Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 10.1: Daddy’s ‘Whipping’ and Ginger Punishment to make up for the early shooting before the evening

After many days of training, the men of the Ye family finally stopped restricting Ye Qing’s ej*culation, but madly asked him to endure it by himself. Anyway, according to them, it was for Ye Qing’s health, so even if Ye Qing stared at them with watery eyes and begged for mercy, no one was soft-hearted to let him.

But today, Ye Qing finally lived up to their wicked expectations and couldn’t help but shoot out.

In fact, the reason was very simple. It was the same person doing him, but the location was changed to the lobby.

Ye Qing was naked and being caressed in Ye Zhixuan arms, but all his small h*les were free this time, only his back h*le was filled by Ye Zhixuan, gently invading it from time to time.

Ye Qing nestled in his Daddy’s arms contentedly, enjoying the rare gentle love making that he liked. Daddy made him so comfortable and good~ He wouldn’t be forced to shoot out from being fvcked too hard, so he didn’t need to be punished at this time.


Ye Qing obediently licked Ye Zhixuan’s chin and Adam’s apple, intimately showing his love, and sometimes calling out sweetly, “Love it so much~ Baby loves Daddy oh~”

In response, Ye Zhixuan gently caressed him.

Ye Zhixuan absentmindedly flipped through the papers he was reading. Now, the financial reports were really getting more and more puffed up. The economy has grown by 300% in half a year, so why won’t he go and grab it.

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He held the belt and swung it a few times, and found that Ye Qing’s kneeling posture was not suitable for him to swing the ‘whip’. So he heartlessly ordered, “Get me up and stand.”


Ye Qing might be willing to be beaten on his knees. At most, he would only be whipped on his back, even though the pain might be unbearable because he could not avoid it; but if he stood up, then Daddy would be able to hit him wherever he wanted to with the whip.

However, despite the thoughts in his heart, his body honestly did not dare to resist and stood up, ready for Ye Zhixuan’s abuse.

“Daddy be lighter, okay~ wu wu, Qingqing will definitely be obedient~” Ye Qing was still trying to do a final struggle for his life, his watery eyes looking at Ye Zhixuan who was holding the belt.

But the more pitiable he was, the more Ye Zhixuan’s heart became angrier. The baby he loved from childhood to adulthood didn’t know how to cherish his body! He coldly said again, “Stand up.”

Before the words even fell, the belt was flinged on the pretty little b*tt accompanied by the sound of the wind. A red and swollen ‘whip’ mark appeared on the tender white flesh at a speed visible to the naked eye. 

“Ahhh!! It hurts so much. Wu wu… Daddy, take it easy~ wuwu…” Ye Qing screamed, and he couldn’t help being tense all over.

However, this just caused Ye Zhixuan’s dissatisfaction. “Relax for me!”

He just wanted to teach this little sl*t a lesson. It was all right if it hurt him, but his whole body was too rigid. What should he do if it really broke him.

With the sharp pain in his bottom and the anxiety of waiting for the next whip, how could Ye Qing possibly relax?

“Last chance, relax your body.”

“Wu wu… Qingqing is afraid…” Ye Qing was very aggrieved, how could he relax? It’s not as if his Daddy was the one receiving the beating.

Ye Zhixuan stared at him and said, “You forced me, baby.”


He threw the belt on the sofa and went to the kitchen. Naturally, Ye Qing would not think that this was the end, he was so nervous that he almost cried. He didn’t know how his Daddy would come out and play with him.

After a while, Ye Zhixuan came back, but with a piece of ginger that was about 10 cm long and 2 cm wide at the narrowest part.

Ye Qing wanted to hide when he saw what was in his Daddy’s hand, but he really didn’t dare! Although he had never been punished using a ginger, he knew how painful this punishment would be. After all, ginger was such a weird thing to use. If putten in his little h*le, he would surely die.1not literal, just an exaggeration. Wuwu…

Ye Zhixuan put his youngest son on his thigh, and then stuffed the ginger into his back h*le until the ginger was steadily placed inside. He said, “I don’t think you can hold it tightly.”

Ye Qing was already delirious the moment the ginger touched his small hole. The feeling really made him unable to bear it. The burning sensation from the ginger touch didn’t even make him feel it little by little. Instead, the instant stimulation almost made him faint.

At this point, Ye Zhixuan did not hesitate to pull this little thing to stand up. “Stand firm.” He discontentedly ordered the wobbly Ye Qing. “If you dare fall down, I’ll hang you up and whip you.”

“Wu wu wu, don’t…”

The poor Ye Qing was scorched to death by the feeling from his backyard, but he was still waiting for his Master’s belt to hit him down.

“Pa!” A crisp sound was drawn from the smacking on Ye Qing’s white back.

“Ah!!!” Ye Qing screamed, and involuntarily tightened his whole body. But suddenly, he screamed even more desperately. “Daddy! Save baby, ah…” His abrupt clenching undoubtedly tugged at the ginger inside him, his juices mixed with some ginger touch was searing deeper into his intestinal walls.

At this moment, Ye Qing’s tears could no longer be stopped, and he had to desperately control his body to relax. But this only made it convenient for the abusive Ye Zhixuan, who was almost relentlessly waving his belt. Ye Qing’s nurtured n!pples were swollenly hit, and his inner thighs also took several lashing. The worst was his b*ttocks, which were forced to relax, and above it were whip marks all over. It was estimated that when tomorrow comes, it would be filled with blue and purple bruises.

Ye Qing was beaten extremely hard, not only because of the belt whipping on his body again and again, but also from the burning sensation from his little h*le. Now that he finally got used to it, it also brought a frightening itch.


“Wu wu…” Ye Qing couldn’t help begging for mercy. “Daddy…QingQing knew it was wrong, don’t strike anymore…so itchy, wu wu. Daddy, just fvck Qingqing, don’t hit anymore ah~ wu wu……”

Ye Zhixuan didn’t really want to break him, and his heart also felt that it should be enough. Seeing the coquettish little baby crying like this, he had probably learned a lesson. So he threw his belt to the ground and grabbed the pitiful little thing into his arms.

At this time, even if this little thing was beaten and bruised all over, he didn’t forget to beg for fvck. “Daddy~ fvck Qingqing ah~ so itchy, really itchy~~ oooh……”

Ye Zhixuan gentleness was already fed to the dogs a long time ago. He opened his zipper and entered right away. He started to thr*st without any pauses, but he didn’t forget to warn, “Still dare to shoot?”

“Wu wu… QingQing won’t dare again, Daddy will whip QingQing~ wu wu wu…” Ye Qing didn’t really care about Ye Zhixuan’s ruthless banging. He just wanted to be fvcked to death by a big c*ck, as long as it could stop the itching-like bites of ten thousand ants in his l*sty little hole.

The poor little adulterous baby who was whipped earlier on his now swollen and reddened b*tt, was now being vigorously fvcked and manipulated by a man. His whole body was feeling both pain and pleasure that had long brought him to heaven. He only vaguely remembered that he must not ej*culate, otherwise, he was afraid that he would really be played to death in bed.

Erza’s Note [Translator]: Please, remember not to imitate anything about this novel. Especially putting something like that in the front and back hole.

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