Sl*ve President, Master Secretary


Translation Status: Completed

Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: 柠檬叶子
Total Chapters: 40 + 1 Extra
Genres: Adult Modern Romance Smut Yaoi
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WARNING TAGS: BDSM, Pet Play, C*m Eating, Drugging, S*x Toys
(If you know you can’t handle the tags above then please do not proceed any further.)

Gong Secretary x Shou President

The title seems to be a novel full of bøndage, it is true, but it is not exactly the case, it is also very sweet (?) and meaty. It has some plot and the rest is an appetizing meaty-food.

Shou President is a cold and aloof man with an aura of abstinence. Shou President was then beaten by Gong Secretary with a whip for a few times and the rest is history that needs to be done behind closed doors.

[ What will happen to a president who doesn’t know what he wants, and a secretary with sophisticated techniques? ]





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