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  • Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

    CHAPTER 23.4 (3 in 1): Don’t be too upright: P*ssy filled with red wine before cleaning it off, was pissed all over and inside his mouth, continuous org*sm while getting f*cked until both urethra leak from incontinence 3P

    Feeling that his body was getting hotter and hotter, the little sl*t couldn’t help crying out for mercy, “Aaaah~No! Oooh~so good~QingQing is being fvcked to death, no more~please masters~really can’t handle anymore, aaaah~gonna die~”

    At last, Ye Qing could no longer bear and shoot out in face of the men’s ferocious thrusts. He cried and turned his head to look at Ye Zhixuan, just about to apologize, but the man smiled tenderly before cruelly saying, “I said that I want to f*ck little sl*t into incontin*nce, of course little sl*t must shoot all sem*n first,” and with that, Ye Qing cried even more fiercely.

    “Aah, no, do not want to~” After coming down from his org*sm, the two men didn’t even give him time to rest. A moment of non-stop and more fierce f*cking befall Ye Qing, making Ye Qing’s sensitive body almost always in a state of c*mming, the gush of juices from his two mouths below and his little meat stick simply never stopped, dripping to the ground akin to a leaking faucet, the sound l*wd and erotic, and it all made Ye Qing wanted to find a crack on the ground to hide in shame… Oh, the puddle forming on the ground was all flowing from QingQing’s small hole, wu wu…

    But he soon had no time to worry about the mysterious puddle of juices forming on the ground. The constant ejacul*tion made him feel like he had no more s*men to shoot anymore, but the c*cks jabbing his insides still would not let him go, and he ushered in another org*sm.

    “Ah ah~*sobs* don’t stick it anymore, no, stop~wu wu…” Ye Qing shook his head frantically, unwilling to look down at his bottom, because after a wave of his body’s spasming, his meat stick shook, and something was shot out, but this feeling… was not how he c*m at all, *sobs…* However, how could the man who has been waiting for this moment a long time ago let him go? Ye Zhixuan pressed Ye qing’s head down and made him watch his own pink stalk of flesh quiver and spit out light yellowish liquid accompanied with the peculiar and sl*tty smell of urine. 


    “Boohoo… don’t look… master so bad~QingQing don’t wanna look wu…” Ye Qing shook his head, unwilling to face the fact that he had been fvcked into incontinence again. Yet suddenly, an even stranger feeling overcame his lower body: It came from his female urethra, which had always been used only as a decoration. Unexpectedly, there’s actually also an uncontrollable and slow flow of urine there, making his entire lower body, which was still connected to two deeply impaled c*cks, turn into an exceedingly obsc*ne mess.

    Ye Qing couldn’t react for a while, before he finally cried heartbreakingly, “So dirty! Huhu… Daddy and gege are so bad!!! *Sobs*~Stop inserting into QingQing anymore… already incont*nent, wu wu, QingQing is broken wu— ah! Stop thrusting again, ah ah~”

    It turned out that when the two men saw Ye Qing start making a fuss, they actually moved again. Ye Qing’s sensitive body almost immediately went from whining to screaming.

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    Ye Zhixuan didn’t actually force it. He saw how much piss the little thing had already swallowed, and it’s apparent he couldn’t drink anymore. Therefore, he aimed his c*ck at the two red fruits on the little b!tch’s chest, his uninterrupted stream of piss accurately hit the two red nubs alternatingly before it flowed down and made Ye Qing’s already soaked lower body wetter.


    “Ahhhhh… Daddy’s milk is so delicious, oooh~spare QingQing, please master, wu… Daddy’s pee is also yummy, so sweet, ahhh… Little slave will definitely drink it all next time, so master please spare QingQing…” In order to let the fierce man let him go, Ye Qing said all his begging.

    After Ye Zhixuan finished relieving himself, he really didn’t want to see Ye Ling anymore, so he took the lead and left to go to the bathroom.

    Ye Qing, who had previously enjoyed the “milk” his daddy had given him, and then was forced to “gurgle” over his bellyful of urine, has of course, had disregarded Ye Ling for a long time. Ye Ling, who had been stuck inside him all the while watching him being played with, just smiled and said, “Had enough? Then it’s gege’s turn.” Without waiting for any response, he then began to make bold moves.

