Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 14

Before transmigrating into the book, when he saw Yu Nian again, the person was as dazzling as ever that people couldn’t move their eyes.

With a smile, she had an apologetic look which gradually overlapped with the scene in his memories, causing Li Xiang’s restrained and hidden emotions for many years to burst out.

He knew he should have the courage to step forward and say hello, but when he met that person’s clear and clean gaze, he wanted to escape.

He thought so and did so.

However, after running away, there was regret and sorrow.


When he came back to his senses and saw himself in the window, he had the courage to do so again.

Li Xiang almost ran back to look for someone, but the person at the table was long gone.

Another miss. Li Xiang thought.

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“Okay, okay.” Yu Nian said in disappointment.


Li Xiang’s eyes slightly moved, and a trace of imperceptible emotions flashed. He tilted his head and pretended to ask carelessly, “Why did you suddenly think of this?”

“Ah… It’s nothing. When I was doing my homework last night, I suddenly had a gush of creativity. I found that with every question, there was a kind of hidden genius gene that I might’ve awakened, so I came to ask today.” Yu Nian said half-truthfully.

If this were someone else, such outrageous and deserves a beating words, that even came from Shi Nian Nian, would certainly be looked down on and even be mocked.

“Really,” Li Xiang pretended not to believe it and tried to deceive Yu Nian, “It’s the end of the semester, let me see your level ba.”

“What? Looking down on people ah.” Yu Nian snorted lightly.

How dare you look down on me? When this sister takes the exam seriously, you’ll cry. Yu Nian thought secretly.

The fish seems to have taken the bait.

Li Xiang’s face was unmoved, but his heart was in a state of stormy waves. “Let’s do it this way ba. If at the end of the term, you surpass me in any subject, I’ll grant you a wish. How’s that?”

“Really? There’s actually such a good thing?” Yu Nian said incredulously.

Li Xiang nodded, “Really.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Nian’s eyes were happy. She hurriedly tugged on Li Xiang’s sleeve and asked in detail, “Then if I exceed several subjects, do you owe me several wishes?”

“Depends on whether you have the ability or not.”


Without saying a word, Yu Nian hurriedly said, “Deal!” She was secretly happy in her heart.

When that time comes, she would blatantly ask the male lead and female lead to go on a date! Hehehe, I’m quick-witted.

However, she didn’t notice that at the moment she said “Deal”, her transmigrating into the book little vest was nearly gone.

Li Xiang was only three points sure and seven points skeptical. Now at Yu Nian’s tone, the probability of certainty has increased.

However, the truth was still uncertain.

Anyway, there was still a lot of time, so he could test it slowly.

Yu Nian followed behind Li Xiang as usual. The two of them entered the classroom one after the other.

It stood to reason that after so many days, the people in the class should have gotten used to it. However, after the two went in together, they gained a lot of attention.

When Yu Nian looked over, the group of people withdrew their gazes and lowered their heads to whisper, but from time to time, they would still cast their peripheral vision.

No matter how big Yu Nian’s heart was, she could perceive something wasn’t right.

It can only be said that this group of people’s acting skills are really too bad!

Yu Nian deliberately pulled out a bottle of milk from her bag and placed it on Li Xiang’s table, and said, “Here, my mom asked me to bring it to you.”


As soon as these words fell, a few gazes from the surroundings were thrown over again.

Li Xiang looked at the milk that had been warmed up and looked blankly. Then, under the many gazes of the people, he opened the bottle cap and tilted his head to take a sip.

“No way, he really drank it!”

“WTF! What’s wrong with the male god?”

“Don’t scare me… I thought Chi Yao never ate other people’s food? How could he drink milk from Shi Nian Nian?”

“Are the rumors true? Are they together?”

“No way! If the rumors are true, I’ll do a headstand and eat shit!”


Of course, Yu Nian didn’t hear any of these words.

She took advantage of the self-study to poke Zeng Yu, the little fatty in front of her desk, with a pen and wondered, “What’s going on with everyone? Looking at me with such strange eyes.”

“I-I-I… I do-don’t know ah.” The little fatty said tremblingly.

Yu Nian: “…”


“No, I don’t eat people. I’m so cute, what are you so nervous about?”

Little Fatty twisted his head around with an aggrieved face, “I-I-I, I stu-stutter.”

At this time, Yu Nian discovered that Zeng Yu had a bruise on his forehead and couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong with your forehead?”

“A-accidentally, h-hit it.” Zeng Yu avoided Yu Nian’s line of sight and lowered his head.

