Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 20

As one of the best universities in the city, Wutong No. 1 Middle School was quite well-equipped with hardware facilities. Not only does it have a large library for the students, but there are also a number of study rooms built into the library.

In order to help Yu Nian quickly overcome the two major Politics and Biology difficulties, Li Xiang proposed to book a study room for review every day at noon.

“I agree.”

Yu Nian hadn’t yet opened her mouth, when Zhang Chuanze, who was on the side, took the lead when he heard it and said, “Heihei, it’s too boring to go there alone. You have to be accompanied by someone, specifically a top student, to stimulate my motivation to learn.”

Study room ah, a good place to fall in love ah.


For some reason, when she heard Chi Yao talk about this study room, Yu Nian’s mind only had the idea of the male and female lead meeting each other successively in the library and secretly having a love affair.

Leave this kind of encounter to me! Yu Nian thought secretly.

There was only a hint of cunningness crossing under her eyes. She grinned and said, “Okay ah, go, go, go. Go at noon today.”

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“Manman, Chi Yao has made an appointment for the study room. Do you want to go together?” Yu Nian winked at Liu Manman and smiled sweetly.


Sure enough, after Liu Manman heard it, her eyes lit up all of a sudden. She moved the long hair in her ears very meaningfully, and said softly, “Will this… Be inconvenient?”

“What’s inconvenient about this ah?” Yu Nian said and pushed Liu Manman into the classroom, “Manman, hurry up and clean up. I’ll wait for you outside.”

Just like this, Liu Manman half willing and half unwilling followed Yu Nian to the study room.

Yu Nian searched around according to the seat number sent by Li Xiang before finding a sparsely populated corner.

The surrounding area was empty except for Li Xiang and Zhang Chuanze.

Yu Nian quickly stepped forward and walked to the opposite side of the seat.

Zhang Chuanze saw that Yu Nian didn’t sit down for half a day, and thought that the space was too small for her to sit down, so he deliberately moved his chair to the side.

However, Yu Nian beckoned to Liu Manman and patted the back of the chair, signaling her to sit over.

Liu Manman was overjoyed in her heart, but she was afraid that she wasn’t reserved enough, so she could only smile lightly while her eyes inadvertently glanced at Li Xiang. She walked over in small steps and sat down. The set of movements was very natural and elegant, not losing gracefulness.

Yu Nian consciously sat next to Li Xiang. For fear of squeezing Li Xiang, and what she also learned from Zhang Chuanze, she moved aside. 

Who would’ve thought that her strength wasn’t controlled and the chair and floor came into close contact. There was a “screech” sound, which was particularly loud in the quiet study room.

Yu Nian hurriedly put down the chair, and then heard Li Xiang say indifferently, “Butt had thorns?”1The sfx earlier was ‘cīla’ 呲啦, while the ‘’ LX said was 刺 which means thorn.


Yu Nian who just wanted to create space for the male and female lead: “…”

“What are you doing so far away? Do you still want to listen to the lecture?”

Yu Nian didn’t understand why Li Xiang’s tone suddenly became harsh, so she curled her lips and said aggrieved, “Listen… Listen ah, but I haven’t finished the questions yet, and I can’t listen to it either.”

“Then don’t dawdle, write quickly.”

In the face of the female lead, Yu Nian felt that she had to give the male lead face, so she didn’t criticize, but obediently responded, “Oh.”

Yu Nian bit the tip of her pen and slowly brushed the biology questions. Subjects that she wasn’t very good at first had been forgotten long ago after a long time interval.

Fortunately, the college entrance examination method here was the same as in reality, allowing Yu Nian to study partial subjects.

Once she passed this dividing of class, then her bitter days would be over.

Yu Nian thought happily.

Yu Nian was happy in her heart. How could she know that Li Xiang was stuck in his heart?

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Yu Nian wants to set him up with Liu Manman, but he doesn’t know what this person is thinking in her head. She doesn’t pay attention and still loves to gossip so much and doesn’t worry about it.

“I’m a little thirsty, I really want to drink a soda.” Not a moment later, Zhang Chuanze tilted his face toward Yu Nian.


Yu Nian stopped writing. She glanced at Li Xiang and Liu Manman, and instantly had an idea.

She poked Zhang Chuanze with her pen and whispered, “Drink ah, let’s go buy it now.”

“Ah?” Zhang Chuanze didn’t think what he casually said, Yu Nian would actually pick up on it.

When she saw Zhang Chuanze not getting up, Yu Nian stood on her own feet, got up, went around, and dragged Zhang Chuanze away.

On the way, Zhang Chuanze struggled, “Hey, wait, wait ah.”

There was no need to be so crushed by the disparity in physical strength.

Zhang Chuanze thought wearily, feeling that he was a living tool man.

If Yu Nian knew what Zhang Chuanze thought, she would definitely accept it cheerfully. “We’re all toolmen, and the spirit of tool can be passed on.”

As soon as the two of them left, Liu Manman dared to muster her courage to speak.

Only to see Liu Manman carefully raise her head. Her voice was particularly lowered as she looked directly at Li Xiang. She softly said with self-condemn, “Chi You, am I… Disturbing you?”

Li Xiang shook his head, “No, it’s none of your business.”

Although Li Xiang thought that Liu Manman had the intention to approach him, if there wasn’t Yu Nian’s bridging, he wouldn’t have appeared in front of her three or four times.


Naturally, he couldn’t place his dissatisfaction on her.

When he thought of Yu Nian’s behavior, Li Xiang’s head began to hurt again.

What’s in that guy’s head? He doesn’t believe that Yu Nian was simply bringing Liu ManMan over to study with him.

On this side, Yu Nian and Zhang Chuanze bought sodas and walked back. Zhang Chuanze suddenly opened his mouth, ”Shi Nian Nian, aren’t you a bit too bold? You dare to make jokes about Chi Yao.”

Yu Nian’s thoughts weren’t hidden from Li Xiang. Naturally, it couldn’t be hidden from Zhang Chuanze, who had always liked gossip.

Yu Nian pretended not to understand, “What are you saying? I don’t understand.”

Zhang Chuanze laughed disdainfully, “Don’t pretend to me. You deliberately arranged Liu Manman opposite Chi Yao. Do you know that I was going to sit there and he stared at me before moving the seat?”

“I really don’t know.” Yu Nian glanced at Zhang Chuanze innocently and replied honestly.

It was only then that she remembered that Zhang Chuanze also seemed to like Liu Manman.

No wonder this person’s resentment was so great right now. He must be feeling resentful towards me for creating opportunities for the male and female lead to get along with each other.

Thus, Yu Nian patted Zhang Chuanze’s shoulder in a serious manner, trying to persuade him to give up on Liu Manman.

“Zhang Chuanze, there is plenty of fragrant grass everywhere,2Also means, ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea’ (idiom), I just chose to use this wording so it would flow better with her wordings. so don’t fall in love one-sidedly with this flower.”

It’s not yours anyway. Yu Nian silently added to her heart.


Zhang Chuanze was confused, but he just thought it was interesting to see that the famous top student also had a day of having such a persona.

What’s with his unrequited love?

His youth and passion have been dedicated to writing endless homework and taking endless tests.

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