Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 53

Under the cover of night, the two sat side by side on a bench, occasionally being passed by people who came out for a stroll, and casting curious glances at them from time to time.

It’s understandable, after all, both of them were still wearing their summer school uniforms, easily giving the impression that they were a young couple secretly meeting on this secluded path behind their parents’ backs. This especially became awkward when encountering acquaintances.

Seeing Yu Nian’s emotions had somewhat calmed down, Li Xiang finally spoke softly, “I returned the love letter to Liu Manman.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Nian subconsciously turned her head to look at Li Xiang, her face filled with astonishment.

“N-No, you two aren’t together?”


“Which eye of yours saw us together?”

At his words, Yu Nian fell silent for a few seconds. She turned her body away, lowered her head, gently tapping her fingernails, and whispered softly, “You haven’t been waiting for me these past few days. You often sat with Manman after class. I thought you two were already together.”

“It’s because there’s a math competition. Old Wang named us to participate, so we’ve been in touch more often during this time. It’ll end once it’s over,” Li Xiang explained, then asked, “Do you think this is why I haven’t been waiting for you?”

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“Nian Nian, I don’t know why you’ve been trying so hard to match me with Liu Manman, but there’s something I must make clear to you.”


Li Xiang paused for a moment, then turned to face Yu Nian, his gaze firm. “As the person involved, I can assure you, both emotionally and rationally, I have no feelings for Liu Manman. I am clearer on this point than you are, so don’t waste your efforts in the future.”

As Li Xiang finished speaking, he quietly waited for Yu Nian’s response. However, Yu Nian seemed to struggle to accept this statement, staring at Li Xiang in shock, finding it difficult to express her thoughts.

“You… You’re saying you don’t like Liu Manman? But… But…”

“But what?” Li Xiang raised an eyebrow.

Yu Nian stared at Li Xiang, remaining silent for a while, but inside, her mind was filled with a myriad of thoughts.

But you two are the male and female leads ah! How can the male and female leads not end up together?

Yu Nian felt as if she was a cat on a hot tin roof., her mind in a state of panic.

What to do ah? Is the novel I’m chasing will have a direct BE, or did the male lead himself say it?

Yu Nian never read BE novels, this is her taboo.

Life was already full of trivialities; reading a novel was supposed to bring joy, so how could she let herself feel sad!

For some reason, Yu Nian suddenly recalled a string of small gray words from “I’m Invisible To The Male Lead,” as if they were written: Guess if it’s a BE or HE?

At first, Yu Nian didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking it was just a rhetorical question deliberately used by the author to attract readers and spark their interest in reading and interacting. Who would have thought his big grandfather is really BE ah!


Damn it, Xiao Xiangli! I really misjudged you!

As the golden father of this novel, I’ve rewarded so many golden jellies, and they dare to tell me it was actually BE!

Wuwu, Xiao Xiangli, you have no heart!

At this moment, it felt as if the little villain Yu Nian’s mind was struck in the chest by an arrow, collapsing to the ground and vomiting a pool of blood.

Li Xiang didn’t know what Yu Nian was thinking exactly, her expression was extremely peculiar, ranging from shock to anger and then to helplessness. Now, there was even a hint of resentment in the gaze she directed towards him, as if not liking Liu Manman was akin to committing a huge mistake.

“Well, okay then.” Yu Nian finally reluctantly accepted this reality. She decided that tonight, she would go back and read a sweet story to comfort her heart, which had been deeply hurt by Xiao Xiangli.

Seeing her reluctant expression, Li Xiang frowned slightly and couldn’t help asking, “Why do you seem so upset that I don’t like Liu Manman?”

Upon hearing this, Yu Nian couldn’t help but mutter to herself, wondering if it was that obvious. Despite this, she wore an embarrassed smile on her face and denied, “No, it’s nothing.”

“I hope there isn’t.” It was evident that Yu Nian was hiding something from him. Li Xiang felt as though he wasn’t trusted by her, his expression turning grim and his tone less than pleasant.

Fortunately, Yu Nian’s mind was currently preoccupied with the BE of the novel she was chasing, so she didn’t have the time to dwell on Li Xiang’s attitude.

Yu Nian turned her head and glanced at Li Xiang secretly.

The light cast upon this person added a touch of coldness to his demeanor.


He had a pair of attractive double eyelids, with thin skin and deep creases. When he lifted his eyelids to look at someone, his gaze was deep and tranquil, like the midnight sky, making it difficult for people to discern his thoughts.

Yu Nian thought of the descriptions of the male lead in the book, gradually finding similarities with the person in front of her.

However, having seen more vivid characters, she felt that Xiao Xiangli’s descriptions were still too superficial; they didn’t even capture one-third of the male lead’s handsome features.

Facing such a teenager in the prime of youth, brimming with hormones, no one could remain unaffected.

After sneakily admiring the perfect boy, Yu Nian couldn’t help but swallow nervously and tentatively asked, “So… if you don’t like Liu Manman, what kind of girl do you like ah?”

Yu Nian didn’t believe that anyone in the book could be more gentle and lovely than Liu Manman, at least not anyone she had seen.

After Yu Nian asked this question, she wasn’t sure what hit the other’s funny bone.

Li Xiang, who had just been cold-faced, suddenly burst into laughter.

He leaned back slightly, resting gently against the back of the chair as if contemplating something. Then he turned his head to look at Yu Nian, his gaze tender and affectionate. “I like ones with short hair, and a little stupid.”

Unfortunately, Yu Nian was gazing up at the starry sky above and didn’t notice. Upon hearing Li Xiang’s remark, she frowned, showing her difficulty in understanding. “Isn’t it good to be smart?”

“Being too smart isn’t good,” Li Xiang said with great seriousness.

Clearly, Yu Nian didn’t think of herself as dumb at all. She bitterly flashed through several names in her head before scratching her head and looking at Li Xiang.


“Chi Yao, your scope is too broad. Let me do the math. After you, there are over twenty girls with short hair just in our class, let alone other classes.”

“Why would you think about other classes?” Li Xiang couldn’t help but laugh at the example Yu Nian gave, prompting him to ask.

“That’s because it’s in our class. No ah, does that mean you already have someone you like?!” Yu Nian, seizing on the crucial point in his response, suddenly perked up, her eyes shining as she stared at Li Xiang, her gossip-loving heart ignited.

“Who is it, tell me quickly.” Yu Nian urged.

Hmph, I’d like to see which goblin dared to ruin my official pairing and turn it into a BE.

Li Xiang looked at the person in front of him somewhat helplessly, then slowly got up. “Alright, it’s getting late. Let’s go back. Auntie is really worried about you.”

“No, why did you stop halfway through your sentence! That’s so rude!”

Seeing Li Xiang walk away without even looking back, Yu Nian stamped her foot angrily.

Wasn’t he intentionally leaving her hanging? How could she sleep well after this!

Author’s Note:

Nian Nian: The goblin was actually me?

Jie Jie: Sorry for the late updates, I’m quite busy with something irl. Thank you.

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