Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 25

Exam week passed very quickly. After the last subject, Yu Nian was relaxed. She felt that she did well. There should be no problem going to the first class.

In fact, Yu Nian deliberately controlled her score, fearing that she would be suspected of being too high in the exam.

A few people gathered at the entrance of the school to compare. Yu Nian said she was confident. Zhang Chuanze obviously didn’t believe her after hearing it. After all, Yu Nian’s previous level was clearly there.

Who would’ve thought Yu Nian would pat Zhang Chuanze and say solemnly, “Zhang-ge, a scholar who has been away for three days will be looked at with new eyes ah.”

Zhang Chuanze smiled and said, “Yes, if you can come to the first class, I’ll cover for your breakfast for one month in the next semester.”


After Yu Nian heard this, her eyes were happy and she immediately bootlicked, “Chuan-ge! You’re too kind ba!”

When Li Xiang from the side heard this, he said coldly, “Don’t you eat breakfast at home?”

Only then did Yu Nian respond, “Yes oh.”

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He quietly said “en”, and a blush crept to his earlobes.


At this time, Yu Nian saw Liu Manman at a glance from the crowd, and immediately beckoned, “Manman, here.”

Upon seeing this, Liu Manman talked to the friends around her and then trotted over.

Once they were all together, Yu Nian said happily, “Let’s go and eat something delicious!”

Along the way, Zhang Chuanze couldn’t bear to want to answer Li Xiang, but Li Xiang didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

Zhang Chuanze had no choice but to set his sights on the reliable Liu Manman.

Liu Manman originally wanted to answer the question with Li Xiang, but Li Xiang rejected Zhang Chuanze so she had to confront Zhang Chuanze.

This made Yu Nian depressed. Her lips curled and pulled down Li Xiang’s sleeves, like a complaining child, “Chi Yao, Xiao Chuan actually looks down on me.”

Li Xiang glanced at Zhang Chuanze, who was answering the question in full swing, and then he raised his hand and rubbed Yu Nian’s head. Although there was no expression on his face, his eyes were inadvertently pampering, “What do you want to do? Pair up with me.”

Yu Nian was actually not interested in answering the question, but when she heard Li Xiang say this, the corners of her collapsed lips immediately curved up.

“The third question of the last question in mathematics,” Yu Nian asked.

Zhang Chuanze who was eavesdropping immediately said, “Square root of two.”

Liu Manman smiled softly, “Mine is also the square root of two.”


“Ah, then I’m not wrong.” Yu Nian scratched her head, depressed.

“It’s definitely the square root of two ah. I specifically asked several schoolboys.” Zhang Chuanze patted Yu Nian’s shoulder and laughed heartily.

Li Xiang didn’t answer positively whether it was right or wrong, and then asked, “What did you write?”

But it was merely a small question, and if it was really wrong, it wouldn’t affect the overall score. It’s just that the full score may be gone.

Yu Nian felt that she controlled her points in other subjects, and nothing was wrong, but mathematics has always been her favorite subject, and she actually pursued perfection in this regard.

Maybe this temperament has followed the old man of her family.

“Square root of three ah.” Yu Nian said.

As soon as Zhang Chuanze was about to speak to comfort Yu Nian, he heard Li Xiang nod and said softly, “En, mine is also the square root of three.”

“What?!” Zhang Chuanze couldn’t believe it and excitedly shook Li Xiang’s arm, “It can’t be! Ah ah ah really ah? Chi Yao, don’t joke around ah.”

Li Xiang cast a sidelong glance at this person and smiled, “I could also be… wrong.”

But there was something wrong with that confident gaze.

Zhang Chuanze was dejected for a second.


Yu Nian became happy. Learning from Zhang Chuanze’s appearance just now, she patted Zhang Chuanze on the shoulder and comforted him, “It must be the square root of three. I asked Yao-ge.”

Yu Nian took revenge; a second was too late.

Zhang Chuanze pretended to snort coldly, “Manman and I want to stay away from you two.”

Yu Nian stuck out her tongue and pulled Liu Manman, “You leave, don’t involve our Manman.”

Then she quietly pulled Liu Manman beside Li Xiang and walked around to his other side.

Liu Manman raised her head and quietly looked at Li Xiang, feeling very happy.

Yu Nian’s careful thinking naturally didn’t escape Li Xiang’s gaze, but Li Xiang didn’t pierce it, and his face remained silent, actually writing down a small account for Yu Nian from the bottom of his heart.

Before the holiday farewell dinner, the four randomly found a restaurant, ordered a few small dishes, and talked about their holiday plans while eating.

Yu Nian thoughtlessly and rightfully said, “Of course, it’s to stay home, you guys don’t miss me.”

“Stay home for two months? Aren’t you bored?” Zhang Chuanze couldn’t understand, he had already planned to go out and travel.

Yu Nian shook her head, “It’s not boring ah. There is food, drink, and play, where is it boring? What about Manman? What are you planning to do?”

“Me?” Liu Manman said, her eyes quietly swept at Li Xiang. She said softly, “I might go on a trip too, and I’ll bring you souvenirs by then.”


When Yu Nian heard that there was a gift, she grabbed Liu Manman’s arm and rubbed her head, “Wuwuwu, Manman, you’re too kind.”

Sure enough, fragrant girls are the most likable, and even the discomfort she overheard before the exam was smoothed out.

“Told you.” Zhang Chuanze seemed to have found a like-minded partner, “In the summer, sunshine, beach, seashore, and cute girls are the standard.”

“I pēi!”1Sfx for spitting.Yu Nian was unconvinced. She turned her head and slapped Zhang Chuanze on the head, “It’s obviously the sofa, air-conditioning, ice cream, and oppa are the standard.”

As soon as these words fell, Li Xiang, who had been silent, raised his eyebrows, and smiled softly as he said, “Oppa?”

For some reason, facing Li Xiang’s slightly inquiring eyes, Yu Nian didn’t hold back and lowered her head. Her face was a bit red, and she asked back with no confidence, “What’s the matter?”

Seeing that someone had finally calmed Yu Nian, Zhang Chuanze gloated and said, “Chi Yao, what are you doing with Yu Nian ah? Look how afraid she is, and then she shrinks into an ostrich.”

At the word, Yu Nian immediately stretched her neck and retorted, “Who’s afraid of him!”

She wasn’t afraid, she just… Just thought that how could this person have some deep meaning in his eyes?

At this time, there was a smile at the corner of Li Xiang’s mouth, and Yu Nian had a bad idea in her heart. There was always an illusion that she was going to be pitted.

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