Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 12: End of the Trip in Amusement Park: Took the initiative to ask for f*ck in the Ferris Wheel, not only was stuffed above and below, but was also shot on the face

The two took Ye Qing and lined up in front of the Ferris Wheel. Although the weather was good, after all, it was a weekday, so there were not a lot of people. Not too long, they finally sat on the Ferris Wheel.

“The ride time is 30 minutes oh.” The staff dutifully reminded the tourists.

Ye Qing was very vigilant all the way, afraid that these two people would do anything immoral on the Ferris Wheel. Fortunately, nothing happened, but not until the Ferris Wheel started.

After the Ferris Wheel started, Ye Qun began to take off his clothes. For the convenience of the trip, he just put on a simple t-shirt. Thus, at this moment, he just directly ripped off his T-shirt, showing his upper body with its full glory in front of Ye Qing. As he completely took it off, his mouth also opened to make an excuse, saying that the surroundings were too hot.

Ye Qun was usually gentle, regardless of his physique not as fit as his Father and Elder brother, but he was also very promising. With six-pack abdominal muscles neatly lying on his lower abdomen, as well as the perfect mermaid line1V-line slipping into his pants along the waist, and the giant beast caged in his pants that Ye Qing has seen almost every day… In addition to this, Brother’s n!pples were also enticingly red, although they were not as pink as his, but Ye Qing really wanted to bite it oh…

Ye Qing couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, then stretched out his little paws and touched the masculine abdominal muscles that had been tempting him. Even so, Ye Qun did nothing to stop him. He just held Ye Qing and generously let him take advantage of his body. Thus, the little thing freely threw himself into Ye Qun’s arms, his pink tongue greedily licking Ye Qun’s n!pples.

Wu… So itchy, want brothers to fvck Qingqing~ It’s clearly taking advantage of Ye Qun, but Ye Qing was dissatisfied with his desires, so he made himself desirable as well.

Action speaks louder than words. Ye Qing was not a person who easily let go of such delicious food, so he wrapped himself around Ye Qun and begged for some love.

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“Don’t care~ I want~ Qingqing wants to eat a big meat stick and drink milk!!!” Ye Ling and Ye Qun were both dumbfounded by this coquettishness. They hadn’t taught him like this ah. This little thing was really a natural s!ut. 

Ye Ling, the one who schemed everything and now had his wishes, continued to say, “You’re the one who begged us to do you. If you dare go back to your words and complain against us, you will be punished to death, remember that!”

At this time, Ye Qing has his itchy c*nt rubbing on Ye Qun’s hidden bulging beast, and while relishing Ye Qun’s n!pple in his mouth, he vaguely said, “No~ just f*ck Qingqing to death, Qingqing is so itchy~”

Ye Qun and Ye Ling both nodded in satisfaction. Ye Qun simply pressed the little thing on the chair, opened his trouser’s zipper, and pierced his fiery desire into the flower hole that kept opening and closing to spit out obsc*ne water.

“Mmmm ah~~ So good~ love it~~” Seduced by a male’s massive s*x organ, Ye Qing today was surprisingly very cooperative. His crafty mouth kept spitting out moans and love words that were igniting the two men’s animal desires.

Ye Qun, who was being tightly clamped by him, closed his eyes with satisfaction and began to thrust into the small hole intensely, as if each stroke wanted to pierce through that little p*ssy.

Seeing that both of his younger brothers were having fun, Ye Ling was also ready to join the battle, so he reached out to touch Ye Qing’s chrysanthemum hole. However, he found that the narrow space of the Ferris Wheel was not suitable for them to f*ck this little thing in the front and back holes.

When Ye Qun saw this, he cooperatively hugged the little s!ave against his body, displaying Ye Qing’s puffy red face and the part where they were connected in front of Ye Ling.

Ye Qun thrusted roughly a few more times, then stopped and asked, “Why don’t you also come and enter in the front? We two brothers could penetrate him at the same time.”

Ye Ling refused. “It’s inconvenient, we can’t double penetrate him up here. When we get home, we can play with him all together, the three of us will fvck his little b*tthole all at once. But for now, I’ll take his hole above.” He said as he already made the move, feeding his thick rod into the small mouth that had consciously opened by itself and was waiting to be fed.

