Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 23.3 (3 in 1): Don’t be too upright: P*ssy filled with red wine before cleaning it off, was pissed all over and inside his mouth, continuous org*sm while getting f*cked until both urethra leak from incontinence 3P

It turned out that Ye Zhixuan’s pants were rubbing against the white flesh of Ye Qing’s b*ttocks almost every time the man did deep downward strokes, grinding the tender meat into redness and making Ye Qing very uncomfortable.

Ye Qing, who was feeling both pleasure and pain, along with the unbearable discomfort brought by his swelling belly and his pleasure hole being penetrated by the man’s huge beast, he still struggled to grab the man’s hand, which was clasped tightly around him, pulled it to his small, flushed face, and rubbed against it while softly and delicately demanding, “Pants~ aah no pants, not feel good… Daddy~”

Although the man who was having a good time with only his pants unzipped was impatient, he still halted, pulled off his trousers, then held the little thing face to face on top of him before entering again.

“Not this position ah~~Daddy ngh ahh~, touch QingQing’s belly ah ah ah… Please master oooh, QingQing wants to kneel, fvck, haaah, insert from behind, please Master… ah ah~” The annoyance of being interrupted plus the hunger of not having fvcked this little sl*t for days made Ye Zhixuan deliberately ignored Ye Qing’s pleas for mercy, and each of his thrust became fiercer and fiercer, as if wanting to completely drill a hole in the slippery cave. Almost every time the sinful rod pulled out, it trailed out until its very tip, and then ruthlessly plunging again inside, pressing against the screaming little b*tch’s sweet spot. However, after a few 30 or so times of pistoning, the plump lips of the hole visibly became red and swollen. It was being violently pumped that even Ye Qing’s an*l opening was grinded out a circle of white foam, looking more and more adulterous.

Unsurprisingly, the man who has been hungry for a few days still felt that it was not enough. His muscular palms began to slap the white mounds in his front again and again. In addition to the man’s ragged breathing, Ye Qing’s yelps, at this time, also joined the slapping sound of a palm-hitting flesh within the room.


“Clench, little sl*t, so loose, don’y you want Daddy to fvck you until tomorrow morning?” Another hard slap was delivered on Ye Qing’s bum again, which made it squeeze its beloved meat stick inside tighter and made its owner feel like he was in heaven.

The big palm relentlessly wreaked havoc on the upturned mountains while spouting a variety of strange excuses, “Bite so tight, do you want to pinch Daddy off?” Another slap, the reason did not matter, the man just wanted to strike when he saw this licentious appearance.

“Ah ah~so painful, Daddy, lighter ah~fvck baby to death… Oh oh, so good~ also ah ah, a little deeper~~It’s okay to plug little hole badly~Oooh…” Ye Qing was fvcked into crying while feeling good. Even the pain of being squeezed from his belly couldn’t stop the pleasure coming from his lower body and was enough to drown all of his senses. He himself didn’t know what he was screaming for, he only knew he longed for the huge phallus in his body to be inserted a little harder, visibly showing his willingness to be bedded right then and there.

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Zl Nkdt’p qynl vwadle czynj sd vbl prsv. Whnj, esd’v vbkdj R esd’v jdso obs usw olal nwapkdt qsa.

Without any warning, the wine cork was at once pulled out by Ye Ling, and the liquid inside, which had been heated up to body temperature, flowed out without any further blockage.


The rapid loss of fluid in the stomach and the large amount of alcohol flowing out of his flower hole all made Ye Qing felt as if he’s incontenent, meanwhile the two men at his side were staring straight at his uncontrollable leaking below, making Ye Qing couldn’t help but shout, “Ah ah ah~ don’t look, boohoo… QingQing is so unly, no looking, wu wu~ QingQing wet the bed, wu wu, don’t look…”

Ye Zhixuan watched as his yao’er covered his face in embarrassment, and he couldn’t resist laughing and saying, “Don’t you love that feeling, little darling? Today, I’ll fvck you together with your brother until incontinence, OK?” With that, he kissed Ye Qing’s lips affectionately, blocking all his protests, while his still raging rod unhesitatingly plunged into its favorite hole again.

Ye Ling was also not one to be outdone, and declared that he will do him until incontinence too. Stretching the little sl*ts legs and looking at the flower bud that he had ‘showered with love’ once earlier, he sneered. Wash it clean? Couldn’t he just dump another bucket of c*m inside it again? With that thought, he banged it hard over and over again until his ears were flooded with sweet moans from Ye Qing.

Ye Qing was, in actual fact, accustomed to having a c*ck in both of his holes loving him, as long as they never put three all at once, that is. So while softly leaning on Ye Zhixuan and encircling his arms around Ye Ling’s neck, the little female dog started to bark happily again.

His two hungry p*ssies felt so good being fvcked, oooh… Ye Qing thought so haphazardly. His Daddy came out, and his brother would come in, ah ah ah, really love it, oooh… And when they pump in at the same time, it really brought QingQing to heaven~ ah ah ah, so good, hmm, about to shoot and squirt love juice again~ QingQing was so naughty, ah ah ah…

Two men were thrusting in and out of his two holes and were grinding side by side through a thin wall of flesh, as if their shafts couldn’t wait to poke a hole through that thin wall and converge into one hole. Then, a moment later, Ye Qing screamed at the top of his lungs as he blew another wave of his juices once again. He had actually already cl*maxed several times, yet the two behemoth railing his insides were still blazing and hard as steel, wu wu, he didn’t want to be fvcked to incontinence ah…

He couldn’t help but start hooking Ye Ling’s neck to beg for mercy, “Gege, no more fvcking, okay~QingQing wants to eat gege’s milk now ah~ Please gege, feed QingQing now…” Ye Ling, however, was unmoving, and just looked at him playfully while the movements of his lower body did not even slow down in the slightest.

Seeing that this path was not possible, Ye Qing switched and rubbed the man behind him, “Daddy~baby loves Daddy so much oh, baby wants to eat Master’s nutritious milk oh, feed it to QingQing okay, oooh~ QingQing… doesn’t want to be fvcked to incontinence , wu wu~” In the end, he still couldn’t resist the pressure and confess the reason for the hunger for ‘milk’.

Ye Zhixuan simply did not even give him an answer, just signaled Ye Ling to change position, and the two of them fought fiercely in a standing posture. The poor Ye Qing was firmly caught and sandwiched in the middle of two beasts, his whole body almost hovering in the air, and his two meat holes that squ*rted over and over again were penetrated so viciously deep that they fvcked him straight to tears.

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