Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 27

“Why are you here too?!”

The next day, Yu Nian saw Zhang Chuanze at the scene of the summer camp reporting as if she had seen a ghost.

Obviously, this person was on a beach thousands of kilometers away yesterday, but today he actually came back in a flash.

Zhang Chuanze asked Li Xiang about the reporting site, so Li Xiang wasn’t surprised to see him, and there were no fluctuations on his face.

“Can it work if I don’t come?” Zhang Chuanze hummed lightly, with a bit of condemnation, “You guys are so busy one by one, especially this one.”


Zhang Chuanze pointed to Li Xiang: “If I don’t come again, my 16th place Jiangshan1This means country, rivers and mountains, or state power. ZC was just saying that his position in the 16th place might waver lol. won’t be guaranteed.”

“Pfft, hahaha Jiangshan.”

Yu Nian didn’t hold back laughing. She didn’t have the heart to say that your 16th-place Jiangshan was indeed not guaranteed. After all, she hasn’t worked hard yet, but as long as she puts her heart into it, this person can be saved.

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After the opening ceremony, each school got on a bus under the leadership of the school leader and went to the training camp.


Li Xiang got on the bus and found a seat at the back and sat down alone. There was an empty seat next to him.

Originally, there were a few other girls in the class who wanted to sit over, but Li Xiang faintly glanced at the other girls as if on purpose. They were too scared to sit, so they could only surround him in the front and back seats.

After Liu Manman got in the car, she hesitated when she passed by Li Xiang’s seat.

She was just about to test Li Xiang’s attitude, but Yu Nian, who came up behind her, saw it and made a quick decision, “Manman, sit down. There are still people in the bus behind.”

Then, it made sense to press the person on the vacant seat.

After doing a good job, Yu Nian turned around gracefully and dragged Zhang Chuanze to sit in another aisle, which happened to be in front of Li Xiang’s left side.

Yu Nian’s thoughts were simply obvious. She bounced back and forth on Li Xiang’s bottom line, but Li Xiang couldn’t tell why.

In order to facilitate the expansion of activities, the training camp chose a relatively remote location, and it took at least three hours by bus.

Liu Manman originally thought that it was such a good opportunity to enhance her feelings with Li Xiang. Who knew that when she glanced at Li Xiang with the remaining light, she saw this person quietly take out his earphones from his pocket and put them on slowly? He leaned against the back of the chair, closed his eyes, and rested.

Upon seeing this, Liu Manman had to swallow her words back, but seeing the gazes thrown around, as well as whispering speculation, she was still very flattered. After all, her little vanity was satisfied.

Sure enough, with the person who was shining, even the beam of light became brighter.

Liu Manman thought to herself.


After Yu Nian sat in her seat, she kept a constant eye on the situation of Li Xiang and Liu Manman behind her. As a result, when she had just sat down and then looked back, she saw Li Xiang with his eyes closed. Countless ridicule poured into her heart.

What the hell is Chi Yao doing ah?

Don’t you see the miserable look of Manman wanting to talk to you?

Such a pitiful girl, that’s it???

Just close your eyes?

F*ck, this dog male lead. In the end, are you a man or not ah!

Yu Nian was stirred up, and with a ”kāchā“, the potato chips bag in her hand was accidentally torn open. It spilled all over her without a word, and she also dragged Zhang Chuanze to the side.

“Damn, Shi Nian Nian, you’re at least a girl, can you be gentle? Don’t be so violent.” Zhang Chuanze shook the potato chip crumbs on his pants. He was even speechless.

“Shut up!” Yu Nian turned her head and glared at this person. She picked up the potato chips and bit fiercely, wondering in her heart how to continue to match the male and female lead in the next few days with the current unenlightened state of Li Xiang.

Li Xiang said nothing all the way. Liu Manman had to sit quietly aside, not daring to disturb.

Not long after, Liu Manman suddenly had a flash of inspiration. With a bit of admiration, learning Li Xiang’s movements, she slowly tried to lean towards Li Xiang’s side.

Yu Nian turned her body at this time, holding the back of the chair with both hands, only showing a pair of eyes to observe secretly. She was secretly happy to see this situation.


I really didn’t expect Liu Manman to take the initiative to this extent for Chi Yao. She thought.

Just as Yu Nian counted down the time, when Liu Manman’s head was about to reach Li Xiang’s shoulder, Li Xiang’s eyes suddenly opened.

“Something wrong?” Yu Nian heard Li Xiang ask without emotion.

“No, nothing.” Liu Manman, who was about to lean over, was suddenly caught. Panic flashed in her eyes, her face flushed slightly, and she quickly denied it.

A trace of displeasure flashed across Li Xiang’s eyes. He continued to close his eyes without saying a word.

It was obviously an embarrassing and incomparable scene, but in Yu Nian’s eyes, there seemed to be pink bubbles, that knocked the CP.

Wuwuwu, the female lead blushed!

They’re so close ah!

They looked at each other! They looked at each other!

They talked! They talked!

Ah, the male lead closed his eyes again.

Ugh, this person must be pretending to be reserved, and he was probably having fun in his heart.


Yu Nian had heart text bubbles one after another while peeking and evaluating, not the slightest bit treating herself as an outsider.

Zhang Chuanze was playing a game. As he played, he found that the person next to him was maintaining an extremely awkward posture, motionless, and tight.

He put down his mobile phone, stretched his neck, and looked back along Yu Nian’s line of sight.

“Hello! You peeping, ah?”

Zhang Chuanze’s voice wasn’t loud, but he happened to be heard by Li Xiang, who was sleeping. He was happy in his heart, and the corners of his lips unconsciously hooked up.

“Shhh! Keep your voice down! Can’t you see that Chi Yao is asleep?” Yu Nian peeped and was caught. She hurriedly turned around to signal Zhang Chuanze to shut up.

Zhang Chuanze was puzzled, “Why are you so nervous?”

Yu Nian: “…”

What do you mean I’m nervous? I was afraid that you’d ruin the warm and beautiful atmosphere of others.

Yu Nian gave Zhang Chuanze a blank look, “Go play your game.”

“Together, together. It will take a long time to arrive.” Zhang Chuanze encouraged.

Yu Nian thought for a while, ‘Forget it, anyway, there’s still a long time to observe, and there is no hurry for this moment.’

Thus, she was so spineless and got convinced by Zhang Chuanze and started a duo queue with him.

The two of them became fascinated as soon as they played the game. In order to facilitate communication and get closer, their heads couldn’t help but be near and they looked extremely close.

When Li Xiang saw this, his heart was inexplicably choked.

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