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Chapter 30

On the first day of reporting, there was no content arrangement.

In the morning, the internal affairs were sorted out, and in the afternoon, they were unified in the training ground to learn the knowledge of first aid in the wilderness.

Nowadays, quality education is popular, and various colleges and universities have always attached great importance to this aspect. Escape drills or first aid exercises were carried out every few months in schools.

In the afternoon, everyone performed very positively, and the team leader smiled and called it the best one.

The next day of the outdoor activities, everyone originally thought they would take pots and pans up the mountain to camp, but when they gathered, they learned that it turned out to be a treasure hunt.


“Students, starting from this row, there will be a group of every 20 people. On the big mountain behind you, there are hundreds of treasures hidden, ranging from a notebook to a pack of spicy strips. They are hidden in the form of slips of paper. After you find them, you can exchange them for gifts from us, checking teachers. Today, it depends on whether you can observe carefully and find them.”

Someone heard the notebook and exclaimed excitedly, “Oh!”

As soon as the leader’s words fell on the stage, there was a very lively discussion in the audience. Obviously, after hearing the gift, those who were originally drowsy suddenly woke up, full of energy.

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En, it’s so hot. I feel like I’m going to have heatstroke before I set off.” Yu Nian curled her lips and found that summer was really unfriendly to fat people. The original owner’s physique was really weaker. Before she even took a few steps, she began to pant and sweat.


“Just hold on for a while and you’ll be fine. The mountains are basically a shady place, so it won’t be so hot.” Li Xiang comforted.

Yu Nian puffed her face and had to accept her fate, “Okay ba.”

There was an entire mountain forest in the back mountain of the training camp, known as the Conservation Forest by the locals. It was specially planted to protect this land.

The climate conditions here were pleasant, and dozens of species of trees were planted. Each tree would have a sign on it with a brief introduction.

In fact, the true intention of treasure hunting was also to enable students to walk into nature and appreciate its beauty.

After a few people went up the mountain, they kept a short distance away, and each looking for their own.

Zhang Chuanze rushed in front like a monkey, looking around, while Liu Manman followed Li Xiang. Yu Nian basically gave up on herself. She picked up a wooden stick and walked slowly behind, occasionally poking the stick east and west to see if there was a note.

“Ah! I found it!” The hard work paid off. Zhang Chuanze jumped around for a long time and finally gained something.

Yu Nian shouted, “What is it ah?”

Zhang Chuanze waved the note in his hand and said happily, “One Ice cream.”

At this, Yu Nian’s eyes lit up, and the person who had just wilted immediately became motivated and ran towards Zhang Chuanze energized, joining the treasure-hunting brigade with him.

Yu Nian had an obsession with ice cream in the summer, but Ling Ya would restrict her at home. In addition, the nearest supermarket around the training place was one kilometer away, and ice cream was indeed a rarity.


“Did you find anything?” Not long after, Li Xiang came over and asked Yu Nian.

Yu Nian was squatting next to a tree, pulling the soil with a wooden stick, and shook her head when she heard this. She was quite depressed, “I haven’t seen what it looks like.”

Just as Yu Nian was searching, she had already heard several screams around her one after another. They must’ve found the treasure, only she looked around and was still empty-handed.

“Take your time.” As he said, Li Xiang also squatted down and helped her dig together.

Not long after Li Xiang had finished speaking, Yu Nian, who originally didn’t have much hope, suddenly saw one end of the small bottle exposed in the soil. She raised her eyebrows with joy, and quickly dug out the bottle, “Wawawa, I finally found it.”

Seeing this person so excited, Li Xiang’s countenance unconsciously softened, and he reminded, “Open it and have a look.”


Yu Nian was full of expectation, and couldn’t wait to open the bottle and pour out the note inside.

The note slowly unfolded in her hand, but Yu Nian’s smile gradually converged, and in the end, it was simply kneaded into a ball and stuffed into a bottle to be buried.

When Li Xiang got close, he naturally saw what the prize was. He couldn’t help but be meng­-ed1Meng = this person’s behavior.

That’s right, Yu Nian’s note reads: A set of five, three-examination papers as a reward.

It was obviously impossible to bury it again.


Li Xiang picked up the bottle and poured the note out again. He stuffed it into Yu Nian’s hand, and said with a smile, “This is God’s will, take it.”

Yu Nian curled her lips and said sullenly, “I don’t want it.”

No matter how you find a treasure, you can’t escape the fate of doing an exam paper.

The grievances in Yu Nian’s heart were almost piled up into a mountain.

“I also have one here.” Li Xiang said, spreading out his palms, and revealing a white note.

Yu Nian, who was originally frustrated, was instantly attracted by curiosity, “What’s yours?”

Li Xiang smiled, deliberately stretching his tone to tease Yu Nian, “A big snack gift package… One copy.”

Yu Nian: “!!!”

This was the most suitable reward for me ah!

Yu Nian looked down at her prize, spread it out, and closed it again. She went back and forth a few times, then she turned her head, stared at Li Xiang, and tentatively asked, “Do you want it, or should we exchange it?”

After asking, Yu Nian was stunned.

Has her relationship with Chi Yao gotten this far?


Yu Nian ah Yu Nian, when did a bag of snacks make you lose your mind?

How can you make people step down when you say that?

“I’m kidding!” After reacting, Yu Nian said immediately, for fear that Li Xiang would take it seriously.

“Why are you so stirred up?”

Li Xiang looked at this guy in front of him with a nervous look in amusement, wondering how Yu Nian was usually so talkative but why was she even nervous now?

It was really rare.

Yu Nian bit the bullet and denied, “I, I’m not stirred up.”

“I didn’t say I disagree.” Li Xiang said and stuffed the note into Yu Nian’s hand, “But…”

“But what?”

Li Xiang raised his head and met Yu Nian’s smart and sincere eyes.

This person’s scorching gaze fell on him, and it was rare for Li Xiang to feel a bit unnatural.

He turned his head and coughed softly, pretending to think for a while before saying, “Snacks should be eaten and one question should be answered. Starting today, one test paper a day should be handed over to me before dinner, is that okay?”

Yu Nian thought for a while, there seemed to be no problem.

There are self-study classes arranged on the summer camp schedule, and time is specially set aside for students to write summer homework. One test paper was just a matter of minutes for Yu Nian.

But no problem is the biggest problem ah.

Yu Nian wasn’t stupid either. Thinking about Li Xiang doing this, it seemed that he hadn’t gotten any benefits and all the convenience had returned to her.

When Yu Nian told Li Xiang about this confusion, she saw Li Xiang’s face sink and said in a bad tone, “Who was this certain someone who did poorly on their final exam that their family couldn’t watch anymore so I was specifically asked to supervise them?

The certain someone themselves: “…”

Yu Nian felt that Li Xiang was also miserable. He signed up for a summer camp to relax but he also had to take care of the neighbor’s child.

Not only did the child not have a trace of consciousness and guilt, they even gloated a little.

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