Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 8: “You can still shoot until now?” Ur*thral Training and Verbal Degradation. Was obviously fvcked to spurt water on the ground, but couldn’t shoot even a single drop.

Ye Qing was awakened in the morning by a series of violent back and forths of his body. He woke up abruptly from his daze, and blushed in shame at the thought that he was so impatient yesterday and fainted because of his Daddy.

The familiar big meat stick radiated an amazing heat in his body, and also gave him a pleasure that he couldn’t really bear. He cried and began to beg for mercy. “Ling-gege1Gege – Brother~ Slow down~ ah~ so deep, ah~ ~It’s so good~ You’re inside again~”

…It’s a pity that what he said after opening his mouth changed.

Seeing that the little sl*t woke up, Ye Ling no longer politely vented his morning desires.

The thick meat stick kept coming in and out of the chrysanthemum hole, turning the pink and tender hole into a bright red color. But no one took care of the same hungry flower hole in the front, and it could only pitifully drip with water and envy the small hole in the back.


“Ah~~ umm~ So good, Master is so amazing. Honey hole is going to be ruined ~ ah!! I’m going to shoot!” Ye Qing suddenly gave out a spring cry as his back hole tightly clenched up, and the man’s hugeness inside him was served comfortably.

Ye Ling knew that this little thing was about to spurt out, and quickly pressed and held down the little thing in front of his eyes, which caused Ye Qing to twist again with dissatisfaction.

“Ah~ gege, let QingQing shoot~”

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Ye Ling didn’t waver. He cruelly pulled Ye Qing under him, and held the frightened little thing. “Tsk…so weak…”


As he said that, he teased the little meat stick flexibly with his fingers, not only taking care of its length meticulously, but also not forgetting to soothe the two small balls. Although Ye Qing was terrified in his heart, the pleasure of being gently touched by his Brother made him feel as if he were in the clouds. Finally he could not resist the pleasure and his desire stood up sadly and pitifully.

Upon seeing this, Ye Ling turned his hand to touch the little glans, peeled off the foreskin with his wicked fingers, and played with the small flower hole in the front. After a while, his whole hand was wet by the obscene liquid secreted from the small hole. And the cute meat stick in his other hand also spurt out.

Ye Qing was terrified as he cried for mercy. “Tie it up~ Ling-gege, Qing Qing dare not, please, gege~ Please don’t put it in~ Ah!!!”

Ye Ling didn’t listen to Ye Qing’s plea for mercy at all. While Ye Qing’s little member was standing high by the pleasure, Ye Ling sent the thin jade rod in carefully.

No matter how careful he was, the small hole that had never been inserted could not stand this kind of devilish treatment. Ye Qing felt so painful that he wanted to crash his head on the wall to death. Unfortunately, the dripping love juice from his two holes betrayed him.

Only one or two centimeters inside, Ye Qing’s entire face was already wet with tears as his body was constantly twitching. His lower body tried to resist but was powerlessly pressed on the bed by Ye Ling.

At this time, Ye Qing struggled desperately, ignoring that his little c*ck’s hole might be scratched by the jade rod.

Ye Ling had to stop first, then kissed and kissed him tenderly, teased the red fruit on Ye Qing’s chest, making Ye Qing’s body comfortable again. Unfortunately, when Ye Qing calmed down, Ye Ling continued again.

“Good, be obedient. It will go in soon.” Ye Ling said as his merciless fingers relentlessly pushed all the rest inside.

The poor Ye Qing couldn’t even cry out because of the sudden penetration, so he could only sob softly. The thin jade rod’s tip outside had a jade bead, which followed and blocked the entire c*ck’s hole tightly, without even a single trace of s*men leaking.

Ye Ling hugged him with satisfaction. “Do you like the gift from your gege? I see that the two mouths below you are very satisfied…”

It turned out that even if he was treated like this, Ye Qing’s natural masochistic side just made the pain wet his bottom, and a large amount of licentious water flowed out like a flood.


“Little b!tch, gege will feed you now.” Ye Ling finally inserted his hard and about to explode giant directly into Ye Qing’s flower hole, thr*sting without pause. “Good? Little baby oh, you’re so tight.”

“Wuwu~~ lighter~ it hurts in QingQing’s front… ah~ um…”

“Ah~~ so good~ I want to shoot, ah~ I’m going to shoot… Wuwu so painful…” Ye Qing, who reached another climax, found that he couldn’t shoot anything. The thin jade rod moved up and down with his desire to ej*culate, making Ye Qing unable to shoot even a drop. Even the lēwd fluid he secreted was stuck inside.


The honey cave in the front was once again done to climax, Ye Ling only felt that a large amount of hot p*ssy juice was pouring as he moved more and more quickly. “Really smart. No shooting at the front, just using the flower hole to squirt.”

“Wu wu wu, forgive Qingqing~” The lovely flower hole below has been done to climax again and again, but there was no room for struggle to the little stick that most wanted to release. Ye Qing only felt that all his limbs and bones were about to be burned by pleasure. The feeling of s*men flowing back from time to time made him think that if he could relieve the front, he would really be willing to be a dog.

“Ling-gege, please spare QingQing, Wuwu… Just let me shoot once, and Qingqing will definitely not dare do it again… wuwu hic!~” Ye Qing couldn’t help but to hiccup while crying.

Ye Ling kissed him tenderly, but said cruel words. “No, little darling. “

Ye Qing, whose head was not clear after being bathed in pleasure, had no choice but to wail mindlessly, begging for mercy from the person who might help him.

“Ah~ Qun-gege, help me~ QingQing is about to die, wuwu~”

Ye Ling was furious. He pinched Ye Qing’s n*pple and twisted it in a circle ruthlessly, causing the little person under him to make another painful cry.

“Who the hell are you calling! Dare to call Ye Qun on Lao Tzu’s bed!?” His lower body’s movements was mixed with angry collision, as if to pierce through the little sl*ve!


“Wuwu, gege won’t treat QingQing like this~” Ye Qing murmured, already fvcked into confusion.

Ye Ling’s heart was full of jealousy, so he had no choice but to angrily fvcked the little sl*ve deeper and mercilessly. The cruel beast filled the hole to the brim so that no wrinkles were even visible, as if it was about to split in the next second. “Then you wait. See how miserable your gege will play you!”

Erza’s Note: I’ll try to use the pinyin gege as much as possible, but sometimes it’s really not appropriate to use it in english sentences.

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