coquettishness, pulling Shi Zhengqing’s arm, shaking it, and humming with her mouth.

Who would’ve thought that Shi Zhengqing, who has always been easy to talk to, was quite resolute today?


“Student Shi Niannian, pride makes people regress. Look at Chi Yao, who is the first in the final grade. Didn’t he also enroll in this summer camp? Why don’t you have any awareness of other people’s thoughts.”

Shi Zhengqing looked distressed, and Yu Nian was taken aback when she saw it. She didn’t know what a catastrophe she had caused.

Yu Nian grabbed Shi Zhengqing’s hand and said in surprise, “Chi Yao is going too?”

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Listen, listen to what he’s saying!


Summer vacation was only supposed to be two months.

Yu Nian still planned to fight for it, “Dad, I’m going to stay in a boarding house for two months. Won’t you and mom miss me?”

Shi Zhengqing had a stern face and immediately said, “No!”

Yu Nian: “…”

Hearing this, Yu Nian knew that she had no room for maneuvering, and could only silently paint Li Xiang as a villain in her heart.

Yu Nian carried the registration form, came out of the study room, and took out her mobile phone to complain openly in the small group chat that the four of them had pulled before when they were studying.

Nian Nian: @Chi Yao, come out for me! [Knife] [Knife] [Knife]

Da Chuan: What’s wrong? Raging?

Manman: Nian Nian, what’s wrong?

Nian Nian: [Picture]

Yu Nian attached the registration form and said angrily: My Dad just called me to the study and said that because Chi Yao had enrolled in the summer camp, he asked me to follow him and study hard. Furious!!!

Da Chuan: WTF, I’m laughing to death! Hahaha!


Da Chuan: Bless you [Candle]

Chi Yao: Obviously, Uncle just wants you to make more progress.

Nian Nian: Where am I not progressing? Isn’t it good for me to take the final exam this time?

Yu Nian pondered, anyway, they don’t know her true level. According to the results of the original owner, she was very good here, and her tail can be cocked directly, okay!

Da Chuan was very embarrassed and replied directly: I think Nian Nian has made great progress this semester.

Manman: I think so too, but summer camp seems to be a good choice.

Nian Nian: [Wah, crying out]

Yu Nian’s heart was aggrieved. Why isn’t the female lead siding with me at this time?


Maybe the male and female lead have telepathy.

The CP leader kept her identity in mind and could only comfort herself in this way.

However, the protagonist of the incident didn’t reply.


Today’s weather was good, cloudy but not too hot. Li Xiang had arranged for a few friends to play basketball, and had just finished playing at the neighborhood basketball court and was walking back when he heard his cell phone message ringing.

He pulled the screen open and saw Yu Nian’s angry tone. He couldn’t help laughing. He was in a very comfortable mood.

He knew that this guy would definitely blow her hair when she heard the news.

As expected!

Seeing Yu Nian confidently showing off her achievements, Li Xiang asked without batting an eyelid: Oh, really?

Nian Nian: Of course, really!

Hmph, even if it’s not, you can’t produce evidence, can you?

Yu Nian relied on her identity as a transmigrator to talk nonsense and thought that no one would know anyway.

Li Xiang didn’t pierce it and he said casually, Okay, then I’ll go to the scene by myself tomorrow.

Nian Nian: …

If Shi Zhengqing knew that she had escaped the summer camp, he would have to beat her up.

But Yu Nian couldn’t save face now and took the initiative to find Li Xiang to keep company.


So, she could only encourage the other two in the group: Manman, Chuanchuan, [Pitiful] come together?

Zhang Chuanze still didn’t know Yu Nian’s thoughts, and refused repeatedly: I’m not going, I’m quite comfortable basking in the sun here, why do I have to suffer for this crime?

It is also said that Yu Nian and Zhang Chuanze have the same mentality.

Just when Yu Nian’s heart was dying in the ashes, Liu Manman made a sound.

Man Man: I… I can think about it.

Yu Nian’s dusky heart was beating alive again.

Ah ah ah! Heavens ah!

Isn’t this love?

Although Yu Nian knew that 99% of the reason Liu Manman was going was because of the male lead Chi Yao, this was still too touching.

If they like you, they’re willing to chase your footsteps and walk side by side with you.

What Yu Nian liked most about reading novels before was the kind of love that the male and female lead could accompany each other and grow up together.

She doesn’t like sweet and naïve women. She only knows handsome CEOs pampers the female lead. It was originally a good thing for the female lead to be innocent and kind, but as soon as she leaves the male lead, she doesn’t dare retaliate those who did things behind the scenes. She suffered in silence… Yu Nian, as a level 10 dog-blood plots enthusiast, she couldn’t bear to see too much of this kind of plot. It hurts her lungs every time she sees it.

It goes without saying, she was angry!

Yu Nian hurriedly sent the contact information of the summer camp to Liu Manman, urging: Manman! Hurry up, hurry up! Registration closes tonight, you directly contact by phone.

Manman: Okay [smiley face]

With Liu Manman’s addition, Yu Nian suddenly felt that the summer camp was also quite good, and she could be a support again.

Before, Yu Nian and Li Xiang made a bet that whoever lost a single subject in the final exam would have to fulfill the opponent’s request. Now that the results came out, Yu Nian also won Li Xiang by one point in mathematics, and the other eight subjects failed miserably.

A crushing defeat was a crushing defeat. Yu Nian considered that the male lead shouldn’t be too embarrassed for her.

Don’t know where her self-confidence came from, daring to think this way.

As for her, she had already figured out what to do with Li Xiang.

Seeing that Liu Manman had also gone, Zhang Chuanze’s alarm bells rang: No, after summer vacation, do you want to roll it like this ah? Can you play happily in the future?

Yu Nian suddenly gloated: [lueluelue]1This means she was sticking her tongue out lol. No, who told you not to come! Deserved!

That proud energy was different when he was just losing an exam.

Da Chuan: …

Zhang Chuanze sighed deeply, took the last breath of beach air, and rushed back from the beautiful bay overnight.

Author’s Note:

Long wait, long wait.

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