Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 15

When she was criticized by Li Xiang and bumped into him, Yu Nian’s face didn’t blush and her heart didn’t jump. She even went to buy a cup of Li Xiang’s favorite vanilla taro boba to curry favor with him.

“Hush money?” Li Xiang raised his eyelids and gently glanced at Yu Nian who had a smiling face.

“You said so, then yes.” With her thoughts poked through at a glance, Yu Nian rubbed the tip of her nose in embarrassment and nodded her head in recognition.

Who told her to care about what Ling Ya and the others thought?

Li Xiang didn’t say yes or no, his eyes quietly gazed at the cup of milk tea in the corner of the table; his heart was silently poked.


Once upon a time, that person also handed him a cup of vanilla milk tea like this, with a smile in her eyes.

It was said that he liked it. Yu Nian read it in the book, the male lead liked this one and she bought it specifically. What she didn’t see was that this person had half-fluctuations.

“In the end, do you agree or not?” Yu Nian asked.

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That night, not long after Yu Nian came home and sat at the dining table, Shi Zhengqing started talking about it.


Shi Zhengqing looked at Yu Nian, who was eating heartily, with an insincere smile on his face, “Shi Nian Nian you’re really something ah. You dare to neglect in class. The teacher called me and told me about it. What did you chat about the people in front of your table?”

It was no wonder Yu Nian ate well. She can only say that Ling Ya’s cooking skills made her quite nostalgic. It was as if she was back in childhood. At that time, she often sat at the dinner table with the old man, and waited together with bated breath for Zhao Yuyan to feed them. Every time, the old man would argue with her spinelessly.

He was obviously an elegant bachelor but was stunned by his own daughter’s impatient temperament.

When Yu Ruiping was impatient, he would scare Yu Nian. “That’s my wife’s cooking!”

At this point, Yu Nian would stretch her neck and the rim of her eyes reddening, yelling, “That’s my mom’s cooking!”

Zhao Yuyan would then gently shake her head with a helpless face, placing Yu Nian on her lap, and looking at Yu Ruiping angrily.

Yu Ruiping could only touch his nose and give up fighting with his daughter.

Of course, how much Zhao Yuyan loved Yu Ruiping, Yu Nian had known since she was little.

For example, every time Yu Ruiping fought with Yu Nian, Yu Nian seemed to win, but in fact, when she went to sleep, Zhao Yuyan would secretly give Yu Ruiping preferential treatment.

Don’t ask how Yu Nian knew these secrets; who hasn’t had the experience of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night?

Yu Nian has always felt that Yu Ruiping and Zhao Yuyan were true lovers, and she, too, was really surprised.

However, when Yu Nian was a bit older, she knew that it was a small love affair between Yu Ruiping and Zhao Yuyan. Meanwhile, she was, however, just a booster.


“Oh, Dad, I just said that the ugly person who does all kinds of weird things to get attention was reported.” Yu Nian honestly explained.

Shi Zhengqing was blocked by his daughter’s confession, and momentarily choked on his words, “You… You can’t say anything irrelevant to others.”

“He bullies people,” Yu Nian explained, “When I talk to the person on my front desk, they stutter easily. He said that the person was annoying. I can’t just stand idly by and do nothing la.”

When he heard this, Shi Zhengqing nodded. “Oh, that’s it…” Then he turned toward Ling Ya, “Isn’t this quite right, wife?”

Ling Ya originally wanted Shi Zhengqing to slightly reason with Yu Nian, not to solve the problem so impolitely. Who thought that he would be sold in minutes?

When he received Ling Ya’s implied look, Shi Zhengqing only realized that something was wrong.

It was agreed that he would play the role of the hero but when he got it, he couldn’t keep his wife’s gentle image in his daughter’s heart.

Yu Nian was big-hearted but she didn’t see any problems. After all, she always knew that in reality, her temperament follows after Zhao Yuyan. Doesn’t she know what her temper was?

If the characters in the book were a reflection of their own reality, then Shi Zhengqing would obviously be a paper tiger.2Someone who looks strong and cruel but they actually can’t do anything.

Yu Nian thought about it and became happy again.

Because her family’s old man was indeed a paper tiger.

At this moment, Shi Zhengqing changed the topic and said, “Shi Nian Nian, after eating in a while, you’ll bring the fruits to Chi Yao, and bring your homework along with you. You’re not allowed to come back until you’ve finished it.”


“Dad, don’t you know what my grades are like? It’s not good to cheat Chi Yao over like this.” Yu Nian muttered as the chopsticks in her hand paused.

In reality, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to copy the answers in peace after she went over.

However, Shi Zhengqing was determined to drive Yu Nian out, “Chi Yao has already agreed to give you a free tutor. There’s a generation gap in finding a tutor. I’m afraid you’re too timid to ask what you don’t know.”

Yu Nian, who grew up from a little tiger to a big tiger, doesn’t know what timidity was.


She was blunt.

She was “Shi Nian Nian” now.

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