Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 29

“Good ah, Chi Yao. Went to become a hero and saved the damsel in distress? Actually made me do the hard labor.”

Zhang Chuanze whimpered the two pieces of luggage to the dormitory, and when Li Xiang came back and heard where the person had gone, he couldn’t help but tease.

Li Xiang glanced at this person faintly, even if he didn’t speak, the dislike in his eyes was self-evident.

Being looked at by Li Xiang, his heart panicked. Zhang Chuanze immediately surrendered. “Okay, okay, okay, I know. Neighbor ba, entrusted by others. I understand, I understand.”

Li Xiang didn’t explain much, and “hmm”-ed softly.


With the parents’ relationship as an excuse, even if he wanted to be nicer to Yu Nian, he didn’t have to worry about being misunderstood by other people, and it was even more natural.

This was deeply satisfactory to Li Xiang.

If only that little heartless one could realize her conscience one day and stop blindly setting him up with others.

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Nkw Yydxyd nbwnjzle yde dseele psqvzu, “Od, ulp.”

Who knew that after Lin Juanjuan heard this, her eyes sized up Yu Nian and sighed, “Wow! Isn’t that childhood sweethearts, two young wu… wuwuwu…”


Before she finished speaking, Yu Nian hurriedly covered Lin Juanjuan’s mouth with her eyes and hands, pretending to be disgusted, “Who wants to be his childhood sweetheart? Because of him, I was scolded a lot when I was a child.”

This was nonsense from Yu Nian.

After all, Li Xiang didn’t write the story of Shi Nian Nian and Chi Yao when they were young in “I’m Invisible To The Male Lead”, but who told Yu Nian to read a lot of novels, and immediately found an excuse to clear up her relationship with Li Xiang?

Yu Nian stared, speaking seriously. Others seemed to believe it, including Liu Manman.

When Liu Manman heard Yu Nian’s tone, the discomfort in her heart gradually dissipated, thinking that she might have thought too much. How could Chi Yao like someone like Shi Nian Nian?

In Liu Manman’s eyes, Yu Nian was now a person who wanted achievements with no achievements and beauty with no beauty.

Even if the progress was rapid, what about it? Compared with her1Liu Manman., she2Yu Nian. was still far from it.

“How could you say that?” Lin Juanjuan opened Yu Nian’s palm and raised her head curiously.

“What else can I say ah? That person just occupied the first grade of our school for a whole year in high school. Do you think you won’t be under much pressure if someone like him who is overly excellent is your neighbor?” Yu Nian asked deliberately.

Lin Juanjuan put herself in her shoes and thought about it for a while, and it seemed to be true. “Indeed, I’m pretty sure my parents will be chattering about it, and I’m most annoyed that they’re comparing me to others.”

Yu Nian waited for this sentence in her heart, and hurriedly followed along, “Yes, yes, yes. He grew up to be other people’s child.3It means a child whose parents always compare with their child. If something happened to me last semester, my parents didn’t worry about me and they entrusted him to help take care of me. Otherwise, I don’t even want to admit that I know him.”

Wuwuwu, I’m sorry, Chi Yao. I’m actually very happy to meet you, but in order to dispel Manman’s concerns, I can only say that.


Hearing this, Liu Manman really looked better. She smiled, and said softly, “Nian Nian, Chi Yao will be sad if you say that.”

Seeing that Liu Manman was willing to talk, Yu Nian breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the misunderstanding should be resolved.

Thus, she returned to her usual state. She turned around, grabbed Liu Manman’s arm, and said with a smile, “Then you can keep it a secret for me.”

Liu Manman had a helpless look at Yu Nian, and responded, “Okay.”

Li Xiang was originally in the dormitory to organize his internal affairs, but he couldn’t stand Yu Nian’s chatting, so he couldn’t help sneezing.

The room in this place should have been vacant for a while. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be dusty at a glance, and blatantly exposed to the air.

After Li Xiang tidied it out, he looked up and saw Zhang Chuanze, who was hurriedly putting on a quilt cover on the upper bunk.

At this time, Zhang Chuanze got directly into the quilt cover and didn’t come out for a long time. Li Xiang couldn’t help but chuckle. The scene of Yu Nian miserably putting on the quilt cover for a day swept into his mind and found it actually amusing.

After busying himself that much, he turned and lifted the water bottle on the table, intending to go out and get some water.

When Zhang Chuanze finally got out of the quilt cover, he saw Li Xiang walking out and hurriedly called out, “Hey, Chi Yao, you’re not making your bed anymore? The teacher will be here later.”

Li Xiang didn’t turn his head, and at the moment the door closed, he said calmly, “Finished setting up.”

“Real or fake?”


Zhang Chuanze didn’t believe it. He leaned on the guardrail, looked down, and couldn’t help muttering, “My god, it’s really irritating to compare people to each other. I actually lost in this regard…”

When a few people were eating at noon, Zhang Chuanze didn’t hold back from taking out the matter and complaining to Yu Nian.

Zhang Chuanze thought he had found an accomplice. After all, a conscientious person like Liu Manman would definitely make a bed, but Yu Nian might not.

Unexpectedly, Yu Nian glanced at this person like a fool, and said indifferently, “I know ah.”

He, who has been his deskmate for a year, doesn’t even know. How come Shi Nian Nian knew it?

Afterwards, Zhang Chuanze saw Yu Nian turn her head with a bit of pride, and say with a smile, “Because Chi Yao is so nice, he helped me make the bed ah.”


Zhang Chuanze turned his head in disbelief and stared at Li Xiang beside him, as if to stare out of a hole, quite unable to stop without being given a reason.

“Cough.” Li Xiang covered his mouth and coughed softly, trying to change the subject, “Okay, let’s eat quickly. There will be a first aid skills class in the afternoon.”

Seeing Li Xiang’s embarrassment, Yu Nian actually felt novel. Not only did she not help Li Xiang speak, she also added to the fire, “Because of this, I was praised by the activity teacher, right, Manman?”

Liu Manman secretly glanced at Li Xiang and saw that he wasn’t angry, so she nodded and said softly, “En, the teacher said it was very standardized, and added two more points to our group.”

Yes, Zhang Chuanze, who had just been personally taught by the activity teacher today, heard this, and his heart was even more stuffed.


Li Xiang was helpless and looked up at Yu Nian, just in time to bump into Yu Nian’s gaze.

After teasing him, this person winked at him cheerfully.

It seems that calling her a little heartless wasn’t wrong at all.

Author’s Note:

Li Xiang’s special title: Little Heartless

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