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Chapter 55

Whether it was due to the insomnia from the previous night or not, Yu Nian felt groggy as she attended her morning classes. Shortly after the first class began, she started to be a chick pecking rice.1Nodding off.

This person kept pecking rice, clutching her textbook while pretending to shield herself with it, a somewhat transparent attempt to conceal her drowsiness.

Li Xiang couldn’t help but notice these actions. Normally, he would have grabbed a book and knocked on Yu Nian’s head to wake her up, but today his mind wandered with her.

Li Xiang discreetly observed Yu Nian from the corner of his eye. At this moment, her once lively and clear eyes were slightly closed, her delicate eyelashes resembling the graceful wings of a butterfly gently resting on her eyelids, conveniently covering the faint dark circle beneath her eyes.

He hadn’t expected his words from last night to have such a deterrent effect, causing this little heartless to have such a restless sleep.


But if he were given the choice again, under the relentless questioning of this person, he would still do the same.

In his view, as long as Yu Nian was close to him, even if there was no Liu Manman, there would still be Zhang Manman and Li Manman passing her love letters.

No matter how bold Li Xiang was, he couldn’t remain indifferent to Yu Nian’s seemingly innocent and enjoying-it attitude.

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But before she could fully enjoy it, the ice field began to move away from her, tempting her to chase after it.


It was quite obvious that Yu Nian’s flushed face was due to a fever.

Li Xiang had intended to withdraw his hand, but just as he was about to move away, he saw Yu Nian unconsciously lean her forehead forward, like a coquettish kitten, rubbing against his palm in an attempt to please him. This made Li Xiang surprisingly reluctant to leave.

Yu Nian was awakened by this, and when she opened her eyes drowsily, she saw Li Xiang very close to her. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and he didn’t look very well.

She then glanced down at herself.

Feeling guilty, Yu Nian’s large body had crossed the boundary and occupied the desk that was neither too big nor too small.

With a sudden movement, Yu Nian blushed, but fortunately, due to her fever, Li Xiang couldn’t tell.

“Right, sorry.” Yu Nian apologized in a hurry.

She usually slept quite soundly, or at least she had always thought so until today. Who knew why she was so dazed this time, waking up and almost leaning onto someone.

As Yu Nian apologized, she discreetly observed Li Xiang’s expression, sensing that his face seemed to darken slightly after hearing her apology.

Yu Nian suddenly felt wronged.

Wasn’t it just occupying his spot for a while? Was it necessary for him to be so angry?

As Yu Nian grumbled inwardly about Li Xiang being so petty, she heard him ask in an irritated tone, “Shi Nian Nian, don’t you feel anything even though you have a fever?”


Hearing this, Yu Nian was first taken aback, then she touched her own forehead and shook her head gently. “No ah, I feel pretty normal.”

Li Xiang nearly burst out laughing in anger, finding it amusing how oblivious Yu Nian could be. After all, it was natural for one’s body temperature to be slightly higher when they had a fever, so it would be odd if she could actually feel it.

With a stretch of his long arm, he pressed his cold palm against Yu Nian’s forehead, his expression stern as he asked, “Is it still normal now?”

Yes, this was the feeling. It was exactly like the soft and comforting sensation from her dream just now.

Now that she knew who the source was, Yu Nian felt like her body temperature had risen another notch.

Her cheeks flushed, and she slightly turned her head to avoid Li Xiang’s palm, no longer daring to meet his gaze, which was a mix of annoyance and amusement.

Before Yu Nian could respond, Li Xiang stood up and glanced at her. “Let’s go.”

Yu Nian looked up in confusion, blinking. “G-go where?”

“The infirmary. I’ve already asked for leave from the homeroom teacher. Hurry up,” Li Xiang insisted.

Seeing Yu Nian unmoving, Li Xiang bent down, ready to help her tidy up the desk himself.

Yu Nian quickly stopped him. “No, I can do it myself.”

Perhaps due to her emotions being stirred up, her voice was a bit louder than intended, attracting quite a few curious glances.


Unintentionally, Yu Nian noticed Liu Manman not far away, who happened to turn and look at her, her gaze inscrutable.

For some reason, Yu Nian felt guilty and hung her head, too afraid to meet her eyes. She silently tidied up her belongings.

Li Xiang could only wait patiently by the side of this dawdling ghost.

After Yu Nian finished tidying up, Li Xiang reached out to help her with her backpack but ended up not picking it up.

When he looked down, he saw Yu Nian tightly gripping the straps of her backpack, pursing her lips as she looked at him. Even if she didn’t say anything, her lively eyes were filled with stubbornness.

Li Xiang couldn’t understand why Yu Nian was being so awkward. In the past, not only did she dare to put the dishes she didn’t want to eat onto his plate, but now that she knew his intentions, she started to become wary and wanted to keep her distance from him.

Li Xiang felt an inexplicable surge of anger. With a cold expression, he let go of her backpack and walked away on his own. Yu Nian had no choice but to follow.

Throughout their relationship, Li Xiang had always been open and unaffected. He walked confidently through the crowd towards the infirmary.

Yu Nian wished she could hide her face behind her schoolbag as she bit the bullet and followed behind him. But she ended up walking too quickly, and without paying attention, she bumped into Li Xiang’s back.

Li Xiang turned around with an unfriendly expression, his dark eyes quietly stared at Yu Nian, seemingly bottomless.

“S-sorry,” Yu Nian stammered apologetically, clutching her backpack tightly.

Taking a deep breath, Li Xiang looked at Yu Nian’s increasingly flushed face due to her fever. He didn’t bother arguing with her and walked away without looking back.


As a result, after a few steps, he noticed that Yu Nian was still standing in place, not moving. He turned back and said, “What are you standing there for?”

This scene naturally attracted whispers from many onlookers.

Glancing around, Yu Nian’s face grew even redder. With a quick “Oh,” she hurried to catch up.

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