Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 13: Having a super erotic conversation with Daddy with a belly full of sem*n and urine!

After a crazy day at the Amusement Park, Ye Qing’s sleep was incredibly sweet that night.

When he woke up early in the morning, his eyes immediately saw a man’s sturdy chest. His mind was still hazy from his sleep, and thinking that he was still in Ye Qun’s arms, he took the enticing n!pple into his mouth and sucked it twice.

Ye Zhixuan instantly woke up from the little thing’s sucking. The awakened man exuded a terrifying aura, his pair of sharp eyes looking into his arms before remembering that he was holding Ye Qing in his embrace. He then quickly collected his emotions and gazed at Ye Qing gently.

Ye Qing was startled by his dark eyes’ look earlier, which showed a ferocity akin to a large cat staring at its prey. Had he known that it was his Daddy, he wouldn’t have dared to suck and bite ah.

Even if the atmosphere around Ye Zhixuan promptly gentled down, Ye Qing still couldn’t get back to his senses and only stammered, “Dad, Dad.”


Ye Zhixuan’s heart was unhappy. It seemed that he had scared this little thing, so he smiled indulgently. “What are you calling me?”

“Daddy~” Seeing the man’s look become no different from usual, Ye Qing finally felt at ease and sweetly called out, then plunged into Ye Zhixuan’s arms and greedily licked his abdominal muscles.

Ye Zhixuan smiled, pulled the little thing out of the quilt and pressed him directly onto his morning hardness.

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Ye Zhixuan cooperatively held Ye Qing’s red lips and sucked on his slippery tongue. However, the thing between his legs reacted again.


The experienced Ye Qing reacted instantly and reached out to push Ye Zhixuan away, but he was held down by the back of his head for the man to taste continuously. And as expected, Ye Zhixuan released a large amount of scalding liquid inside his little hole.

His screams were all blocked by Ye Zhixuan’s mouth, and the strength of his struggle was not even worth mentioning in the said man’s eyes. It was not until Ye Zhixuan had finished urinating did he only let the little thing’s lips go.

“Daddy!” Ye Qing cried sorrowfully. “Don’t pee inside it ah, it’s dirty… you wouldn’t like it anymore.” Ye Qing said his last few words were in a low voice.

But Ye Zhixuan, who was still connected to him, naturally heard everything clearly. Therefore he said comfortingly, “I like everything about you baby. Is baby unwilling to let Daddy pee in his small hole?”

Currently, his huge beast was still plugged inside the tiny hole, and the tight cave but with excellent elasticity was obediently biting the soft meat rod inside it, pushing all the c*m and urine deeper in Ye Qing’s stomach. After all, not only was he internally ejected by a man’s nutritious essence, but he also contained a belly full of urine, which made his belly visibly bulge.

When Ye Qing heard his Daddy’s question, he couldn’t help but blush. “Willing ah, Daddy can shoot anything he wants inside baby.” With that, he sheepishly tried to get up and go to the bathroom to clean up, but Ye Zhixuan kept him from moving.

“Just keep it, let’s talk.” Ye Zhixuan suddenly became serious.

“Wu…” Ye Qing was aggrieved. Can’t he get rid of the urine and sem*n first?

Ye Zhixuan then asked seriously, “Is baby unwilling to let Master pee inside his little hole?”

This question made Ye Qing so embarrassed that he was on the verge of tears, but he still answered honestly. “No, wu wu… This little s*x s!ave is just afraid that Master would feel dirty…”

“Then, from now on, if we all have to pee inside it, will you hide from us?”

“Boohoo… no! Wu wu~not hiding, so just shoot anything…” Hearing a satisfactory answer, Ye Zhixuan nodded in contentment, but he decided to learn more about his youngest son today.


He became gentle again, “Which hole is more itchy for Qingqing?”

Ye Qing’s face burst red. Why ask such a thing ah, he didn’t have the face to say it! But Ye Zhixuan insisted on getting the answer, his lower body slamming in the little hole twice. “Answer it.”