    “Wu wu~gentler, Ling-ge~baby can’t anymore, Qingqing is going to be pierced to death, *sobs*, don’t ah~” Ye Qing buried his head in Ye Ling’s arms and softly begged for mercy, but he could not even get the slightest response.

    Ye Ling ruthlessly inserted it for a while, and when he felt he was near, he pressed Ye Qing to kneel on the ground, pulled his hardness out and put it into Ye Qing’s mouth, making his final ramming inside that small mouth.

    “Ngh…” Ye Qing was faced-fvcked to the point of gagging and couldn’t breathe properly. He looked at his brother and tried to beg using his watery eyes.

    Ye Ling slammed deep in his throat a few more times, and finally gasped and ejacul*ted inside Ye Qing’s mouth. Ye Qing very obediently sucked the giant thing in his mouth and slurped all the man’s load into his stomach. And then, he again tried to beg for mercy using his eyes with his brother’s c*ck still in his mouth, let QingQing go, Master~Ye Ling only smirked and pulled himself out, then, right in front of Ye Qing’s coquettish little face, his manhood shook and began to empty his bladder.

    “Hmm~” Ye Qing has just been drenched by his daddy’s urine earlier, and as for this second round of piss-showering, he just also received it very obediently. The warm urine bathing his body made him tremble all over, and so his tears began to flow again. “No more, Master, wu wu… QingQing is already full of c*m and pee all over, no more~”

    His big brother’s voice then sounded from above his head, “Open your mouth and catch it.”

    Ye Qing widened his eyes in disbelief, completely unable to react: Open his mouth, catch the yellowish thing… and then swallow it!? Don’t ah~wu wu… QingQing can’t do it no more wu wu… Seeing Ye Qing not obeying and just dumbfoundedly staring at him, Ye Ling pinched the little sl*t’s cl*toris and twisted it viciously, and ordered, “Open your mouth and drink it for Laozi!” He then pinched the pitiful cl*toris again and spun it viciously.

    “Ah ah ah ah~After an org*sm, Ye Qing’s pinched twitching bud was twisted again. He could only fight it by following his master’s command to open his mouth wide, even if he could no longer bear it, he still swallowed the mouthfuls of piss being drained inside his mouth down to his bloated belly. The drops that he couldn’t catch hit him on the face and body incessantly, resulting into him being covered full of the fishy smell of sem*n and urine.

    “Burp… Ling-ge~” The stream of light yellow liquid showering his body gradually stopped, and Ye Qing looked at his brother pitifully, hoping that his brother would let him go now.


    Ye Ling didn’t toss about any tricks anymore. He patted his limp pillar on Ye Qing’s small face a few times, and ordered, “Lick it clean, little sl*t.”

    Hearing his brother’s command, Ye Qing was still aggrieved, he could only hold the phallus in front of him with his expression flat. Licking the ‘big guy’ still lingering with a fishy smell of urine, um, licking and slurping the glans that still have some mucus secretion, it tasted kinda sweet, the lustful to the extreme Ye Qing thought bittersweetly.

    Seeing Ye Qing licking his remaining piss meekly, Ye Ling also stroked his head as if to appreciate and encouraged him as he mentioned, “If you don’t want to suffer in the future, don’t say whose bed you just got off.” Because even if it’s all clear to them that it was impossible to monopolize Ye Qing, it still made them unhappy whenever reminded.

    Ye Qing blinked confusedly, so… Daddy is jealous? And gege too?

    And at this time, after he finished showering, Ye Zhixuan then came out from the bathroom. Knowing that his eldest son had also ‘bathed’ his Yao’er all over with his urine, his heart felt extremely displeased, so he took Ye Qing to the bathroom for another round of ‘eating’. He had gone for several days without venting, so when he took Ye Qing back to his room, he still did not let him go. He tossed the little s*x s!ave with various positions, not only causing him to be fvcked to incontinence again, but also finally making Ye Qing pass out in exhaustion.

    Translator: 👀… The long-run chapter finally ended yay!

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