Just after he finished speaking, an impatient voice interjected, “I say, stop talking, okay? The stuttering is annoying to hear.”

Zeng Yu immediately turned his head and apologized to his deskmate Wang Quan, “S-Sorry.”

“Sorry for what ah? You didn’t have anything to say sorry for.” Yu Nian suddenly became angry upon seeing this.

Why do these children not follow good examples at a young age and like to bully their classmates so much?

If others talked about Yu Nian herself, she would laugh it off. But others talking about a teenager who wasn’t yet mature in mind and has low self-esteem and sensitivity, it was very easy to hurt the other party’s self-esteem and leave a shadow on the person.

“Yo, Shi Nian Nian, you don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you have our big class monitor protecting you, do you?” Wang Quan had a snarky look on his face.

Seeing his crafty look, Yu Nian was upset. She said directly, “Ugly people will do all kinds of weird things to get attention.”

“Shi Nian Nian, what did you say?!” Wang Quan seemed to be touched at a sensitive point. He suddenly raised his volume which caused many people to turn their heads and look back.

Yu Nian subconsciously looked in the direction of Li Xiang and happened to meet his line of sight.

Yu Nian blinked at him, she was very innocent.

At the end of the class, because of the report from an unknown person, Yu Nian, Zeng Yu, and Wang Quan were called into the office for a lecture.

“Early self-study isn’t good but can still gossip anything? Even if you gossip, you’re still affecting other students. Don’t want to study anymore?” English teacher Yang Lanlan scolded.

No wonder she lost her temper. According to Yu Nian’s understanding, before she transmigrated into the book, she was at the bottom of the 20 classes in the English Midterm Examination, throwing herself to death.

Particularly when the total scores of other subjects are ranked at the top of the grade, the count backward for English was particularly abrupt. Even in the five early self-study sessions a week, English took up a large portion of the time.

Yang Lanlan’s anger subsided and asked in a cold voice, “Tell me, what did you all say? It’s so important that you have to talk in the self-study class.”

“Teacher, Yu Nian cursed me.” Wang Quan, the thief who cried thief.1The guilty party files the suit.

“Cursed you for what?” Yang Lanlan glanced at Yu Nian and asked lightly.

“Cursed me…” Wang Quan probably felt humiliated and couldn’t speak.

“Oh, teacher, I said he’s an ugly person who does all kinds of weird things to get attention.” Yu Nian saw this big man whining and simply spoke for him.

Upon hearing this, Yang Lanlan looked at Yu Nian with a blank stare. “What are you doing saying irrelevant words at people? Shi Nian Nian, if I remember correctly, your mother and father are both highly educated. How could you judge people by their appearance like this?”

The office was silent for a moment. Zeng Yu, who had been silent all this time, said in a low voice, “T-Teacher, it-it’s actually me, my problem.”


Although Wang Quan cursed in a small voice, Yu Nian, who was close to him, heard it. She turned her head and glared at this person, and simply told her about the dispute this morning.

At the end of the story, Yu Nian emotionally expressed a sentiment that students should help each other, unite and be friendly.

“But what Wang Quan said was too hurtful, so I couldn’t control myself for a moment. Teacher, it’s precisely because I’ve experienced the experience of being sneered at that I empathize and don’t want the people around me to experience it again.” Yu Nian’s brows were lowered, her eyes seemed to be glistening with tears, and she curled her lips aggrievedly.

Yang Lanlan more or less knew a little about Yu Nian’s previous absence in class. Afraid of poking her sore spot, she waved her hand with a headache, and her tone softened, “Okay, okay, we’ll forget it this time. Next time, I’ll give a serious point, do you hear me?”

The three of them responded in a low voice.

“Go back,” Yang Lanlan said.

Yu Nian turned around, and a hint of slyness crossed under her eyes which happened to be caught by Li Xiang who came in to deliver the homework.

Where did the person who still had that aggrieved look of wanting to cry just now?

Li Xiang was worried about Yu Nian. He usually asks the vice class president to deliver the homework. Today, he specifically came to send them in person. Who would’ve imagined he’d encounter this scene?

The corner of Yu Nian’s eyes was still faintly red, but the corner of her lips was curved up ahead. She even gave a sweet smile when she saw Li Xiang.

Sure enough, it was unnecessary to worry about anything. Li Xiang thought to himself.

The current Shi Nian Nian, simply wouldn’t eat losses.

It would be good if others didn’t suffer from her.

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