Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 5.2 (Extra)

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WARNING: I will not put warnings for every chapter (since there’s meat in every chapter). It’s already obvious from the title that this novel is not suitable for below 18 years old readers. Read at your own risk.

WARNING TAGS: Inc*st, Fours*me, Threes*me, S*x Toys, Hardcore S*x, Abuse
(Since I haven’t actually read the whole novel, I might add more warning tags in the future.)

Chapter Five’s Extra

Ye Zhixuan just threw his eldest son and second son to a public school, and when he hired a tutor for them, he just also let them fend for themselves.

Only the youngest son, who was as weak as a kitten, had received his upbringing. Ye Qing was born a premature baby. When he was young, Ye Zhixuan tried his best to save this little thing.

Later, when Ye Qing started studying, he was very disobedient, so Ye Zhixuan had to beat him on the palm using a ruler. But Ye Qing didn’t really like to study, hence, his palms were swollen almost every day.

A few more years later, when Ye Qing was in middle school, his health improved, making him  want to go out and have fun every day. At this time, Ye Zhixuan, who had already desired Ye Qing, would press him to the bed and would fiercely hit his nipples to make him behave. In this way, after a ‘good whipping’, Ye Qing would become obedient and would stay at home instead of having fun outside.

When Ye Qing graduated from senior high school, the ‘beast’ Ye Zhixuan took this last opportunity to express his immoral desires. The little thing felt confused. He still couldn’t understand what was right for him, and would just do whatever he wanted everyday. He ended up getting confined by Ye Zhixuan who could no longer endure it. Ye Zhi Xuan also didn’t go easy on him, giving him a harsh punishment, going every inch of his body thoroughly. Only then did Ye Qing submissively behave at home.

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Later in college, Ye Qing willingly and obediently resolved the desires of his father and brothers every day. The ruler that was used to hit his palms was now placed in the study and was rarely used again. But Ye Qing was still frightened every time he saw it.

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