Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 28

Li Xiang was angry, and the consequences were serious.

When they arrived at their destination, when Yu Nian went closer to Li Xiang and Liu Manman, Li Xiang didn’t give Yu Nian a look, which made Yu Nian baffled.

Tsundere. What a tsundere ah. Yu Nian muttered in her heart.

“Okay, all students, please line up in columns as per male and female.” The lead teacher shouted from in front with a loudspeaker in their hand.

“There will be six girls in one room. According to your registration form, the dormitory has been allocated overnight. Each group will wait for the activity teacher’s guidance in going down to the dormitory to put your things, organize your internal affairs, and wait for the teacher to come over and inspect it. Did you hear that?”


Everyone’s tone was high-spirited: “Yes!”

The lead teacher waved their hand, “Good, dismissed.”

A group of students followed their respective activity teachers to the dormitory. The male and female dormitories were separated by an arc-shaped cafeteria.

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When she was organizing her luggage last night, Ling Ya didn’t worry about her. She brought her a bunch of things. She brought more than a dozen kinds of medicine alone. Not to mention mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and snacks, she also prepared a bunch, for fear that Yu Nian would suffer here.


Yu Nian sat on the edge of the bed, grinning and listening to Ling Ya’s endless chatter.

In fact, Li Xiang had long noticed that Yu Nian’s luggage shouldn’t be light today. After all, when the two took a taxi and left, it was Shi Zhengqing who personally carried it into the trunk. Looking at the action, although it was well concealed, it was still a bit laborious.

Later, when the Driver da ge helped move out, he also joked, “Ai yo, girl, are you loaded with gold?”

Yu Nian, who was asked this question, could only lower her head, strangely embarrassed.

Li Xiang handed his suitcase to Zhang Chuanze and slowly said, “Help me carry it up.”

“Hey? Where are you going ah?” Zhang Chuanze couldn’t understand.

“Come back later.” Li Xiang said, and without looking back, he waved his hand at Zhang Chuanze and walked towards the female dormitory.

Li Xiang wore a loose white short-sleeved shirt today and light blue jeans which revealed his long slender legs. His short hair had just been trimmed, and his whole person looked clean and neat.

This person pursed his lips and walked to the female dormitory without saying a word, attracting a lot of attention.

There are people from their school and those from other schools. They have speculated whether this person was looking for his girlfriend.

Those with a little inside knowledge shook their heads, “I haven’t heard of our xueba talking about a partner.”

When Yu Nian climbed to the second floor, she stood by the steps of the corridor and inadvertently glanced downstairs, wondering: Why are so many people looking upstairs?


She took a step forward and stood on tiptoe, very curious about what happened downstairs.

As a result, the corridor railing was quite high, Yu Nian looked downstairs on tiptoe for a long time without seeing anything.

Until her shoulder was patted suddenly.

“Ah!” Yu Nian was taken aback. She subconsciously shrank back and looked back to find that it was Li Xiang.

“Chi Yao, why are you here?” Yu Nian said in surprise.

Is it possible that you’re here to help Liu Manman? But Liu Manman’s things have been moved up by other boys ah.

Will this person be jealous if he knew the truth? Not that jealousy is the best emotional catalyst. Don’t tell me that… This person is finally going to recognize the female lead properly?

How could Li Xiang know that in just a few seconds, a bunch of messy assumptions had flashed in Yu Nian’s head?

He stretched out his hand to Yu Nian and said lightly, “Give me the suitcase.”

En?” Yu Nian thought she had heard it wrong. Those pair of quick-witted eyes pressed with a few moments of confusion and looked straight at Li Xiang.

“Don’t think too much. It’s just uncle called and asked me to take care of you.” Before Yu Nian could react, Li Xiang directly reached out and took Yu Nian’s suitcase.

However, when he squatted down and was about to carry it directly…



When she saw that Li Xiang hadn’t picked it up, Yu Nian couldn’t help but laugh secretly.

Although the sound was very small, Li Xiang was so close and naturally heard it.

