Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 19

Yu Nian was well aware of her current figure.

She was aware of the fact that the male lead’s care for her basically came from her parents’ entrustment.

Except for the entrustment, the two haven’t contacted much in private. They obviously live in the same neighborhood but they don’t communicate during holidays.

Of course, Yu Nian staying at home was the main reason.

Being made fun of like this by Li Xiang, Yu Nian couldn’t help no matter how thick-skinned she was, she didn’t answer and walked forward with her head down.


Li Xiang smiled helplessly and followed.

Almost the entire Class Four and Class Five have heard of Yu Nian’s injury.

At that time, Liu Manman wasn’t far away. She watched as Li Xiang hurriedly called for three to four people to send Yu Nian to the infirmary. It was a world of difference from his previous attitude towards herself.

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Gk, Yydxyd, eke usw blya vbyv?”

It wasn’t until someone hit her arm that Liu Manman came back to her senses. Her deer-like eyes seemed to be frightened, appearing even more innocent and gentle.


“I heard.” She smiled and said softly.

Yu Nian and Li Xiang happened to rush back to the classroom in the afternoon between the third period class.

“Yo, Shi Nian Nian, is your head okay?” Yu Nian had just entered the classroom when she heard someone greet her with malicious intentions.

Yu Nian remembered that boy being the so-called Class Five’s “class bully.” He looked like a self-centered show-off.

Wherever he went, he was surrounded by a group of three or five people. If one didn’t know, one would think that there was a title in the family to inherit.

Yu Nian suspected that the initiator of the handwriting on the test papers was likely to be this person.

Yu Nian hasn’t yet replied when someone answered for her, “Guan-ge, how can that be ah? Shi Nian Nian has a thick skin, but she looked distracted and knocked me flying three steps away.”

As soon as these words fell, the class burst into laughter, some even excitedly tapped the table.

Yu Nian wasn’t impressed by this incident. She always felt that these minor details of the plot didn’t seem to have been written in the novel.

If it was true…

Yu Nian looked down at her current huge physique, and then looked at the thin person, as if… It wasn’t… Impossible.

Being made fun of like this, Yu Nian’s face reddened. Although she didn’t experience it by herself, now that she was in this body, then it had something to do with her.


Li Xiang stood behind Yu Nian, looking at the group of people with a bad expression.

Yu Nian couldn’t see it, she only felt ashamed of herself as if all the embarrassing things about her today had been seen by Chi Yao.

Everyone was still ridiculing her. Yu Nian’s heart sank. She raised her foot and walked to the person’s seat. She patted the man’s thin shoulder, and said with a smile, “In that case, I’ll try my best next time, so that you can go home and have a free ride directly.”


The boy was obviously choked but didn’t expect that the always weak “Shi Nian Nian” would directly retort.

The person was about to say something else when the class bell rang.

Yu Nian turned around and sat back in her seat. Then, she saw a small pink note in the corner of the table. She thought it was a prank.

When she tore it off, it was actually Liu Manman’s handwriting.

Liu Manman’s words are like her, very elegant. The paper even carried a faint light fragrance.

Nian Nian, I heard that you were injured? Touch your head, are you better?

There was also a cute cartoon drawing underneath.

Compared with the group of people who laughed at her just now, this scene was simply different. Yu Nian was very moved when she held the note.


Who wouldn’t like such a kind and gentle female lead?

Anyway, Yu Nian liked it so much that she added another filter to Liu Manman in her heart.

Old Wang stepped into the classroom on time. The classroom, which was just a mess, immediately became serious.

Old Wang didn’t gossip today, but cut to the point, “Students, the final exam will be next week. Teacher hopes that everyone can relax during this time and work harder. When the classes are divided in the second half of the year, I hope to see you again.”

As soon as those words fell, Yu Nian’s hand that was turning the pen paused.

Divide the class?

Yu Nian was horrified.

No way ah! She can’t be separated from the male lead!

Otherwise, how could she set up the male and female leads in the future?

It’s best…

It’s best if Liu Manman can also be in the same class as them.

Yu Nian didn’t want her little matchmaking career to die before she could launch it.


So, after class, this person walked to Li Xiang’s desk and humbly asked, “Chi Yao, this class… Do you know how it’s divided?”

