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  • Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

    Translation Status: Ongoing

    Raw Title & Source: 家庭性奴(H)
    Release Schedule: Sporadically
    Author: 我爱吃冰棒
    Total Chapters: 48
    Genres: Adult Gender Bender Harem Mature Modern Reverse Harem Smut Yaoi
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    WARNING TAGS: Inc*st, Fours*me, Threes*me, S*x Toys, Hardc*re S*x, Abuse
    (If you know you can’t handle the tags above then please do not proceed any further.)


    Ye Qing is the youngest at home and as an inters*x, he has been receiving his father and brothers’ “care” since young. Don’t be fooled by their looks. This family is full of beasts!

    Translator’s Note: Chapters 1-5 are already translated by Sei’s Paradise. If you haven’t read it, go here → (Sei’s Paradise). Otherwise, proceed reading CHAPTER 5.2 (Extra) translated by me (Erza). ↴

    Erza [Translator]

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