Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 21

When the two returned to the study room, the atmosphere was very strange for a time.

Li Xiang was silent as he worked on the problems. Yu Nian put the soda on his desktop, and without lifting a glance, he said the word “thank you.”

Yu Nian silently spat out: No manners.

Afterward, Yu Nian handed Liu Manman the leaf jelly1Grass jelly or herb jelly — a jelly-like dessert eaten in East and Southeast Asia, which is created by using Chinese mesona and has a mild, slightly bitter taste. in her hand.

Liu Manman raised her head, smiled at Yu Nian, and whispered, “Thank you.”


Look, look at this comparison. The disparity came out.

The male lead was also too narrow-minded.

Didn’t I just deliberately let the two of them get along for a while?

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“No.” Yu Nian didn’t lift her head and said with a straight face.


Zhang Chuanze: “…”

Yu Nian just wanted to go through the knowledge points again. It wasn’t that she never forgot them. She definitely needed to spend some effort to remember them. At least she can roughly understand what the main learning modules were.

Li Xiang saw that Yu Nian flipped through the book for a while and there was no movement. He turned his head and saw this person dumbfounded. She glanced at the problem, then went to the book to find the answer. This was certainly inefficient.

Li Xiang sulked alone and only found it funny after he was done. Why did he care about this little conscience when he had nothing to do?

Thus, Li Xiang tapped Yu Nian’s table lightly with a pen.

Yu Nian turned her head to look at him, and said in a muffled voice, “What? Aren’t you ignoring me?”

“Who ignored you.” Li Xiang denied it and frowned slightly. He said with a slight dissatisfaction, “Sit over here a little. Why are you so far? It’s not like I’ll eat you.”

As soon as these words fell, Zhang Chuanze on the opposite side sneered.

Yu Nian glared at Zhang Chuanze and reluctantly moved to Li Xiang’s side.

“Have you finished reading it all?” Li Xiang asked.

“I roughly read through.” Yu Nian said honestly.

Li Xiang took out the biology book he had at hand and handed it to Yu Nian. “The folded pages are the key contents. It’s impossible to take them all into account in a week. I have summed up the previous years’ exam questions. If you have time, you can focus on memorizing these, then I’ll randomly check regularly.”


Yu Nian took the book and flipped through it. The two words, “Chi Yao” were written in large letters on the inner page. The book contained the notes made by the male lead himself. The handwriting was neat and dashing, looking quite imposing. She had no choice but to admit that it was strangely good-looking.

Yu Nian wasn’t a stingy person. For the sake of this person’s initiative to reconcile, her anger has long since disappeared.

“You gave me the book, so what will you do?” She asked.

“Give me yours.” Li Xiang said casually as if this was an unusual thing, but the two people on the opposite side looked stunned.

Liu Manman pretended to do the question, but all her thoughts were on the book that Chi Yao lent to Yu Nian. Her heart was sour and a little envious.

Zhang Chuanze was even more surprised. He and Chi Yao had been deskmates for almost a year, how could this person become so kind?

However, Yu Nian didn’t think much about it. With an “oh” sound, she obediently handed over her almost brand-new book and then watched the male protagonist seriously flip through her book.

Why are you smiling if you’re flipping through it?

Could it be that Shi Nian Nian’s notes were wrong before?

Yu Nian was uncertain in her heart.

However, what she didn’t know was that people’s handwriting wasn’t deceiving. Even if she deliberately imitated the previous Shi Nian Nian’s handwriting, writing many times would turn it into her own handwriting.

Later, when she was lazy, she simply didn’t change it. When she thought about it, she guessed that no one was bored enough to ask such a thing.


Who would’ve thought that Li Xiang was bored and didn’t want to let go of the clues he found?

She only saw him turn his head and pretend to be careless as he said, “Shi Nian Nian, your handwriting has grown ah. Those who didn’t know would think it was written by two people.”

As long as their eyes weren’t blind, they could see the difference in the handwriting. Most of the notes in the book are neatly written. At first glance, they look like they were written by an introverted little girl, while the recent notes are more imposing and beautiful, and sometimes they are even written like a semi-cursive script.

At that, Yu Nian’s heart thumped.

That can’t be, right?

No one would find out that she wasn’t Shi Nian Nian, right?

