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Chapter 23

Gossip was always unavoidable.

When the four of them appeared together, Yu Nian, who was out of place, was often seen inviting gossip.

One day Yu Nian went to the restroom, and before she even entered the door, she heard her name.

“Shi Nian Nian has the nerve to walk with Chi Yao every day, doesn’t she feel ashamed? If it was me, I’d be embarrassed.”

“Right, they even study together. Doesn’t she know her own points in the grade’s ranking? I’m laughing to death. She still even wants to be in the same class as Chi Yao.”


“That’s right, that’s right. She doesn’t know her own weight.”

“Hahaha, maybe she really doesn’t know. After all, she’s so fat that she just stood up and the scale broke.”

There was a burst of laughter.

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“She seems to ask Chi Yao to help with tutoring.” Liu Manman said softly.


The matter that she would go to Chi Yao for tutoring was only known to Liu Manman and Zhang Chuanze and was meant to be kept as a secret, but she didn’t expect to be stabbed out like this.

“No way?!” That person was very surprised when she heard it. “Still shameless. Blatantly taking up the xueba’s time like this. What if the xueba didn’t get to first class?”

“Yeah, why is she so selfish ah.”

“It’s not like that either.” Liu Manman interrupted as if trying to help speak up for Yu Nian, “Nian Nian is actually studying very hard.”

“Studying hard is taking up other people’s time? Whose time isn’t precious ah. It’s fine even if she didn’t do well in her own exams, but don’t delay Chi Yao when the time comes.”

Hearing this, Liu Manman sighed softly, “This… It’s not good for me to intervene.”

“Manman, you’re just too kind. In fact, you don’t need to study with them for your grades.”

“That’s right, that’s right.”


It turned out to be like this ah.

Yu Nian didn’t listen anymore, and she didn’t bother to go to the restroom. She went back and sat sullenly on her seat.

Yu Nian was reflecting. Listening to them, it seemed that she was indeed a little selfish. It didn’t matter where she took the exam or whether she went to university because she always had a hunch in her heart that this was a dream and she would eventually wake up.


But Chi Yao was different. Chi Yao has a future in this book. She doesn’t want his future to be affected by her arrival.

With this in mind, Yu Nian glanced at Li Xiang’s seat. It just so happened that Li Xiang also turned around and their gazes met. Yu Nian was startled for a moment, and then she smiled stupidly at him.

At noon that day, Yu Nian took the initiative to tell Li Xiang that she didn’t plan to go to the study room, and she also took the initiative to return Li Xiang’s notes to him.

Li Xiang’s face was indifferent throughout the whole process, and he didn’t ask, but just looked at Yu Nian quietly, waiting for her to explain.

“Why ah?” Zhang Chuanze couldn’t help asking first.

Yu Nian didn’t dare to look directly into Li Xiang’s eyes. She tilted her head to avoid it, and laughed, “I have something to do at noon and want to go out for a trip, so don’t wait for me.”

Zhang Chuanze’s heart was big. He didn’t notice anything unusual, and nodded, “Okay ba.”

At noon, as Yu Nian really said, she went out of the school gate in front of Li Xiang so as not to make them think she was lying.

Li Xiang and Zhang Chuanze went to the library, and just halfway through their walk, he suddenly changed his mind.

Li Xiang said to Zhang Chuanze and Liu Manman, “You guys go ahead. I just remembered that I have something to do, and I have to go out.”

With that said, before the two of them could react, Li Xiang had already taken a big stride and left.

Outside the school was nothing more than stationery stores or restaurants. Yu Nian had nowhere to go.


It took a while to find a milk tea shop. She went in to order some milk tea. Later, after thinking about it, she changed it to fruit tea. Then she found a quiet place to sit down, took out her book, and carefully reviewed it according to the transcribed notes.

Li Xiang looked around casually and then saw Yu Nian sitting by the glass window in a milk tea shop.

The person was flipping through the book in her hand, looking sullen.

Li Xiang entered expressionlessly.

“Hello, what drink can I get you?”

Li Xiang pointed to Yu Nian’s fruit tea not far away, “Same as hers.”


Yu Nian’s head was buried in her book when suddenly her eyes turned dark. She looked up and saw that Li Xiang had come at some point.

“Chi Yao? Why are you here?” Yu Nian was surprised.

“I wanted to drink milk tea.”

Li Xiang casually talked nonsense, but Yu Nian believed it, and then found that Li Xiang ordered the same as her.

Yu Nian asked Li Xiang with his gaze: Aren’t you drinking milk tea?


“I suddenly want to change my taste.” Seeing that Yu Nian was still reading, Li Xiang asked again, “How is the review? Are you sure you can go to first class?”

Yu Nian scratched her head, a little distressed, “Passable but there’s no guarantee. Do you want me to go to the first class?”

Who knew Li Xiang just smiled, “I hope we’re in the same class.”

On a summer afternoon, the sun was dazzling, shining in through the glass window and sprinkling on the person in front of her.

This person just smiled softly, but Yu Nian couldn’t help but feel her heart throbbing.

It seems that since she was a child, no one has ever spoken to her so gently.

“But I’m very stupid.” Yu Nian suddenly became frustrated. The time was too short, and she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to pick up so much in a moment.

Li Xiang didn’t hold back and raised his head to rub Yu Nian’s head, and said softly, “I believe in you.”

Hearing the encouragement, Yu Nian’s eyes lit up again, and she nodded, “En, I’ll do my best.”

When Li Xiang said this, Yu Nian’s mood suddenly improved a lot.

Who would’ve thought that the person on the opposite side returned to his familiar appearance? His lower back straightened, his hands clasped, his eyes looked straight at Yu Nian, and he asked softly, “Now, can you tell me why you won’t go to the study room with us?”

Being stared at so bluntly by Li Xiang, even Yu Nian felt embarrassed. She lowered her head and said sullenly, “I’m afraid I’ll delay your study.”

Hearing this, Li Xiang was slightly startled, “That’s it?”

Yu Nian raised her eyes and curled her lips aggrievedly. She apologized in a low voice, “Chi Yao, I’m sorry. I was too selfish before. I didn’t consider you and took up so much of your time. Anyway, I should be able to do it. I’ll review the key points carefully.”

Li Xiang felt that Yu Nian had been carefree all the time, and it was impossible to realize this kind of problem suddenly. He asked coldly, “Who did you hear it from that you took up my time?”

Yu Nian wasn’t good at lying. Her eyes flickered, and she lowered her head not daring to look at Li Xiang. “Just… Suddenly, thought of it.”

Knowing that Yu Nian hadn’t told the truth, Li Xiang smiled angrily. He was silent for a while and said something extremely deserving of a beating.

He said, “Shi Nian Nian, if it weren’t for helping you, do you think I would go to the study room every day with my grades?”


That seemed to be so reasonable. Yu Nian really couldn’t refute for a moment.

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