Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 31

When he learned that the treasure Yu Nian had dug up was five sets of three examination papers, Zhang Chuanze almost laughed out loud. He slapped his thigh and started in a mocking mode, “Hahaha, I’ve never seen anyone so unlucky! Shi Nian Nian, you’re the only one ah!”

Yu Nian got up angrily and was about to go over and kick this person but who would’ve thought that Zhang Chuanze was quite discerning and ran away like a rabbit? She simply couldn’t catch him.

Yu Nian’s mouth twitched. She glared at the faraway Zhang Chuanze who was pleased with himself.

Seeing Yu Nian’s aggrieved little appearance, Li Xiang felt soft in his heart. Even if the years had passed, that person would always be dynamic and real.

Due to the gap in strength, Yu Nian didn’t bother to have a general understanding with Zhang Chuanze. When she turned back, she saw Liu Manman walking silently in the jungle alone, looking around.


That thin and slender back crashed into Yu Nian’s eyes, it couldn’t be mentioned how distressed she was.

In these barren mountains, how can the female lead go on a treasure hunt alone?

What if she gets into danger?

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Liu Manman originally followed Li Xiang around, intentionally or unintentionally approaching this person, trying to find some topics to talk about. As a result, Li Xiang looked up and saw her, took the initiative to give up his place, and went to look elsewhere.


The original intention was misunderstood which made Liu Manman look embarrassed. It wasn’t also good to follow Li Xiang again.

Liu Manman thought while searching aimlessly, until she heard a voice behind him, “The forest over there is too deep, don’t go.”

This voice was very recognizable. After knowing who it came from, Liu Manman was instantly delighted. She immediately turned around and nodded, and said with a smile, “Okay.”

In the end, it was a character made by his writing and Li Xiang couldn’t let it go.

In the face of Liu Manman’s full love, Li Xiang had to pay attention to his sense of proportion and keep his distance.

After all, Liu Manman’s character was set by himself, and he couldn’t blame anyone else.

Yu Nian saw that the male and female lead were so harmonious from a distance. She smiled and hurriedly got up to dig for treasure.

The support task was completed, and the main task was yet to be carried out.

Yu Nian and the others arrived at the training ground before twelve o’clock. At this time, the field was full of people, all of whom came to redeem gifts.

“Hey, do you guys think anyone has redeemed the first prize?” Yu Nian looked at the long line in front of her on tiptoe and asked casually.

“It’s difficult. First prizes like these are probably hidden in the nooks and crannies. No one will find them at all or there’s no note for this gift at all.” Zhang Chuanze guessed.

“You’ll know when you go to the front and take a look.” Li Xiang said.


Yu Nian nodded, “I also don’t know what others have won but our side is full of Manman’s halo.”

It was no wonder Yu Nian said that. A few people have been busy all morning. Zhang Chuanze was originally full of energy, but then he gave up directly. In the end, he only held an ice cream coupon and a useless glass voucher in his hand.

Not to mention Yu Nian, in addition to the five-three examination papers, there was also a snack package from Li Xiang. But in the end, no other notes were found.

Compared to the two of them, Liu Manman and Li Xiang had a lot of luck.

Liu Manman found a weight scale and rice cooker voucher, which was worth a lot of money.

Li Xiang found a mechanical keyboard voucher which was envied by others.

When Zhang Chuanze found out, he kept chanting that God was unfair and didn’t show him any mercy.

On the side, Yu Nian thought cheerfully: This is the male and female lead halo, do you understand ah?

After the gift exchange was completed, Yu Nian contentedly held her snack gift bag and returned to the dormitory with Liu Manman.

When their roommate came back and saw the two people’s weighing scale and the snack gift bag together, she happily said, “Are you two planning to lose weight while eating?”

Yu Nian hurriedly shook her head in fright and denied, “I’m not, I’m not. I won’t lose weight, I just want to eat.”

After all, being a salted fish is just too comfortable.


