Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 14: The jealous Ye Qing wants to run away from home, “I’m going to find a true lover.” (Introduction of the Dark Imprisonment Arc)

One day, Ye Ling attended a dinner party. During that party, Director Liu of the Provincial Political Bureau said that his daughter would be returning from studying overseas this weekend. Between his story-telling remarks, he repeatedly hinted to Ye Ling to pick her up, implying that business and politician families had always had ties since ancient times. That Ye Liu’s marriage would be beneficial to everyone.

Despite Ye Ling’s impatience, he couldn’t shrug off Director Liu’s face in front of the public, thus he had to compromise and agree to meet her at the airport.

However, in response to the Director’s numerous hints of desire to tie the knot,1Tie the knot – Get married Ye Ling feigned not to comprehend the look and just politely declined.

This weekend, after finally appeasing the clingy Ye Qing, he went to pick up that woman as he had promised.

Following that, Ye Qing became enraged as he glanced at a newspaper, where an intimate photo of Ye Ling with a lady had been published. There’s also a shot of his Eldest brother gently opening the door for that woman, and coupled with the glaringly huge headline “Ye Liu’s Marriage? Truly a Match Made in Heaven!”, awfully struck Ye Qing as ironic. He’s obviously on a blind date, and yet he claimed to have important business to attend to!


Heh, didn’t he say he only loves me? Ye Qing forcibly fought back his tears and refused to act like an abandoned loser.

Daddy, on the other hand, said that he was inspecting various European countries. Wasn’t Daddy so busy that he didn’t even have time to return his phone calls? But thinking of it, it must be because there were people surrounding him, so he wouldn’t have the time to think of Qingqing… 

Ye Zhixuan, who was frantically hurrying from his business trip and pondering about going back quickly: ??!!

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The man immediately chuckled and became more and more rigorous, constantly encouraging Ye Qing as his hand progressively brushed Ye Qing’s waist before saying, “The bar is not interesting ah~let Gege take you to other places to play.”


Ye Qing, who heard the word ‘gege’ that he didn’t want to hear the most right now, instantly exploded in annoyance. As soon as he shook off the man’s hand to escape, the man briskly chased after him and consecutively dragged Ye Qing to the bar’s entrance.

“If you’re upset, simply indulge yourself, little beauty…” The man then lecherously caressed Ye Qing’s face. Ye Qing wanted to shake him off, but instead, he was drawn into the man’s embrace. The man laughed and said, “Don’t the kids come to the bar just to hook up? Today, this gege will play with you!” Ye Qing wished to fight and retaliate against the man. However, he couldn’t help but tremble in fear as he heard a familiar voice approaching from behind them. “Hook up? With whom?” Accompanied by a terrifying furious voice, Ye Qing saw the blue-faced Ye Qun.

Ye Qun, who had always been compassionate, saw the scared and shivering Ye Qing. Despite his pain and distress, he was now much more enraged. Thinking of the worry and terror he has constantly been feeling for several hours while this little s!ut was here, trying to hook up with someone behind their back, Ye Qun could no longer suppress his hand and sent a slap across Ye Qing’s face.

With a crisp flesh-hitting sound, bright crimson fingerprints appeared almost immediately on the white and tender face. Ye Qing hid his face with his hands, unable to speak a single word.

“You’ve learned to run away from home and yet still want to f*ck around? Ha-ha, do you honestly believe that I can still tolerate you!”

Chapter Fourteen’s Little Extra

Ye Ling: …Don’t look at me.

Ye Zhixuan and Ye Qun: It’s all your fault.

Ye Ling: God!? That was just Ye Qing’s own imagination. It’s none of his business.

Yet, no one listened to his explanation.

The next day, Ye Ling went to work while wearing sunglasses, and continuously wore it even inside his office.

Erza: Yes, this chapter was short, because like what’s stated in the title, it only introduced the Dark Imprisonment ‘Arc’ ><. So prepare your butts for the next few chapters~

Late Announcement: I will be taking a break again QAQ, it’s our end of midterms and there’s just so many things needed for completion. I will be back in December, so please be patient with this poor potato ><. And to make amends for this, I will update a bunch of chapters in December. I can’t promise how many, but I assure that it will be more than how many chapters I update for a month.


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