“All, it’s all itchy, want the Masters to put something inside…” Afraid that Ye Zhixuan might be dissatisfied, he quickly added, “The front is more itchy… Want Master to f*ck it deeper, and the back, the back wants… wants to eat something big…” He mumbled and bowed his head again.

Ye Zhixuan nonetheless took note of everything. Next time, one person will f*ck Ye Qing in front and another in the back. Else, if he didn’t satisfy this little s*x s!ave’s hunger, that would not make him a good master and father.

“Which Master does Qingqing love the most?”

This question… Ye Qing was dumbfounded. This Thin. Blue. Mushroom. Wants To Die.1This Thin. Blue. Mushroom. Wants To Die. – The author used a wordplay here, changing the Nan shou (uncomfortable) into Lan shou (blue and skinny/thin), and Xiang ku (want to cry) into Xianggu (mushroom). So the sentence became like that.


“Wu wu… love Daddy ah~” Ye Qing had just barely passed the hurdle in his heart before he answered aggrievedly.

“So, should I call your brothers here?” Ye Zhixuan teased him.

“Wu…so bad! But I really like Daddy~Also like Big brothers, Big brothers protect me, like Second brother, loves me so much… but I also like Daddy…” Ye Qing couldn’t continue anymore. He wanted to cry, yet he had no tears. Like is like ah, there should be no reason. “…Because Daddy is so big… so hard, I like Daddy~”

Ye Zhixuan let out a muffled laugh, this little thing.

“Do you like it when the Masters f*ck so hard?” he continued asking.


With this, Ye Qing simply answered, “I like it~It’s okay for the Masters to f*ck Qingqing so hard… Qingqing also likes to be fiercely loved by Masters~” His little face was so natural while talking, not looking the least bit indecent about what he said.

Ye Zhixuan nodded with satisfaction. “Last question, why do you like to be spoiled and coquettish, but refuse to go out with big toys during the morning?”

Who knew that Ye Qing would immediately become dissatisfied. “Eating those big toys is itchy ah! You can’t come to school and f*ck me!”

Ye Zhixuan comforted him, “How would you know if you’re not used to it? You’ll like it when you adapt to it.”

“Wuu…” Even though Ye Zhixuan spoke gently, Ye Qing could still hear the command hidden in his tone, so he could only obediently agree, “Qingqing won’t act spoiled anymore and will obediently wear the v!brating egg~the d!ldo… the an*l beads…” His face felt very hot, and he could no longer go on ah~but he still has to continue, “…P*ssy suction device and spiked cond*ms… Whatever Masters want to put into Qingqing, Qingqing will obediently eat them.”

Ye Zhixuan pressed his belly and warned, “This is what you said. If you are not obedient… you won’t be allowed to beg for mercy when you are punished.”

“Wu~” Being pressed uncomfortably by a firm hand on his bulging belly, Ye Qing started to groan restlessly.

Seeing his youngest son’s uncomfortable look, the satisfied Ye Zhixuan thoughtfully let go of his hand, picked Ye Qing up while the two of them were still connected, and walked into the bathroom to wash.

Chapter Thirteen’s Little Extra

One Friday evening, both Ye Ling and Ye Qun had just returned home from their Boarding School.

Ye Ling lowered his head as he said: “This time, I only won second place in the National High School Mathematical Olympiad.”

Ye Zhixuan: “If you know that you’re not doing well, you should be more focused on studying. Don’t stare at your little brother all day long.”

Ye Qun did not dare speak loudly: “Last week’s Junior Piano Championship, I only got the silver medal.”


Ye Zhixuan: “The money to hire such famous teachers was just fed to the dogs,2Fed to the dogs – wasted or gone yet you still have the nerve to stare at your little brother all day long.”

At this time, Ye Qing, who had just entered Junior High School, came rushing through the door. “Daddy~Today I beat up the little fatty boy in the class so hard that he cried~”

Ye Ling and Ye Qun: You. Are. Dead.

Ye Zhixuan just laughed: “Our baby has grown strong, so awesome.”

Ye Ling and Ye Qun: …F*ck!

Erza [Translator]: The Ye Family was adorable in that extra haha. By the way, prepare for the next chapters cuz’ a little plot (but dark😂) was finally added to the smut.

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