Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 17

Yu Nian couldn’t get any sympathy, so she withdrew her hand resentfully, curled her lips to show her dissatisfaction, and continued to bury her head in writing problems.

It was only when Shi Zhengqing saw that it was getting late and his daughter hadn’t come back that he was the first to get impatient and came looking for her that he brought Yu Nian home.

Early the next morning, Yu Nian with sleepy eyes, rubbed her eyes as she slowly went downstairs.

It wasn’t her fault. Since she went to university, with free classes and plenty of time, Yu Nian has rarely had this kind of life of being industrious, rising early, and going to bed late. I’m afraid she has forgotten the days when she turned on the lights and read at night.

In addition, Yu Nian hasn’t yet adapted to her existing body shape. The heaviness brought to her by being overweight will only increase her unwillingness to move.


Particularly in summer, when it was sweltering hot. When she lay in bed, she just wanted to be paralyzed. Not to mention how painful it was for a person who was already a little angry about being woken, and struggled to wake up from sleep.

So after the alarm rang three times, Yu Nian had to be woken up by Shi Zhengqing himself.

As soon as Yu Nian went downstairs, Shi Zhengqing urged at the table, “Eat quickly, Yao Yao will be here in five minutes. Don’t make people wait for you for a long time again.”

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“Thank you, Uncle. I have already eaten.”


“Then, just wait, please wait for a few minutes. This brat dawdled in bed in the morning… hiss… Shi Nian Nian, why did you kick me?”

Yu Nian: “…”

What was he doing? How could he betray his daughter so much?

Yu Nian glared at Shi Zhengqing and deliberately ferociously said, “Eat without talking. Dad, shut up!”

Shi Zhengqing then thought that although his daughter’s temperament had become more cheerful, she was still a shy little girl in her bones, so she was ashamed.

Thus, Shi Zhengqing glanced at Yu Nian, tilted his head, and whispered, “Puberty, Dad understands.”

Yu Nian, who went on a mental journey in outer space: “…”

What kind of adolescence was she going through?

The small cookies naturally didn’t fall into Li Xiang’s hands. Li Xiang watched Yu Nian go to Class Four’s classroom with the box in her arms and gave it to Liu Manman personally.

For some reason, there was so much to be upset about.

She really was a little heartless.

He even helped her with tutoring last night but he didn’t even get a benefit today.


Yu Nian was just giving a gift as a thanks. How could she know why Li Xiang suddenly looked like he didn’t want to see her? Although he didn’t say it clearly, everyone could see that there were four prominent characters written on it: Strangers, do not disturb.

After returning to the classroom, Yu Nian distributed her small cookies to Li Xiang. While disgusted, the male lead stretched out his hand and picked a big one, his face improved a little bit.

Yu Nian transmigrated into this book. The school was quite in line with real-world education methods. Each school implemented quality education and there are no longer a situation where the main class occupied the physical education class.

Moreover, this time, Class Four and Class Five’s physical education classes happened to collide together.

When Yu Nian saw Liu Manman not far away on the sports field, she knew what was going to happen with today’s plot.

“On the grassy field, the soft wind blew Liu Manman’s long black hair. She was walking with light footsteps and the corner of her lips were perked up, showing a bright smile. Just like a lotus flower in a pond breaking the surface.1It means surpassingly beautiful.

“Her gaze seemed casual with the youthfulness that a young girl should have, but in reality, she would sweep on Chi Yao, who was playing on the basketball court in the distance from time to time.

“The young man’s sturdy figure ran back and forth on the court and sweat dampened his back, making his well-built figure even more eye-catching… It attracted her that she had to step forward to watch.

“The out-of-control ball hit the slender Liu Manman, who was in the middle of trying to dodge but accidentally sprained her foot, and her fair ankle instantly became red and swollen…

“Everyone gathered around to prepare for the rescue, only to see Chi Yao expressionlessly fish out his phone from his side pocket to make a call. He walked over with a cold face and said, ‘Don’t move, wait for the stretcher.’”

Yu Nian was already getting angry just thinking about it.

Although she was now on good terms with the male lead. Today if the dog male lead really said “Wait for the stretcher.” She’ll go and kick the person.


Yu Nian bought a bag of potato chips, found a perfect spot outside the basketball court, and waited to watch the show.

As expected, not a moment later, she caught a glimpse of Liu Manman walking this way out of the corner of her eye.

Yu Nian was immediately exhilarated and stared intently at the direction of the ball on the court.

“Hey, Chi Yao, the fat girl has been sitting there staring at you since we started playing. She wouldn’t be interested in you, right?”A boy lightly bumped Li Xiang’s arm and laughed out loud.

As soon as these words fell, the crowd burst into laughter.

Li Xiang looked back at Yu Nian, who was sitting there peacefully eating potato chips and squinting at the ball, and then he also laughed softly along with him.

This person was quite good at enjoying herself and even found a shady place.2It means a covered place, not the other shady meaning lol.

Li Xiang knew what would happen next, so he was very cautious when controlling the ball, trying to avoid the accident depicted in the book.

Unbeknownst to him, the heaven was not in his favor.

He was trying hard to control the ball, yet the ball flew out in someone else’s hands, smashing not into someone else, but Yu Nian, who was silently preparing to watch the show.

“Watch out!” Li Xiang shouted with a startled heart.

With a ”bang”, Yu Nian’s mind went stupid and subconsciously covered her head.


WTF! I was just watching a play, how could this happen?

Yu Nian didn’t know what was wrong, her brain was buzzing. She saw Li Xiang’s face full of anxiety not far away, peeling through the crowd and running towards her. His mouth kept shouting her name.

So damn noisy. She thought.

The male lead is talking too much.


This person didn’t say “Wait for the stretcher” with a straight face ah.

“What are you still standing for?!” Li Xiang frowned, turned around, and roared.

Everyone reacted and hurriedly helped Yu Nian up. Three to four people took Yu Nian to the infirmary together.

“Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere?” Dr. Zhang asked.

Yu Nian was sluggish and shook her head gently, “Just… Stuffy, everything else is okay.”

Dr. Zhang: “Then rest. You should be fine by then.”

Li Xiang pursed his lips and said nothing. His dark eyes looked at the person on the bed, not knowing what he was thinking.

His heart was still beating ardently.

He knew it was out of control.

At the moment when Yu Nian squatted down with her head covered, he was angry and anxious, but he couldn’t say anything more unpleasant.

“Dr. Zhang, I want to take her to the hospital for a brain CT. Can you give us a sick note?” Li Xiang said.

Dr. Zhang was taken aback for a moment. He looked at Li Xiang’s anxious eyes and nodded in understanding, “That’s good, too. It’s more reassuring.”

Li Xiang: “Thank you, Dr. Zhang.”

Unexpectedly, Yu Nian, who was originally stuffy and was silent on the bed, opened her mouth, “I’m not going to the hospital.”

Dr. Zhang glanced at the two of them and got up, “I’ll make a leave request first, you two can discuss it yourselves.”

As soon as Dr. Zhang left, Li Xiang approached the hospital bed and looked at Yu Nian, who was aggrieved on the bed, with a rare uncompromising attitude, “You’re going.”

Yu Nian bit her lip and said in a muffled voice, “I’m not going!”m

“Okay, then I’ll inform Uncle and Aunt to come over.” Li Xiang said, taking out his cell phone from his pocket in a gesture to call Ling Ya.

Upon seeing this, Yu Nian hurriedly stretched out her hand to stop him, “Ai, don’t, don’t, don’t! I’m going, how can I still not ba!”

After saying this, she unwillingly got up and was fiercely helped by Li Xiang out of the bed.

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