Anyway, Yu Nian wasn’t a person who hadn’t seen the world. Despite her nervousness, she replied without changing her expression, “Wasn’t it because I was told that I wrote too badly before? Recently, my Dad forced me to practice writing characters. If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask him.”

On the opposite side, Zhang Chuanze loved to join in the fun. When he heard Li Xiang say this, he became curious and wanted to see, “Really? Let me have a quick look.”

Yu Nian hadn’t said the word ”no” when Li Xiang refused first. He raised his eyelids and said with a smile, “What? Do you understand everything? Do you have time to join in the fun?

When he said this, Zhang Chuanze’s words were instantly suppressed.

Yu Nian secretly rejoiced and breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of her heart.

When she saw that she couldn’t interject for a long time, Liu Manman looked like an outsider and felt very uncomfortable. She raised her head and pretended to ask inadvertently, “Chi Yao, can you make the third question on the bottom of the math exam paper? I’ve been thinking about it for a long time…”


Li Xiang flipped through the test paper and said with a smile, “Sorry, I haven’t made it there yet.”

Li Xiang really didn’t lie; he wasn’t there yet. He only made a few subsidiary lines casually, wrote the general idea, and threw it there.

Anyway, there was no need to write anymore.


Yu Nian naturally heard this on the side and didn’t hold back laughing. She then revealed very gloatingly revealed Li Xiang’s bottom. “Manman, you don’t know that Chi Yao is relatively poor in math, so he’s very slow in doing problems. I think it’s more like he’s asking you for advice.”

After she heard Yu Nian’s words, Liu Manman couldn’t believe it. “B-but, in the last monthly exam, wasn’t Chi Yao…”

Li Xiang stopped Liu Manman’s words in time. He “coughed” lightly and reminded, “I think we should pack up and go back to the classroom.”

Yu Nian glanced at the time on her phone, “It’s actually time.”

Thus, everyone hurriedly packed up their things and headed to the classroom.

Li Xiang was walking in front. Zhang Chuanze wanted to have their arms around each other’s shoulders, but Li Xiang pushed him away in great disgust.

Yu Nian walked with Liu Manman in the back. Looking at the distance between the male and female lead now, she was very pleased.

As they approached the classroom, Liu Manman gently tugged Yu Nian’s sleeve, wanting to speak but it seemed a little difficult to say.

“What’s wrong Manman?” Yu Nian asked.

“Nian Nian, I… I’m actually relatively poor in biology. Do you think it’s convenient for you to lend me Chi Yao’s notes for one night? I’ll copy it and return it to you tomorrow, is that okay?” Liu Manman looked fair and clear. When she said this, her face dyed a bit red as she smiled shyly at Yu Nian.

Yu Nian thought something was going on, and said with a smile, “What’s wrong with this? I have no problem, but this is Chi Yao’s book after all. I’ll go and talk to him first, wait for me.”

After saying that, Yu Nian quickly stepped forward and patted Li Xiang on the shoulder: “Chi Yao, Manman wants to borrow your biology book to copy your notes for one night, is that okay?”

Li Xiang glanced at Liu Manman, who was standing not far behind him, then he turned his head and smiled, “What about you?”

“Me? It’s not like I’m missing one night.” Yu Nian frankly said.

“Oh, really.” Li Xiang restrained his smile and said indifferently, “I see that you don’t lack my notes either. Otherwise, just give it back to me.”

At this time, Yu Nian realized that Li Xiang’s mood seemed to be wrong. She raised her eyes to meet this person’s pair of cold eyes. She couldn’t help swallowing her saliva, and denied repeatedly, “No, no, how could that be? I can’t miss the xueba’s notes, but isn’t Manman my good friend? Just lend it to her for one night ba. Otherwise… Otherwise, I’ll go to your house in the evening and put up with it. We can both use one book and read it first, okay?”

Seeing Yu Nian’s anxious expression, Li Xiang’s heart softened eventually, and he reluctantly nodded in agreement.

Then, he saw Yu Nian grinning, trotted to Liu Manman excitedly, and lent Liu Manman the book.

He didn’t know what this person said to Liu Manman but Liu Manman looked up towards Li Xiang, her face flushed slightly. 

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