Li Xiang stood up straight, raised his eyebrows slightly, and asked coldly, “Is it funny?”

Yu Nian closed her mouth tightly, shook her head repeatedly, blinked those obsidian-like bright eyes, and began to pretend to be innocent.

After all, the male lead was helping her, she couldn’t destroy the bridge after crossing the river.

“Come here,” Li Xiang said.

Originally, Li Xiang could carry the suitcase alone, but when he saw the appearance of the person in front of him who had a smile or not a smile, he was suddenly in the mood to tease.

“Oh.” Yu Nian lowered her head and walked to Li Xiang’s side.

Li Xiang motioned to Yu Nian to carry one side of the suitcase with his eyes, while he carried the other side. The two of them carried Yu Nian’s overweight suitcase to the dormitory with one left hand and one right hand.

Yu Nian was the last to arrive.

By the time she arrived, the other people’s beds were almost made, and she was left with an unfriendly upper bunk.


Liu Manman’s bed happened to be under her.

Liu Manman didn’t expect to see Li Xiang as soon as she turned around.

Her gaze fell on Yu Nian, who was standing on the side.

After understanding what happened, the disgust in her eyes flashed, and then she smiled and beckoned to Yu Nian at the door, “Nian Nian, why did you just arrive? Come quickly, this is your bed.”

“Oh.” It was fine to sleep on the top bunk, but Yu Nian’s current size makes it a bit laborious to climb the stairs.

There was also nothing to be done. Who told her to come late?

Yu Nian put her luggage in, walked to the door, and said to Li Xiang, “Chi Yao, thank you. I can do the rest by myself.”

“Can you manage?” Li Xiang asked.

After all, in Li Xiang’s understanding, Yu Nian should be the kind of person who is pampered in reality, to be revolved around, and the little princess who stands in the crowd deserves it.

“No, what’s with your questioning expression in this situation ah? Looking down on me?”

Yu Nian initially had no bottom in her heart, fixing the quilt cover was temporarily taught by Ling Ya last night. When Li Xiang said this, he suddenly felt even more guilty.

In the past, when she was at home, the aunt would clean the house. The old man kept spoiling her and only requested her to study hard. He didn’t put any pressure on her which caused Yu Nian to still be a life idiot.

At first, Yu Nian needed to live in school to enter the university. Yu Nian felt ashamed and refused to let Yu Ruiping help, so much so that the quilt cover took her half an hour to figure it out.

They all said you’ll be ‘unfamiliar at first, but will be well accustomed soon enough.’ Yu Nian seemed to have a bit of confidence when she thought of this.

“I’m afraid you’ll linger for too long, and the activity teacher will have already finished checking.” Li Xiang said very bluntly.

Before Yu Nian could speak, Li Xiang knocked on the bedroom door, “Hello, is it convenient to come in?”

The other people who were watching the excitement as they were making their bed nodded repeatedly, “Convenient and convenient!”


Yu Nian was just about to stop him, but Li Xiang ignored her and went straight into the room.

Without saying a word, he stepped on the ladder and climbed onto Yu Nian’s bed. From above, he stretched out his hand to Yu Nian, “Bring your things.”

At this point, Yu Nian couldn’t refuse anymore, so she opened her suitcase and threw all the duvet covers and sheets to Li Xiang.

Li Xiang’s life skills were quite proficient. After all, since his parents weren’t around since he was little, he mostly took care of himself.

He finished making the bed in less than ten minutes. His movements were flowing and he was done in one go which stunned Yu Nian on the side.

“Wow! Chi Yao, you’re amazing!” Yu Nian looked at her neat bed on tiptoe and couldn’t help but marvel.

It was a usual thing, but when Li Xiang turned his head and ran into the sincerity in Yu Nian’s eyes, he was a little embarrassed.

He didn’t overdo it and deliberately said, “Don’t flatter, invite me to a meal.”

“Invite, invite, invite! Inviting several times.” Yu Nian said cheerfully.

Unbeknownst to her, these words gave Li Xiang much room for daydreaming.

How many times will it work?

Is it okay for a lifetime?

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