Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 19.1: Forced to agree to contain beaded strings in order to lick a meat stick, couldn’t stand itching at school, and got roughly loved in the toilet(?)

[T/N: I think the chapter title ended with a question mark because he’s not literally done here, anyway… enjoy reading!🤩]

After reconciling with his father and brothers, Ye Qing lived a sweet life again. But one thing that bothered him was, after that brutal punishment period, those three wild men seemed to have developed an infatuation of abusing their little s*x s!ave and were becoming more and more unpitying to him in bed. But… he himself seemed to have a taste for it as well, the rougher they do, the more joyous the water flowed below, and it really was very annoying ah!

What made him even more depressed was that he had promised daddy that he would go to school with whatever toys they wanted to put in below. In fact, he just casually agreed to it! I’ll just itch to death ah, because you couldn’t come to school to fvck me, b*stards! Ye Qing roared in his heart.

So now, the Ye family has to start a battle of wits almost every morning.

Currently, Ye Qing was sitting obediently on a chair and was waiting for them to finish breakfast before having someone to send him to school, but he felt so bored just by sitting like this.


So he ate and drank enough for his fill, then descended under the table again. He bit Ye Ling’s zipper open, ripped off his underwear, and released the huge rod that had already been serviced once this morning by Ye Qing himself.

Noticing the little s*x s!ave’s movement, Ye Ling tried to move away, but Yet Qing firmly held onto his ‘son’ down there and wouldn’t let go.

The enormous thing, which had tangled and bulging veins, was pulsing in his hand and still exuding a lurid heat with a tinge of unique and musculine scent of a man. Thinking of this thing, it was the source of Ye Qing’s life and death situation every time he was being fvcked, even so, he still wanted to be pampered by it. So Ye Qing couldn’t resist huffing and puffing before eventually taking it into his mouth and lapping on it.

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“Wuu…” Don’t~ Qingqing hasn’t eaten enough yet! Ye Qing didn’t want to comply, and continued licking and fiddling with his mouth while staring at his eldest brother with his eyes.


But Ye Ling was determined to pull himself out, “Gonna wear the beads today or not?”

“Wuwu~” Bad brother! Ye Qing could only nod aggrievedly, then his little tongue licked and sucked his hard-earned delicious meat rod more and more diligently.

Before sending him to school, Ye Ling’s attitude became very firm at their porch, saying that Ye Qing was not allowed to mess around. He then stripped Ye Qing off his pants and just stuffed the string of beads inside, ignoring Ye Qing’s tearful protest. Of course, since there was only one string, a small v!brator egg was still placed inside his back hole. Either way, Ye Qing was not satisfied in the least. “Humph! If I die of itching at school, I won’t let you go even if I become a ghost!”

Ye Ling could not help laughing, “How come? Our little s!ut can only be fvcked to death in bed by us.”

With that, he sent the resentful little thing off to school.

Ye Qing was now seated at the last row of the classroom, twisting and turning strangely from time to time. Fortunately, he sat hidden and did not attract anyone’s attention.

So hateful ah! Ye Qing was very dissatisfied. Although his bottom was dry, and his pants were not wet, his insides had long been swamped with unknown(?) liquid. Those tiny beads were squeezing each other as soon as he moved, making his inner wall itchy. Some beads were jammed deeper, directly nudging against his sensitive spot and rolling back and forth, and some were almost slipping out of his hole due to too many beads, and Ye Qing can only tightly contract his p*ssy to prevent them from falling out. But once he bit too tight, his insides would become even more uncomfortable. It really left Ye Qing in a dilemma, making him itch unbearably.

Now that the class had just begun, and the professor had finished the roll call,1Roll call – attendance checking Ye Qing sneaked off to the Cafeteria Building’s restrooms. And at this point in time, the chances that someone would come in were slim to none.

Leaning against the door of a cubicle, puffing out his cheeks and gasping heavily for air, Ye Qing began to protest, it’s really itchy, so annoying ah! And unable to resist, Ye Qing took out his cell phone to call his daddy and complain.

“Baby?” Ye Zhixuan’s gentle voice rang out from the other side of the phone.

“Wu…Daddy~” Ye Qing cried out, “Dage is really bad ah!”

A few seconds of strange silence came from the phone, and Ye Zhixuan, who acted as one of the enthusiastic onlookers when the beads were placed this morning, did not know how to answer the question.


Fortunately, Ye Qing didn’t wait for him to answer, because he continued to act like a spoiled baby. “Baby is itching so much, Daddy~you have to help me scold dage~”

“Ahem,” Ye Zhixuan didn’t agree to his request directly, and asked instead, “Is baby’s little p*ssy very itchy?”

“Wu wu…” Aggrieved and uncomfortable, Qingqing was truly on the verge of crying, because the disobedient beads were still rubbing and rolling against his hole.

“Then, stick your own finger inside it.”

“No, not comfortable enough~” Ye Qing did not want to comply.

“Good darling, daddy will help you.” Ye Zhixuan coaxed, making up his mind to listen to the little thing’s lustful moans. “Good boy, put the phone on speaker mode and let your hands free, then insert your fingers in your obedient back hole.”

“Uh~” Ye Qing finally obeyed and inserted his finger into his honey hole, but this pushed the v!brator love egg even further, and now even his b*tthole was as itchy as the front, causing the little thing to become even more frustrated, “Bad, Daddy!”

“Baby, turn on the v!brator to make it more comfortable.”

“Mmm…ah~” Obediently turning on the love egg, Ye Qing began to really moan. “Oooh~ so good, ah~” 

“Is it on maximum?” Ye Zhixuan asked,  and as if he already knew the answer, continued, “Turn it up to the maximum, baby.”

“No~moving too fast, baby can’t handle~” His mouth refused, but his hands were honest enough to turn the vibrating egg to the highest level.

“Ah!!!” The love egg inside his chrysanthemum hole vibrated violently, and the emotionless machine was as fierce as a tidal wave of pleasure, as if it wanted to chisel through his inner walls and make Ye Qing scream out, but he could only cover his mouth and sob lowly in order not to be discovered.


Erza’s Note: Beaded string can also be called an@l beads. But I didn’t use that term to avoid confusion because it wasn’t really put in his ‘back door’, instead it was just half inserted and half fastened to grind on his ‘front door’ 😆.

Also, that’s all for today’s chapter celebration, enjoy your holiday everyone and stay safe <33

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