Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 22

“What did you say to her?”

After returning to the classroom, Li Xiang always felt that Liu Manman’s eyes towards him were wrong, so he couldn’t help but ask Yu Nian.

“Oh, I just said you’re very happy to lend it to her.”

Li Xiang smiled contemptuously, “I didn’t know you were so capable of making things up this much.”

“How can you call me making things up? Aren’t you bad in math? I think Manman learned quite well. Am I not paving the way for you? If there’s anything you don’t know in the future, you xuebas can still discuss it with each other.” Yu Nian said boldly, thinking she was very witty.


When Li Xiang heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh in anger, “Shi Nian Nian, have you forgotten the conditions for us to exchange notes? What? Regret it?”

“Uh…” She didn’t forget it, but Yu Nian thought he was joking. She didn’t expect him to be serious!

Yu Nian felt that if she said she forgot, she would definitely have no good fruit to eat in the future. She raised her head and smiled, “How could that be! I remember it clearly!”

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“It’s not good to be studious?” This was heard by Ling Ya who came over, and she smiled helplessly.


“I, as a matter of fact, am afraid…” Shi Zhengqing said, reaching out and holding Ling Ya in his arms, “Isn’t she young? She’s in her adolescence. I’m afraid that this little girl will fall in love.”

“If you really talk about it, can you still stop it?” Ling Ya said with a smile.

“That’s impossible, but you can check it lest the little girl gets cheated.” Shi Zhengqing said with a meaningful smile.


Yu Nian had just walked into Li Xiang’s house at this time, but she couldn’t help sneezing. She rubbed the tip of her nose, and said sullenly, “Who’s talking bad things about me again.”

“It’s good if you don’t talk about others.” Li Xiang couldn’t help but be amused when he saw this person’s cheeks flush when she came.

“Auntie isn’t at home again ah?” Yu Nian asked.

“Just left after dinner, she’s on a late shift today.” Li Xiang said.

“Oh, oh.” Yu Nian nodded and followed Li Xiang to the study obediently.

“You also write biology?” After Yu Nian came in, she was surprised to find a test paper spread out on the desktop.

Li Xiang blankly looked at Yu Nian, “Nonsense, there’s homework tonight. Can you not write it?”

Yu Nian touched the tip of her nose, “That so.”


“Otherwise, I’ll write about other subjects first, and then I’ll write about biology later.” What Yu Nian thought about was that the two of them write alternatively, so that there would be no conflict in using the book.

Li Xiang didn’t say anything as he sat down, minding his own business, and wrote the questions.

He originally thought that he could write with Yu Nian and discuss it in passing. Although it wasn’t necessary, who knew he thought too much.

Li Xiang was actually quite annoyed in his heart. He always felt that since he transmigrated as Chi Yao, his mind became as reckless as a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy.

Particularly when he guessed that the person in front of him had a probability of more than 80% being that person, the youthful energy in his heart became even more obvious.

This time the two didn’t sit separately, but shared a table and sat opposite each other.

Yu Nian took out the physics test paper to brush up on the questions. She has always been good at science. These basic questions in her senior year are a piece of cake for her, and Yu Nian can even be half-hearted.

After not writing for a while, Yu Nian raised her head and quietly peeked at Li Xiang, who was taking the question seriously.

Li Xiang’s sitting posture was still upright. His head was slightly lowered, the scattered soft hair on his forehead lost its usual sharpness, and his fair and clear face with lowered eyebrows appeared particularly calm.

The posture of the person holding the pen in front of her was also very beautiful. His distinct joints held the pen as he wrote on the paper one stroke at a time with clear and stylish handwriting.

At this time, Yu Nian had to admit that although she had been scolding the male lead in the book for being blind, he was really handsome, and he did have the capital to ignore the admiration of others.



Thinking of this, Yu Nian couldn’t help but sigh slightly.

If this continues, I don’t know when the male and female leads will be together.

Li Xiang had already discovered that the little heartless person on the opposite side was scrutinizing him.

For some reason, he was quite happy in his heart. He deliberately didn’t say a word, and let her scrutinize him generously.

Who would’ve thought that after he looked at him, this person sighed.

Li Xiang was upset. Was he so unattractive? Can you look at him and then sigh?

“Why did you suddenly sigh?” Li Xiang asked.

“No, I was just thinking… Chi Yao, don’t… Don’t you like Manman ah?”


Yu Nian was overjoyed and suddenly became refreshed, “That’s like.”

“Even more impossible.” Li Xiang didn’t lift his head and said coldly.

“Why ah, Manman is so good.” Yu Nian couldn’t help but mutter, “Still really blind.”


At these words, Li Xiang’s pen paused. He raised his head and asked, “Who’s blind?”

Yu Nian shook her head repeatedly, “No, I’m talking about borrowing books during the day. Why are you so stingy.”

Yu Nian finished speaking in a low voice. She secretly observed Li Xiang’s face, for fear that he would be unhappy.

Who would’ve thought Li Xiang would say this without changing his face, “I’m not used to others touching my things.”

“Oh.” When she heard this, Yu Nian’s hand, which was about to take Li Xiang’s eraser, paused in mid-air.

Upon seeing this, Li Xiang raised his head to meet Yu Nian’s eyes which had a bit of nervousness and trepidation. The corners of his lips curled slightly, and he smiled softly, “Except for you.”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Yu Nian heard her heart speed up inexplicably.

This damn male lead, what’s the point of enticing me for nothing!

What do you mean except for me?!  You make it seem like… so easy for people to misunderstand ah.

Who knew that Yu Nian would hear this person on the opposite side add carelessly, “After all… We’re good friends, aren’t we?”

Yu Nian nodded repeatedly, “Yes.”

But later, after Yu Nian went home in a daze, she still found it strange when she thought about it.

It wasn’t like she was the only friend he had.

So, she sent a message to Zhang Chuanze.

Nian Nian: Xiao Chuan Chuan, have you ever borrowed anything from Chi Yao?

Da Chuan: Shi Nian Nian! I’m telling you very seriously, you can’t say xiao to men, you know!

Yu Nian: Oh.

Da Chuan: Why are you asking this?

Nian Nian: I’m curious! Aren’t you and Chi Yao deskmates for a year? So, I’m asking if he’s usually cold to people, would he be willing to lend people things?

Da Chuan: It definitely depends on the person ah. Anyway, I borrowed. Chi Yao isn’t actually as unreasonable as you think. He’s still quite helpful. Unless he doesn’t like the person, then he will ignore them.

Nian Nian: Is that so… I see.

Ai, it seems that I have to work harder to get the male lead to like the female lead quickly.

So, in the next week, at noon in the study room every week, Yu Nian, who went with her plans, called Liu Manman.

Liu Manman was naturally very happy. Gradually, the four of them often appeared in everyone’s vision.

Li Xiang was handsome and Liu Manman was gentle.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that Zhang Chuanze doesn’t usually appear but he’s actually a handsome, sunshine who is 1.8 meters and quite pleasing to the eyes.

As for Yu Nian… standing among them, her body shape seemed a bit out of place.

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