After Sleeping With Her Childhood Sweetheart


Translation Status: Completed

Release Schedule: Sun
Author: 溪夕汐
Total Chapters: 93 chapters + extra
Genres: Fluff Romance School Life Shoujo Smut


Ji Liucheng had always thought that he only had brotherly feelings for his childhood friend Qi Yin, and not romantic feelings. It wasn’t until Qi Yin sat on his desk, bared her tender p*ssy to him, and smiled, flirtatiously saying, “Want to f*ck me?” 

…… After sleeping with Qi Yin, Ji Liucheng realised that his little plum [1] was not only charming and hot, but even her p*ssy was good at biting.

  • 1v1 sweet story
  • first-time sex for them both
  • Childhood sweethearts

[1] Green plum and bamboo horse are colloquials for childhood friends.






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