Li Xiang raised his eyelids and glanced at this person. He asked faintly, “Why are you interested in this?”

“I, this…” Yu Nian thought for half a day but couldn’t find a reason, so she simply gave up on herself and said, “Don’t I still want to share a class with you?”

Yu Nian didn’t know how funny her own twisted appearance fell in front of Li Xiang.

“Pft hahaha!”

Just after Yu Nian finished speaking, Li Xiang’s deskmate, Zhang Chuanze, laughed.

Yu Nian had a slight impression of Zhang Chuanze. The male lead’s good friend was the opposite of the male lead’s dull personality. He had a unique temper, but he was very nice.

The most important thing was that he seemed to be a bit interested in the female lead.

In the novel, it rained one day, and Zhang Chuanze seemed to have taken the initiative to give Liu Manman an umbrella.

According to the old man’s words, that was a sign of being interested in someone.

In Yu Nian’s opinion, Zhang Chuanze and Chi Yao were considered love rivals.

I just don’t know if these two people will be jealous when they meet in the future.

Thinking about it, Yu Nian felt that she had a heavy burden on her shoulders again. Not only did she have to set up the male and female lead, but she also had to sweep away the male lead’s love rivals.

Yu Nian was upset at the thought of this and glared at this person angrily.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Zhang Chuanze was a pleasant person, she would have cursed him.

Zhang Chuanze hurriedly apologized, ”Sorry, sorry! I just suddenly felt that initially liking someone alone can be so inspiring.”

”Like…” Yu Nian’s eyes widened. She looked at Li Xiang and then at Zhang Chuanze. She was sluggish then recovered.

Her face flushed and pointed at Zhang Chuanze to explain, “You like a ghost ah! Don’t talk nonsense. Can our good brotherhood not be tarnished?”

Yu Nian was a little guilty after saying this and secretly glanced at Li Xiang’s expression.

It was because she didn’t think about it well. She originally wanted it to be in one class, so it would always be more convenient to ask someone out.

How could she have thought that she would be misunderstood as she wanted to study this wonderful brain circuit hard in order to chase the male lead?

“Ranked according to the total final score at the end of the term. The top 60 classes in the grade will be ranked in turn.” Li Xiang’s expression was as usual as he said slowly.

“Total score?”Yu Nian’s heart suddenly sank when she heard the total score. She used to go to school in other subjects, but her biology and politics were very bad. She always didn’t learn well, and she would always drag behind.

Li Xiang saw Yu Nian frowning with a difficult expression and blurted out, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Nian sighed deeply and said in frustration, “That’s over. I definitely can’t be in the same class with you. I’m so bad at biology and politics.”

Hearing this, Zhang Chuanze on the side couldn’t help but interject, “Classmate Shi Nian Nian, do you want to look at the last monthly exam results? See which subject you’re not bad in?”

“…” Yu Nian glared at the man and said fiercely, “Shut up!”

Yu Nian knew that was the real score of Shi Nian Nian in the book, and it couldn’t be counted anyway.

Li Xiang didn’t talk to Zhang Chuanze, but instead continued, “That’s just right, I’m good at these two subjects.”

Yu Nian couldn’t understand what Li Xiang meant anymore, so she lived in vain.

Then this person was suddenly alive and well, her two eyes shining brightly, looking straight at Li Xiang.

“So, are you going to teach me?” She asked.

“In exchange, you teach me math.” Li Xiang said.

When Zhang Chuanze, who was on the side, heard this, he looked at Li Xiang, who had scored a perfect score in math last time. Zhang Chuanze had a shocked look on his face and seriously wondered if this person had been under a spell.

“Good ah!”

Who would’ve thought Yu Nian would agree readily, without thinking about why Li Xiang would make this request?

Zhang Chuanze: “???”

The underachiever with a bottom math score wants to teach math to the top student with the top score?

Were these two crazy or was he crazy?

Zhang Chuanze didn’t understand. Zhang Chuanze was so confused that he even wanted to hit a wall to see if he was dreaming.

Author’s Note:


Zhang Chuanze wrote a book called “About Those Days When My Brothers Studied Behind My Back, I Was At The Bottom”

Hahaha, just kidding.

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