Yu Nian thought to herself that her biggest goal in transmigrating the book was to set up the male and female leads while everything else was secondary.

Losing weight was so painful, it was better to forget about it. After all, she already experienced the joy of being thin in reality.

On the contrary, Liu Manman nodded and said softly, “En, I have this plan.”

Yu Nian was shocked, feeling quite unbelievable. After all, in Yu Nian’s eyes, Liu Manman had become so thin that a gust of wind couldn’t wait to blow her away.

“Manman, you’re already thin enough. Do you still want to lose weight?” Yu Nian asked worriedly.

Liu Manman was about the same height as Yu Nian, and her figure was curvaceous. She was quite perfect among high school girls. She weighs no more than 90 jin.1So like less than 54kg.

If she was already like this and still wanted to lose weight, then how should she2Yu Nian. live as a person who really should lose weight…

Liu Manman blinked. She walked towards Yu Nian, turned around in front of her, touched her fat-free waist and abdomen, and seemed quite distressed. “I have gained weight again recently, so I have to control it.”


Hearing what Liu Manman said, Yu Nian felt that the shrimp crackers in her hand suddenly didn’t taste good. She could only lament deeply: The female lead’s self-control is really good. If it were her, it wouldn’t work.

Of course, there was another reason why the snacks didn’t taste good.

Just half a minute ago, Li Xiang sent a message, asking Yu Nian not to forget to hand in today’s five-three test papers to him.


Not to mention, this little supervisor was quite conscientious and responsible, she didn’t know what benefits Shi Zhengqing had given him.

Yu Nian couldn’t help but open the new cover of the five-three examination paper and drew out the math test paper that she was most good at.

After being exposed to the scorching sun all morning, when Lin Juanjuan came out of the toilet wearing a mask, she saw Yu Nian’s diligence and suddenly asked, “Are the people in your school so active in learning?”

Yu Nian didn’t lift her head and smiled, “Only scums are like this. As the saying goes, diligence can make up for incompetence.”

Pēi, it’s obvious that snacks can make up for hard work.

Lin Juanjuan believed it. Later, when she asked Liu Manman how Yu Nian ranked at the end of the last period, Liu Manman thought for a while and said lightly, “It looks like around 60th.”

Lin Juanjuan exclaimed, “If in Wutong she’s the 60th in the first year, isn’t that very powerful? Shi Nian Nian, were you being a humblebrag just now?”

When Yu Nian heard this, she hurriedly raised her head and denied, “How can that be! I’m the one with the worst grades in our group!”

Speaking of this, Yu Nian came to her senses. She got up and walked to Lin Juanjuan, then pointed to Liu Manman on the side. She turned her head and smiled, “Do you know how our Manman ranked?”


“Ranked 15th in the year! Look, beauty and brains. Isn’t that very good!” Yu Nian praised.

When the words fell, the other roommates’ astonished gazes and words of praise poured in.

Liu Manman smiled softly, the vanity in her heart was greatly satisfied. She gently pulled Yu Nian’s sleeve and tried to stop her, “Okay, Nian Nian, stop it.”

Yu Nian had a big heart and deeply thought that Liu Manman was embarrassed, so she didn’t say anymore. She hurriedly said, “Okay, okay, okay, I won’t say it anymore. I have to hurry up and write a paper, otherwise, Chi Yao will complain.”

Liu Manman was stunned when she heard Chi Yao’s name. She said in confusion, “Complain?”

Yu Nian frowned and scratched her head, quite distressed. “Yes, my Dad entrusted him to supervise me… If I don’t study well, he will complain and my pocket money will be confiscated.”

“Then you…” Liu Manmian wanted to speak but hesitated.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Nian was puzzled.

Liu Manman took a deep breath, suppressed the unhappiness in her heart, and smiled faintly, “Then, you write quickly.”

Yu Nian grinned, “Okay.”

Seeing Yu Nian’s thoughtless appearance, Liu Manman’s heart felt very complicated.

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