Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 54

Upon learning that Li Xiang had someone he liked, Yu Nian felt an itch of curiosity. Her overwhelming curiosity completely distracted her from her studies. Upon returning home, she immediately found the class roster and filtered out all the girls to send to Li Xiang.

Nian Nian: “Yao Ge, who’s your goddess on this list? Tell me.”

Li Xiang glanced at the list, scanning from top to bottom without seeing Yu Nian’s name.

He couldn’t help but smile, feeling like a hunter with traps laid out, waiting for the prey to walk right in.

Words that couldn’t be spoken face-to-face seemed easier to say under the probing of this person.


So he kindly reminded: Did you forget to write someone?

Yu Nian was evidently guarding the screen, replying swiftly: Impossible! I spent half the day filtering through the roster one by one. There’s no way I missed anyone.

Seeing that Yu Nian remained unrepentant, Li Xiang decided to cut to the chase: What about your own name?

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Ubk Zys: …

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Ubk Zys: Mbld xyjl wr qsa kv dso, yde R’zz vlzz usw.

Zw Lkyd vbswtbv kv oyp wddlnlppyau, cwv sclekldvzu yeele bla sod dyxl yde pldv vbl pnalldpbsv ytykd.

The wait, fueled by anticipation, began to feel endless. The hands of the clock ticked away, one minute, two minutes…


Just as Yu Nian started to wonder if Li Xiang was deliberately teasing her, he sent over a screenshot.

Chi Yao: I like the idiot at the bottom of the list.

The words sent by Li Xiang felt like a bolt from the blue, igniting a flurry of sparks in Yu Nian’s heart, which refused to settle down for a long time.

She widened her eyes and read the last sentence repeatedly, afraid she might have misread it.

She had created the form, so she knew without a doubt who was listed last.

In the past, Yu Nian might have arrogantly agreed with such a statement and even praised the other person for having good taste. But now, she couldn’t help but question the authenticity behind those words.

Even though she knew that the other person might have been joking because they didn’t want to tell her, Yu Nian’s heart still skipped a beat, as nobody would dislike being loved.

But Yu Nian was acutely aware of her current situation.

Due to her upbringing, Yu Nian had never been inclined to compare herself with others. This time, she reluctantly made a comparison between herself and Liu Manman. Those superficial factors she had once considered trivial—whether it was appearance, demeanor, or academic performance—all seemed to matter now.

Yu Nian suppressed the turmoil in her heart and replied with a casual tone: Yao Ge, jokes should be moderate ah. If you don’t want to say it, it’s okay.

Yu Nian’s response was within Li Xiang’s expectations. He made up his mind and simply picked up his phone, pressed the voice button, and spoke a sentence before sending it.

Yu Nian gently clicked the message. Li Xiang’s deep voice came through the screen, surprisingly earnest, causing a tingling sensation in her heart.


He said: “Shi Nian Nian, I’m serious.”

After listening, Yu Nian blushed and threw her phone away. She curled up in her blanket, rolling around, unable to calm the excitement in her heart.

Too embarrassing!

Yu Nian refused to admit that she had been momentarily swayed by a little brat.

Having lived for more than twenty years, Yu Nian wasn’t experiencing a confession for the first time. However, this time, she found herself losing sleep over just six words.

In the dead of the night, Yu Nian repeatedly played the last voice message from Li Xiang, listening to it over and over again.

“Shi Nian Nian, I’m serious.”

“Shi Nian Nian, I’m serious.”

Yu Nian didn’t know when she fell asleep. When she woke up in the morning, her head felt heavy and she had some signs of a cold.

As she descended the stairs, she saw Li Xiang sitting on the sofa as if nothing had happened, just like before, waiting for her.

Shi Zhengqing, seeing the two kids reconciled, seemed delighted. He called out to Yu Nian to hurry up, not to keep people waiting.


As Yu Nian approached and caught sight of Li Xiang’s smiling face, she didn’t know where to look for a moment. She could only turn her head away, pretending not to care, and quickly sat down to bury herself in breakfast.

Yu Nian ate whatever Ling Ya prepared for her, even eating the egg yolk herself, no longer fussing like before to give Shi Zhengqing.

When Shi Zhengqing noticed this small action, this person didn’t give her daughter any face at all. Right in front of Li Xiang, he deliberately teased, “Yo, look, our little girl has grown up today, she’s not picky with her food anymore.”

Yu Nian was eating enthusiastically, but when Shi Zhengqing said this, she puffed up her cheeks and glared at her dad, her eyes seeming to say: Do I not want face?

Then, she heard a low chuckle coming from behind her.

Yu Nian immediately felt uneasy, lowering her head to continue eating, albeit with slower movements, while discreetly listening in with her ears pricked up.

Li Xiang, who knew Yu Nian well, responded with a diplomatic remark, “Nian Nian is doing well at school, and she’s not picky with her food.”

Shi Zhengqing: “That’s good then. I was worried Ling Ya would spoil her and make her picky.”

Yu Nian finished eating, and the two went out together.

Li Xiang walked ahead, and she didn’t cling to him as she used to. Instead, she kept a distance, neither too close nor too far behind.

To be honest, Yu Nian is a bit intimidated.

Upon learning of Li Xiang’s feelings for her, she didn’t know how to respond.


Since Yu Nian came into this world, she had always regarded matchmaking between the male and female lead as a task she must fulfill. She even had a strong premonition that she could only wake up and return to her original world once she completed the task, just like how it was often written in transmigration novels she had read.

But now, she couldn’t progress with the task. She had lost her goal and her drive to move forward, and for a moment, she didn’t know what else she could do.

The thought of possibly not being able to return filled Yu Nian with endless dread.

Although this world was good, her old man and mother were living well, and she was feeling the long-lost love from her mother.

But precisely because everything was so good, Yu Nian couldn’t bear the thought of her old man struggling to raise her all by himself in reality, only to end up lonely in his old age.

Yu Nian loved this world very much, but she couldn’t convince herself to stay. She also didn’t dare to easily reciprocate Li Xiang’s feelings, promising him an impossible future.

Yu Nian always seemed to become shrewd at the wrong times. It was like a knot in her, a knot that seemed utterly unbreakable in her eyes.

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