Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 16

In the end, Yu Nian stood in front of Li Xiang’s house holding a box of fruits. She stayed for a while before ringing the doorbell.

When Li Xiang received the news from Shi Zhengqing, he knew that Yu Nian was heading this way again. Fortunately, his house had always been clean and there was nothing to clean up.

It couldn’t be said what it was like, but when Shi Zhengqing made this request, Li Xiang answered without any objection. It was so quick that Shi Zhengqing was stunned. He muttered in his heart that this kid wouldn’t be interested in his daughter, would he?

However, when he thought about his daughter, he felt that he thought too much.

He went back to discuss with Ling Ya. If Nian Nian and Chi Yao, that boy, dated, then he can sleep and wake up laughing.


The amused Ling Ya teased him, “The daughter slave is also no longer a daughter slave.”

Shi Zhengqing ‘hehe’-d, “It’s not that kid, Chi Yao, is reliable at first glance. After all, the old Chi Family’s children, know their roots and backgrounds.”

At this time, Yu Nian was lying on the bed reading a novel.

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God knows how much Yu Nian said this sentence against her will.


Li Xiang pursed his lips and didn’t pierce the person’s façade. He took the initiative to reach out and take the box, “Come in.”


For the first time she entered the male lead’s room, Yu Nian was curious. She looked around, only to find that the room was completely bright and spacious…

To put it bluntly, there weren’t many signs of human habitation. It seemed desolate as if the male lead lived alone.

“Where’s Uncle and Auntie?” Yu Nian asked casually.

Li Xiang explained habitually, “One is on a business trip and the other one is working overtime.”

Yu Nian opened her mouth to comfort him but she said “Oh”, and didn’t know what to say, so she had to change the subject. “My Dad is really bothersome, troubling you. I’ll find a place to write later, you don’t have to take care of me.”

After Yu Nian finished, she smiled at Li Xiang with a sincere expression.

How can Li Xiang not know what Yu Nian’s thoughts are? Obviously, this person doesn’t want to study.

He didn’t eat this set, and calmly said, “It’s a small matter. Since Uncle Shi requested, I naturally can’t be perfunctory. You and I will study later, the place has been arranged for you.”

Yu Nian thought she had given Li Xiang a ladder but this person actually didn’t go down. Don’t know if she should say that this person was thoughtful or braindead.

Her lips twitched and she had to follow Li Xiang with her school bag in her arms.


The study was very atmospheric; it exuded a faint smell of ink. Once you entered the door, there was a three-dimensional large bookcase on the right. The books on it were divided into categories, covering various fields, most of which were finance and medicine.

“Most of them belong to my parents,” Li Xiang explained.

Yu Nian nodded. Of course, she knew this.

In the novel, Chi Yao treats people lukewarmly. It can be blamed on the root cause. The main reason for this was related to family factors.

With his parents away from home for a long time, Chi Yao has gotten used to being alone, so he gradually doesn’t know how to get along with others. All he had in his head was reading and studying.

Yu Nian thought that this was also the reason why Chi Yao was still indifferent in the face of Liu Manman’s various secret glances.

Thinking of this, Yu Nian’s heart was inexplicably excited. She felt the need to step up her efforts for the male lead’s future happiness.

Li Xiang didn’t know why Yu Nian kept looking around, and the corners of her lips were raised.

He pointed to a chair on the side, “Sit down. If you don’t know, you can ask me.”

After that, Li Xiang turned his back to Yu Nian and started to “do his homework.”

When Yu Nian saw this, her heart was happy.

Wasn’t this just what she wanted?


Thus, Yu Nian took out the test papers and sat sideways with her answers. Coincidentally, she could sweep a glance at Li Xiang out of the corner of her eye for real-time observation.

Inside the quiet study, only the rustle of the nib touching the paper could be heard for a while.

Yu Nian couldn’t calm down and wanted to speak after copying for a few minutes. But when she turned her head and looked at a certain someone sitting upright, she was afraid that she would disturb people’s serious study by making a sound. It wasn’t very good, so she had to hold back again.

At this time, Li Xiang turned his head and happened to meet Yu Nian’s gaze which was about to withdraw. His eyebrows gently raised, “Finished writing?”

Yu Nian shook her head, “It’s only a few, have you finished writing?”

Li Xiang stopped writing and said “hmm” gently. He got up, put away his homework, and dragged a chair to sit next to Yu Nian. His whole action was quite natural, and there was nothing wrong with it.

“You… Have to watch me write ah?” Yu Nian said incredulously.

En, it’s very efficient like this.”

It’s unnecessary!

It will only be less efficient, okay?

Yu Nian’s brain turned fast. She lowered her head and deliberately became shy, “That’s not too good. If you look at me like this, I’ll easily get distracted.”

With that said, she moved her chair to the side.


Li Xiang held an ancient history book in his hand. He looked askance at this person and didn’t say a word.

Under Li Xiang’s unquestionable attitude, Yu Nian had to bite the bullet and honestly spread the paper flat and do it herself.

Unbeknownst to her, in order to be able to observe Yu Nian from a close distance, Li Xiang told a small lie.

How could the homework be done?

It was just that he was too tired to copy and wanted to rest.

Yu Nian was very quiet, and her eyes were focused when she was doing her homework.

Li Xiang knew that the eyes of “Shi Nian Nian” in the book were the eyes of that person that came to mind when he first described her.

Her ink-like eyes were shiny as if he had scooped a pool of clear spring and brewed a bit of wine in it. When she looks at people, there is a shining luster that makes people inadvertently sink.

After Yu Nian wrote for a while, she realized that she sensed a line of sight. She turned her head to look and it was gone. At this time, Li Xiang was looking down at ancient history seriously.

Yu Nian had to withdraw her gaze as if the response just now was an illusion.

Li Xiang was studying the book quite seriously and if by chance she wanted to say, ‘Were you watching me secretly just now?’

How embarrassing! People would definitely think she was a narcissist.

Unbeknownst to her, Li Xiang had long since lost his intention to study the moment she raised her head.

“Have something to say?”

When Yu Nian inclined her head to look over for the third time, Li Xiang was finally “willing” to share his gaze with her.

Yu Nian’s lips curled, “I want to rest.”

Li Xiang was silent, waiting for her to explain.

“Hands hurt.” It’s been too long since she wrote, her hands do hurt.

As Yu Nian said, she gave her hand in front of Li Xiang’s eyes and her index finger shook, “Look, it’s all red.”

Somehow, Li Xiang suddenly remembered the Yu Nian he met at Star Dad’s store.

Even after a few years, that person could still be recognized in the crowd at a glance. Those slender arms didn’t seem to have much strength, and her back was fragile, like a delicate bag that couldn’t carry on when she did a little bit of work.

“Squeamish.” The corner of Li Xiang’s eyes bent and he spat out the word in a nonchalant manner.

Yu Nian, who was preparing to receive care: “???”

Mad. Sure enough, he’s really a dog male lead.

Shouldn’t have complained to him.

Yu Nian mentally cursed Li Xiang all over the place and was close to poking the little person in him.

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