Ye Qing, whose screams were getting blocked in his mouth, heard his brothers’ casual voices, but the content of their discussion was incredibly obsc*ne, making his waist and hips swing more cheerfully.

At once, Ye Ling reminded, “Only 30 minutes, f*ck him harder.” Saying so, he suddenly slammed his lower body into the tight mouth enclosing him until his c*ck went deeper into Ye Qing’s throat, making Ye Qing gag constantly.

Ye Qun was also no longer gentle. The pounding of his hardness was overflowing with force as if he was about to pierce a hole through the pleasurable hole. As for Ye Qing, every time his two brothers thrusted at the same time, he could only helplessly be rocked forward, trying his best to cater to his brothers’ male rods.

Inside the Ferris Wheel, a little depraved s!ave was vigorously licking his brother Ye Ling’s pen*s in his mouth, and his rotten hole below was also filled to the brim with Ye Qun’s huge beast. Currently, Ye Qing’s upper body was still neat and tidy, and even underneath, only his pants were pulled down and just sticking on his thighs as this delicious fleshy thing was wrapped in Ye Qun’s arms for his masters to enjoy.

“Hmm…” Ye Qing’s  mouth was stuffed full and he could only utter vague pleas.

Forced by pressure of time, Ye Ling took the lead to vent first into Ye Qing’s small mouth. Ye Qing obediently swallowed all his brother’s seed down to his stomach, and licked the meat stick clean before pulling it out of his sated mouth.

“So good~ooh, Qun-gege, slow down~ Qingqing is good~” cried Ye Qing, whose small mouth was finally free.

But Ye Qun did not slow down, he only said, “The time is so short, how can your gege c*m if gege don’t fvck you a little bit harder? Does the little thing want his brother to accompany him to the Amusement Park with an unsatisfied bulging tent?”

“Wu wu… then hurry, f*ck Qingqing, ah ah ah ah ~ good, Qingqing is going to be ruined by master~” Ye Qing, who couldn’t tolerate the fact that his brother would not shoot and walk around with dissatisfied desire, offered himself very diligently.

“Gege~can Qingqing c*m?” Ye Qing, who was repeatedly f*cked almost to org*sm, asked softly. After his lessons for so many days, he had learned well and now knew to ask his masters.

“Good boy, you can c*m as much as you want today.” Ye Qun said as he licked Ye Qing’s ears.

“Mmm ~ oooh so good ~ ~ ah ah ah ~” After getting permission, Ye Qing, who was being banged rapidly and fiercely by his brother, finally shot it all out freely. After waking up from his org*sm, he then softly leaned in Ye Qun’s arms to catch his breath.

Stimulated by the clenching of the internal walls during Ye Qing’s climax, Ye Qun pounded roughly a few more times, then pulled himself out and ejacul*ted all over Ye Qing’s face full of spring.2Face full of lust

“Ahh…” Ye Qing moaned uncomfortably from the sudden thick ropes of s*men that hit his face. His gorgeous face was now painted with white, milky fluid, which slowly dripped along his eyelashes and nose, but the l*wd little thing stuck out the tip of his tongue and greedily licked the obsc*ne fluid that it could reach. “So good~ Gege’s semen is so delicious oh… Why not shoot in my mouth below~ Below also wants to eat…”

This s!utty gesture made the two beasts stand erect almost immediately. Forcibly holding himself back, Ye Ling helped the little thing tidy up his clothes and wiped away the s*men and l*wd water that was sprayed everywhere. Ye Qun also tidied up the seats inside their ferris wheel cabin and said, “What else can we play in the Amusement Park next if we c*m inside you right now, huh? Little wh*re.”

“Hmph!” Ye Qing was dissatisfied, “Simply did not feed Qingqing well~”

“Okay, be good, we’ll go back now and feed Qingqing.” When the Ferris Wheel finally stopped, the two took the dissatisfied Ye Qing out while their mouths threw comforting words from time to time.

Erza’s Note [Translator]: I don’t really know what the Ferris Wheel seats are called because I’m not familiar with the Ferris Wheel parts. But according to what I’ve searched, it can be called passenger cars, cabins, tubs, capsules, gondolas, or pods, depending on how it looked, so I just picked the term ‘cabin’.

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