Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 24

“Shi Niannian, don’t care what others say. Pass the final exam first. If you don’t take a class with me, I will…” Li Xiang deliberately threatened.

Yu Nian blinked, very innocent, “What”

Li Xiang snorted coldly, and said in a very need for a beating tone, “I will let uncle and aunt take turns asking you for a tutor so that you will be immersed in the ocean of knowledge for 24 hours in future vacations and won’t be able to extricate yourself.”

“…Chi Yao, you’re young, not childish!”1She said (幼) ‘yòu’ which means ‘young’ and (幼稚) ‘yòu zhì’ which means ‘childish’.

Yu Nian laughed angrily, picked up her notebook at hand, and hit Li Xiang.


The initial bad mood was interrupted by this person. Yu Nian’s mood improved again, regaining her previous vitality.

Later, Li Xiang stopped going to the study room and sat blatantly next to Yu Nian in the classroom to give her a lecture. Zhang Chuanze, who had lost the protection of the xueba, was very depressed and wanted to come over to join in the fun.

Seeing that no one had called her to the study room for two consecutive days, Liu Manman couldn’t bear to come to Class Five to find someone. As a result, she saw Li Xiang and the others helping Yu Nian review; her neck turned red with anger.

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“Fall in love?” Li Xiang was smart but he still looked confused.


“What? You don’t know…” Wang Huaming asked.

Li Xiang shook his head, “Teacher, I don’t know who reported it, but I’m not in love.”

“Then you and Shi Nian Nian…”

When Wang Huaming said this, Li Xiang suddenly understood and smiled, “Teacher, Shi Nian Nian’s parents and my parents have been friends for many years. After Shi Nian Nian’s last incident, they entrusted me to help take care of her. Seeing that the end of the semester is approaching, I have also been helping Shi Nian Nian review recently. I believe that when the final results come out, Teacher will be wide eyes.”

“Really?!” When Wang Huaming heard this, he slapped his thighs and was relieved. “As I said, how could you and Shi Nian Nian fall in love? This is really a false report. Okay, then you go back, don’t be affected by this.”

Li Xiang nodded and gave a harmless smile, “Okay.”

However, after leaving the door, Li Xiang restrained his smile. His eyes sank, and his coldness was revealed.

It was Zhang Chuanze who was the first to notice something was wrong.

As his classmate and deskmate, he was too aware of his temperament as an aloof little xueba, and he was obviously unhappy.

Zhang Chuanze obviously didn’t dare to hit the muzzle of the gun, so he gave this “good opportunity” to the simple Yu Nian.

Da Chuan: Nian Nian, Chi Yao has just been called to the office, and he doesn’t seem to be in a good mood when he came back.

Yu Nian, who was playing Anipop, saw this and immediately changed the screen to reply: What’s the matter?


Da Chuan: I don’t know! I dare not ask, I’m afraid that when I ask, I’ll be dead.

Nian Nian: Do something!

Da Chuan: Then you come.

Nian Nian: I’ll come, I’ll come. If you buy me a cup of vanilla boba milk tea, I’ll go.

Da Chuan: …

Da Chuan: Wait.

After a while, Zhang Chuanze came back with a cup of vanilla boba milk tea, and specially went to the back door, and handed it to Yu Nian.

Then he saw Yu Nian carrying a cup of milk tea as if she was presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers2Win favor or influence using somebody else’s property/things. and walked over to Li Xiang, sat down, and handed it to him.

Yu Nian deliberately suppressed her voice, leaned into Li Xiang’s ear, and called, “Yao Yao.”

Li Xiang turned his head and saw this person smiling at him with ill intentions, “What’s the matter?”

“Did the head teacher scold you? Why do you look unhappy?”

Li Xiang shook his head and chuckled in a low voice, “No.”


“Then what’s wrong?”

“Say it over lunch.”

Seeing that Li Xiang refused to speak in the classroom, Yu Nian couldn’t help it, “Okay ba.”

At noon, inside the cafeteria.

Zhang Chuanze, who was the first to hear the reason, dropped his chopsticks in shock. “What?!”

Li Xiang was very calm, “En, that’s right.”

His gaze even seemed to sweep over Liu Manman, who was eating with them.

“Oh, WTF. I laughed to death. Someone actually reported that you and Shi Nian Nian were in love. Oh my god. I’m laughing to death.3Yeah, he said it twice. Who can be so lacking in brains and heart ah?” Zhang Chuanze laughed so hard that tears came out of his eyes.

As soon as these words fell, Liu Manman’s complexion didn’t look good.

“Liu Manman, are you okay?” Li Xiang asked carelessly.

Liu Manman was startled. She gently shook her head, her face slightly pale, and smiled awkwardly at Li Xiang, “I’m fine.”

“Come, come, come. Let’s interview the female lead of this incident. May I ask what you think about this?”


It was originally a fake thing, but Yu Nian didn’t care. She smiled calmly and said, “I am honored that I can be the first gossip of love relationships in the grade. I am afraid this is not a blessing I cultivated in my ten lifetimes.”

Zhang Chuanze, who said this officially, was taken aback, “F*ck! Shi Nian Nian, you’re awesome, you can even act.”

“Hahaha, actually, I want to say that the person who reported it is probably blind. It’s impossible to think about it ah, right, Manman?” It was the first time that she was rumored to have a scandal. Yu Nian felt quite novel so she subconsciously asked Liu Manman on the side.

Liu Manman nodded, “En, yes.”

Later, Yu Nian pointed to Li Xiang and Liu Manman, and added, “No matter how the scandal spreads, it should be you two. That person seems to be not only blind but also lacks a string on their head.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Zhang Chuanze quickly agreed.

“It’s just a fart.” Li Xiang knocked Zhang Chuanze on the head and said lightly.

The scandal fiasco passed, and soon came the final exam week.

After a week of raids and random inspections by Li Xiang from time to time, Yu Nian’s knowledge of biology and political theory has been greatly improved. Although she wasn’t outstanding, at least she won’t be dragging the other subjects behind.

Everyone wasn’t in the same class in the examination room, and Yu Nian was obviously at the back.

Li Xiang deliberately went around to send Yu Nian into the examination room.

“Nervous?” Li Xiang asked.

Yu Nian didn’t understand, thus, “What’s to be nervous about? It’s just a final exam.”

Li Xiang smiled, “That’s good.” Then he raised his hand and rubbed Yu Nian’s head. “Shi Nian Nian, I’ll wait for you in the first class.”

For some reason, the eyes of the person in front of him were too sincere, and a trace of being moved welled up in Yu Nian’s heart.

Then, Yu Nian raised her head and looked at Li Xiang, smiling brightly as if there were stars in her eyes, shining, confident, and determined.

“Okay ah, wait for me ba.” She said.

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